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USA: MJTP website is the new 'Facebook for Fans' (Oct 26, 2009)


Michael Jackson tribute portrait

website is the new 'Facebook for Fans'

October 26, 2009, 1:49 PM Pop Media Examiner Katrina-Kasey Wheeler  


With the untimely passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson – everyone wants to pay tribute to the performer who has had a profound impact on countless fans around the globe. Artist David Ilan (read interview here) has created one such tribute that thousands of fans are taking part in, and millions more will be a part of. The tribute portrait website has in essence, become Michael Jackson’s “Facebook for Fans.” 

The thousands of fans who have joined since the launch on August 28 are expressing that the tribute website is a one-of-a-kind community, and they just can’t get enough of it, according to the latest press release.

Many of the fans involved on the website are commenting on the experience of being part of this new online community. Two such comments are as follows:

Username: p3op73 / Dot Number: 10509 / Country: UK – “I think it’s simply a beautiful idea what the artist is doing for Michael. And the MJ fans, supporting his family and each other in one place is just fantastic... It’s like a second home for me here...”

Username: lisabridges00 / Dot Number: 14962 / Country: Australia – “Thank you to all who have created this Tribute!! It’s awesome to be able to come here and talk to other pal that loves Michael. Miss him so much and I love coming here to see the progress of the portrait…”

According to Tribute organizer and executive producer Jerry Biederman, “Everyday fans tell us they are literally addicted to this website. They first come to the site to get their dot in Michael’s Portrait, but they stay because of the friendships they are developing with people from all over the world who share one common interest – their love and devotion for Michael. This is their way of not only honoring him, but it’s a place for keeping his spirit and vision alive. The tribute site represents the next step for a new trend in social networking websites, and that is social networking with a targeted theme. In this case, Michael Jackson. You can’t get bigger than that.”

If you have not yet become a part of this amazing new tribute, you may do so by signing up for your dot at


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