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USA: Jermaine Jackson supports the [MJTP], special 'This Is It' screening (Nov 24, 2009)


Jermaine Jackson supports the Michael Jackson Tribute

Portrait, special 'This Is It' screening

 November 24, 2009, 3:28 PM Pop Media Examiner Katrina-Kasey Wheeler

The Michael Jackson tribute portrait is the largest tribute that pays homage to the King of Pop in an extraordinary way and MJ's brother Jermaine Jackson has now announced his support for the tribute.

The Michael Jackson tribute portrait was created and organized by Jerry Biederman and David Ilan the artist who has embarked upon a phenomenal homage to Michael Jackson in the form of a portrait. The King of Pop is arguably the greatest entertainer the world has ever known. David Ilan uses a technique called pointillism. This tribute allows the fans to give back to MJ, for the wonderful music, and love that he imparted on the world. Each dot in the portrait represents an actual fan who has signed up to be a part of the tribute (read the interview with David Ilan here).

Today, 60 students from three inner city public schools will walk down the red carpet with Jermaine Jackson and other celebrity guests. They will have the opportunity to have a dot placed in the Michael Jackson portrait. According to the latest press release, 'Jermaine Jackson will be making a special announcement and his presence at the event will be a surprise for the children. Jermaine says, “It’s all for love.”' The red carpet event starts at 9:30 a.m. at the AMC Magic Johnson Theatres at 4020 Marlton Avenue in Los Angeles. This event is organized in association with May May Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali) and Torré Reese of FAMLI, INC. (a nonprofit after school enrichment/mentoring program). The “dot ceremony” begins at 10 a.m.; Jermaine Jackson will be available for interviews at 11 a.m.

Executive producer and tribute organizer, Jerry Biederman says of the tribute, "We see Michael’s Tribute Portrait as an opportunity to carry on Michael’s work. This is our mission.” 

If you have not yet become a part of this amazing new tribute, you may do so by signing up for your dot at

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