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18. A Light of Truth About Michael Jackson

In every generation, there are a handful of people who come into this world equipped with the ability to change it for the better because of their heightened sense of awareness about the power of love. Those people understand love, not as a feeling, but as a state of being, a way of relating to the world. They have a certain light about them; a way of living that encompasses being kind, caring, compassionate and empathic. Through their ability to connect to love, they have the potential to heal the world. Michael Jackson was one of them.

In an attempt to define love, I’ll defer to Marianne Williamson through her book called "A Return to Love." She says, "(Love) is our ultimate reality, and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life."

Michael seemed to truly understand that concept. His connection to love was so strong that he had an enhanced ability to deeply touch other people with his light. When someone who is that connected to love focuses their attention on you in a positive way, the result is a flow of energy that penetrates your soul and the outcome is a feeling of pure joy. Once that joyful feeling is experienced you want more, so you’re continually drawn back to the source of it, which in the case is Michael.

Lisa Marie Presley touched on it in her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. When she was asked why she fell in love with Michael, she said, "because he was an incredibly dynamic person. If you were in his vicinity and he showed you who he was, if he was willing to do that, in any way, man I’ve never felt so high in my life. He had something so intoxicating about him." Fans know that feeling all too well. We were always the focus of his attention in a positive way, but it was good to hear that those who were close to him felt the same effect.

Oprah even let on to the fact that she was taken in by it, "When I first met him before the interview in 1992," Oprah said, "it’s like he shines his light upon you. When he opens himself up and lets that light through, you just want to be in that, you want to be around that."

Lisa Marie went on to describe him as her drug. "I felt like I just always wanted to be around him. I always wanted to be part of it. I felt so high. I’ve never felt that way around another human being except for one…which is my father."

Michael’s light, which affected millions all over the world, was so powerful that even in death it keeps pulling people back in. It’s been over a year and a half since his passing and the world can’t seem to let him go. It’s not just the fans either. Since his death, Oprah has interviewed several people about him; Janet, Jackie and Tito Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley, Kenny Ortega, Katherine and Joseph Jackson and possibly even Michael’s children. Once you have been on the receiving end of his light, it’s hard to let him go. You’re drawn to him forever, because it was through him that you experienced the power of love.

Lisa Marie was also asked if she ever saw anything inappropriate happen with children. When she said, "absolutely not" I threw my hands up in the air and said, ‘thank you Lisa Marie.’ Now maybe people will be able to leave it alone, I thought to myself, but those hopes quickly faded when she followed it up saying that only Michael and his accusers will ever really know the truth. I felt deflated. With her first response, she effectively closed the door on the subject, now I felt she had cracked it open again.

However, after taking a day to process the interview, I came to understand the significance of that statement. She shed light on the fact that truth involves having a feeling of certainty. Michael and his accusers are the only ones who have factual information about what did or didn’t happen, but with allegations of this nature, it’s not a lack of knowledge about the facts that keeps people from believing in his innocence, it’s a lack of certainty about the integrity of his character.

A belief in his innocence requires proof that his character was indeed honorable. To reach that feeling of certainty, those still in doubt must embark upon a path of discovery about his true nature, which involves letting go of judgments long enough to see that his vibrant light encompassed kindness, caring, compassion and empathy.

As a community we are very protective over Michael and sensitive to anyone wanting to gain access to those who were closest to him, especially his mother and children. Yet, is there anyone more capable of inducing a feeling of certainty into the mind of someone in doubt, than the people to whom he shined his light on the most?

I pray that some day everyone still questioning his innocence will reach that feeling of certainty, because then they will be able to embrace the perfection of his imperfections. They will see the beauty that existed inside and out and they will get to experience the warmth of his light, because it is still shining brightly.

To those who are on that path of discovery, pay attention to the compassion he had toward humanity, the love he had for the planet, the sensitivity he had for sick and disadvantaged children, and his generosity of spirit. You can’t have that kind of loving nature about you, then turn around and harm a child. It’s not in the same level of consciousness.

Speaking for the entire MJTP Tribute Team, we are a group of intelligent, loving, morally conscious individuals, most of whom are parents who would never condone the type of behavior Michael Jackson was accused of. If we didn’t fully believe in his innocence, we would not be here working everyday to honor, pay tribute and carry on his legacy.

We have to be content in our knowledge that we know the truth, and understand that others who are still negatively affected by this issue have their own path they must take to discover it for themselves. Until then, our job is to keep loving Michael Jackson.

Linda Higgins

Director of Community Development

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