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Youth Helping The Little School That Could!

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When an article about a school in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) was posted on Michael's Angels, some of our youth jumped at an opportunity to volunteer. In the same spirit of generosity that Michael was well-known for, these young MJ fans decided to take a proactive approach to do what they could to help others.

Children First Academy (CFA) Phoenix is the largest school in the United States for homeless children. The children attending CFA go every day without life’s very basic necessities, such as clothing, water, food, air conditioning, or even a stable home environment. In fact, 95% of these children are homeless; some live in shelters or even on the streets. The CFA assists at-risk and homeless youth with not only academic needs, but also with medical, dental, health, nutritional, and emotional support.

Here is an insert from their Facebook page, as only they can explain:

"Children First Academy often referred to as the “little school that could”, is doing their part to combat the devastating effects of homelessness on children. The experience, often spanning their entire childhood, is extremely debilitating, as it damages emotional and physical health, impedes development, and interferes with a child’s education. The school is able to educate approximately 300 of our state’s 29,611 homeless kids. CFA provides stability and hope for kids amid the lonely world of homelessness and hopelessness; many of the children live in abandoned buildings, motels, shelters, or on the streets. Not only does the school provide education, but the necessities, care, and attention that so many of these kids lack." 

Supplies donated by our youth for the 2010-2011 school year.  

Children First Academy is in need of basic school supplies to help them in their mission of taking a positive action approach to teaching these children and preparing them for life beyond their youth. They depend upon the kindness and generosity of volunteers to help fill their needs on a daily basis.

Ashley (dot #252,201) and Hailey (dot #261,389), teen volunteers, recognized that they could help make a difference by collecting and donating many of the basic school supplies CFA had on their needs list. Several care packages of these supplies were shipped out for the 2010-2011 school year.


 Supplies donated by our youth for the 2011-2012 school year. 


They did it Again! A large package of school supplies, along with other items on the needs list, were sent to the children for the 2011-2012 school year. Along with story books, like Peter Pan and the Wizard of OZ, two of Michael's favorite children's books.

Thank you, Ashley & Hailey, for your outstanding effort in helping children who are less fortunate. As Michael once said, “It’s up to us!” Every person must do their part to help in some way. Thank you!

 If you would like to learn more about Children First Academy, or how you can donate, click on the Michael's Angels badge below:



Here you will find a critical needs list and address to donate items or monetary gifts. Also, when you donate, please be sure to leave us a comment and we will issue you a very special "Michael's Angels Badge" created just for this project, on your MJTP Profile. (Please note* As of June, 2012, all badges for this project have been assigned and article comments have been closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. We encourage you to continue your support of Children First Academy.)

No one can take on this type of mission alone, but together with each “dot” doing their part, it can make a really big difference in the life of a child, making our world a better place, and carrying on Michael's legacy of L.O.V.E.!


Finding Love Through A Child's Heart,

- Heather, Director of Children's Awareness

with J. Michelle Gold


© Heather Nutt, J. Michelle Gold, 2010, 2011, 2012 Revised. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction without Permission from Author(s).   

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