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A Very Special Thank You
To Our Wonderful Volunteers & Others
Who Have Played An Important Role
In Making This Tribute A Success!
Name: Shelby Ilan
Username: Shelby1
Dot Number: 5806
Name: Valerie
Username: vnsvalgal
Dot Number: 2817
Name: KChele
Dot Number: 11747

Name: Linda Higgins
Username: lh4336
Dot Number: 4422
Username: Clanard
Dot Number: 3914

Name: Theronda Harris
Username: Theronda4TheLoveofMichael
Dot Number: 12923

Name: Felicia Solomon Name: Joyce French
Username: Joyce33
Dot Number: 14118
Name: Farah Pajuheshfar
Username: Farah
Dot Number: 9037

Username: Melisha
Dot Number: 2778
Name: Sarah Lambe
Dot Number: 3038
Username: jojojo566
Dot Number: 2004

Name: Gina Odell
Username: GinaA
Dot Number: 4529

Name: Vera
Username: Faith
Dot Number: 3693

Dot Number: 8977

Name: Marie Bisbjerg
Dot Number: 2564

Name: Melanie Ouimet
Username: DulceMell
Dot Number: 1815

Name: Tabea
Username: Tabea
Dot Number: 4674

Name: Catalina Naftanaila
Name: Ella Harris
Dot Number: 16704
Username: Ira
Dot Number: 11457

Name: Ja`Vonnie Parks
Username: Ja
Dot Number: 10050
Username: roxanne Name: Rafaella Capelari
Username: TerrinePotter
Dot Number: 15602

Name: Amy Dickey
Username: amydiane78
Dot Number: 2224 
Name: Eva Leonetti 
Username: LonelyHeart1971
Dot Number: 5232
Name: Deborah O'Donnell
Dot Number: 1527

Name: Claudia Sanchez
Dot Number: 2860
Name: Nicklas David
Tribute Ambassador, Sweden
Username: nicklasdavid
Dot Number: 5318
Name: Paula Marques
Username: Paulinha
Dot Number: 2278

Names: LT GEN Russell & Shirley Davis
Name: Michael T Durham
Username: MTD
Dot Number: 16213
Name: Kory Canter-Durham

Name: Pooja Miglani
Username: pooj005
Dot Number: 10764
Name: Helia
Username: sunnyhelio
Dot Number: 3202
Name: Shikin 
Username: Shikin
Dot Number: 10402

Name: Sherri Clark Username: Bridgette
Dot Number: 236665
Name: M. Ines Puigchinet
Username: Inesita
Dot Number: 5540

Name: Natalia Arteaga
Username: Natzzz
Dot Number: 239692
Name: Ebony-Lee
Dot Number: 18691
Name: Ana Tavares
Username: anatjusticeiradoamor
Dot Number: 273566

Name: Melody Bean
Username: Artist
Dot Number: 4523
Name: Mary Scott
Username: Breakofdawnmjj
Dot Number: 240918
Name: Yvette Quiambao
Username: LiberianGirl1115
Dot Number: 2132

Name: Stefano Vianello
Username: michaeljacksonforalltime
Dot Number: 240807
Name: Kjersti Simonsen
Username: Kjersti
Dot Number: 17265

Name: Miyuki
Tribute Ambassador, Japan
Username: asamiyu4620
Dot Number: 2992
Name: Christine Serene
Username: cmserene
Dot Number: 8291
Name: Emina Hasanbašić
Username: eminahasanbasic
Dot Number: 2821

Name: Annie Baggins
Username: Angelofwest14
Dot Number: 5218
Name: Julia Sundqvist
Username: Jullzz
Dot Number: 8511
Name: Dilek Kokler
Tribute Ambassador, Turkey

Name: Kriss
Dot Number: 242702
Name: Vanessa Chiu
Dot Number: 5556
Name: Cecilia Sandoval
Username: CeciMJJ1
Dot Number: 17025

Name: Kinga Domokos
Username: Kinga
Dot Number: 3098
Name: Judy Futch
Username: mizkittiekat
Dot Number: 8559
Name: J.Michelle Gold
Username: MJmagic4ever
Dot Number: 16265

Name: Dani Anna Zaharieva
Username: MJJGirlForEver
Dot Number: 13118
Name: Lindsay Winkler
Username: 2winkerbelle
Dot Number: 242503
Username: Iris
Dot Number: 5295

