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Partners for the Planet: The MJTP & A Million Trees for Michael

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August 17, 2010 [Updated June 2012]

We all know that Michael cared about our planet.  From "Planet Earth" (Dancing the Dream) to "Earth Song," to his pleas in This Is It, his gentle message is unmistakable: Earth is our home and it's up to US to save it. 

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with  A Million Trees for Michael, a group of MJ supporters who share our love and concern for the planet, encouraging us all to plant trees in Michael's name.

How are you supposed to do that?  Simple!  A Million Trees for Michael has partnered with
American Forests, a non-profit organization that will plant one tree for every $1.00 you donate. (For everyone outside the USA, you can find out the current exchange rate by clicking here.  Your credit card will show the amount you were charged in your currency.  Please contact American Forests with any additional questions on acceptable forms of payment.)

All donations are made directly to American Forests so you can be sure your tree will be planted. When donating online, you will need to select the "Trees in Remembrance" option.  On the next page, in the first section, last fillable box is the Appeal Code box. Here you need to enter "MJ". You MUST follow the guidelines mentioned on A Million Trees for Michael in order for your trees to count toward the "Michael Jackson Memorial Forest." Please visit the 
A Million Trees for Michael website for full details, and be sure to read Founder Trisha Franklin's story!  

I have also personally donated to American Forests before, to help balance my carbon footprint, and the idea to do this globally for Michael Jackson to help do what we can before it's too late has me quite excited and hopeful! 



If you donate to American Forests to plant trees for Michael, please come back and leave a comment here to let me know, so we can assign a Michael's Angels - A Million Trees for Michael Badge to your profile.  Please help us fill this site up with these badges! [Please see June 2012 update below.]


With love for the planet and all life on it,
Director of Philanthropy
“Let your soul plant its love like a seed into the hearts of all beings in this world.  Then breathe love and life into that seed every day, and watch it grow.” ~Me (Valerie, MJTP :) ©2007 

[Updated August 20, 2010: I just realized in looking at my Aug. 18th receipt that they include a download link for you to download a digital certificate, confirming your donation (they will also mail you one if you request it when placing your donation).  I just downloaded mine and am including a snapshot of it here for you so you know what your certificate from American Forests will look like.  It will show the date you download it. I think this will look quite nice in a frame by all my Michael stuff!  :)]

For other ways you can help continue Michael's work, please visit our recently updated Michael’s Angels page and share your story (thanks to all Angels who commented on our previous Michael's Angels page, too.  Your stories and photos are still available, with the old and new pages linking back to each other).  You might just inspire someone else to do good.  


***UPDATE: June 2012 – Our current Michael’s Angels badges, the first of which has been active for more than 2 and a half years, will be retired at the end of this month (badges assigned to members will remain on their profiles).  While the badges are being retired, the efforts to carry on Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy will not! We encourage you to continue to support the charities, programs and initiatives we’ve highlighted so far in our Michael’s Angels program. We encourage you to keep volunteering and supporting charities that speak to your heart.  Keep helping others; keep protecting the planet; keep doing what you do to make the world a better place and being an example to others, encouraging them to help heal the world.


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Comments for this post are now closed. Thank you to everyone who paticipated. We encourage you to continue your support of A Million Trees for Michael!

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