Name: Anna Mihlina
Username: AnnieRUS
Dot Number: 16512
Name: Amanda Mc Govern
Username: xxYouRockedOurWorldxx
Dot Number: 236108
Name: Gitte Hougaard Denmark
Dot Number: 17264

Name: Debby Barker
Tribute Site Moderator
Username: Debbar
Dot Number: 235080
Name: Kathie
Username: kathiekim
Dot Number: 17431
Name: Koen Jacobs
Username: overpoort
Dot Number: 241605

Name: Paola Fernandez
Username: PaolaJack
Dot Number: 237537
Name: Harlee Keinzley
Username: albionscastle
Dot Number: 8587
Name: Linda Oleson
Username: loleson
Dot Number: 249165

Name: Catherine
Dot Number: 2351
Name: Eliza Lo
Username: Eliza171052
Dot Number: 238663
Name: Esther Lo

Name: Lauren Trainor
Username: LMT
Dot Number: 239372
Name: David Hatton Name: Priyani Libert
Tribute Ambassador, TMC
Username: priyanilibert26
Dot Number: 251681

Name: Nancy Sullivan Smith
Username: Sully
Dot Number: 9671
Username: betsabe
Dot Number: 251493
Username: kendaltucson
Dot Number: 237451

Name: Tatjana Rance
Dot Number: 15220
Name: Maggie Rhodes
Username: MONSTERChild18
Name: Bessie Evans
Username: Freexone
Dot Number: 249701

Name: Heidi Skog Hodgson
Username: isleofview
Name: Gianna Kirschners
Username: GiannaPieraSenka
Dot Number: 246095
Name: Diana Luts

Name: "G-force" Username: lagus
Dot Number: 4660
Name: Aya Alem
Username: ayaalem
Dot Number: 254711

Name: Yvonne Verhagen Name: Monia Di Martino
Username: Monia
Dot Number: 13034
Name: Chelsea
Username: ILoveMJForEva97
Dot Number: 252016

Name: Carrie Soulis
Username: cons73
Dot Number: 12907
Username: KarmenFromCroatiaWithLOVE
Dot Number: 264574
Name: Dominique
Username: Alcoraya
Dot Number: 246179

Name: Maria
Username: 1000356MS
Dot Number: 232848
Name: Becky
Username: Moonshine
Dot Number: 245396
Name: Sofiya Starodub
Username: Superstar
Dot Number: 247163

Name: Gigliola Sherlis
Username: gilitis
Dot Number: 12025
Name: Jovana R.
Username: jovana
Dot Number: 18119
Name: Paul Andrew
Username: Paul1981

Name: Hilde
Username: souldancer
Dot Number: 234546
Name: Ana-Maria Goga
Username: Mia32
Dot Number: 19270
Username: JenlovesMJ4ever

Name: Simona
Dot Number: 257247
Username: fran66b
Dot Number: 250896
Name: Mariana Avalos
Dot Number: 239232

Name: Caroline
Username: Caro
Dot Number: 259466
Name: Ming Su
Username: Santine
Dot Number: 235034
Name: Michelle Wang

Username: SaraHSmile
Dot Number: 245031
Name: Benjaphan N.
Username: mikeandme
Dot Number: 236012
Name: Merel Wallis de Vries
Username: merel2112
Dot Number: 10789

Name: Claudia Viviana Castro Muñoz
Username: ClaudiaVivianaCastro
Dot Number: 248193
Name: Liza Loraine M. Lumogdang
Username: lizbeyond13
Dot Number: 16591
Name: Emiko Hirata
Dot Number: 243407

Name: Robin Österberg
Username: plainsongs
Dot Number: 271442
Name: Jenny Liman
Dot Number: 267781
Name: Sophie
Username: Sophiemmtv
Dot Number: 259467

Name: Loredana
Username: MDL
Dot Number: 2460
Name: Nabeeha Ayaz
Username: Bluekitty
Dot Number: 9506
Name: Basia
Username: niki142

Name: Kelly
Dot Number: 259603
Name: Vanessa
Dot Number: 1498
Username: mjbluemoon
Dot Number: 17568

  Name: Anne Netelenbos
Username: AnneDN
Dot Number: 234258