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"Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts. This has so much to teach."

-From the poem "Children," Dancing the Dream, by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson knew at a very early age what it takes many of us a lifetime to learn: children can teach us so much. Michael loved all the children of the world. And to carry on Michael's legacy of Love for the children, I think it is very important to look for ways that will inspire the youth of today to become positive role models of tomorrow. So, my desire is that you will be enlightened by these stories from our younger generation. Periodically, we will shine the spotlight on one of our youth. Some stories will include volunteers, community leaders, those with special needs or talents in art/music/poetry/drama and members inspired by Michael to become a better person. Whatever the case may be, Michael Jackson had an impact on all of these young people and here are their stories. Enjoy!

Meet ChrisPeterPan! | Dot Number: 262308






Christian age 5, also known as “ChrisPeterPan,” joined The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait on August 25, 2010. This little Peter Pan flew his way into my heart when he made a post earlier this month to one of my articles. I have asked Christian's mother, Tanya (TIARRA) to share with you her son's story (please note in parts you may need a tissue; I know I did!) :



  I [Tanya] was Michael's fan from the age of 10, so when my son was born, [it] was [a] natural thing for me to sing to him Michael's songs. Later we learned that Christian has a rare condition known as Phenylketonuria (PKU). He never would be able to eat normal food; no meat, fish, bread, milk, soya, but only fruit and some vegetables. Everything is carefully calculated to prevent brain damage. He is very much aware of his condition and knows that he is different.      

    I saw him very sad at times, so I've told him that when Michael was a little boy he sometimes felt very sad too, and he knew that he was different as well. It was not about illness, but he would understand how you feel if you ever see him. I think that from that moment Christian was interested in Michael and his songs. I heard several times Christian singing to himself Michael's favorite song “Smile” and I almost cried. He asked me the meaning of the song “Black or White” and said, “Is it 'cos Michael was black when he was a little boy?”      

    Christian is a very sensitive little boy and finds it hard to be different. I think that's why he's interested and maybe relates himself to Michael. His favorite songs are “Bad,” “Black or White” and “Smooth Criminal.” He dances to these songs and does the moonwalk; that looks very funny, bless him.      

    It is very hard to talk to a 4-year-old about death. First he did not understand why and where did Michael go? So, I've told him that Michael is in Heaven with the angels now and sees everything. Since I've told him that, he started to look at clouds every day. One day he jumped and yelled, “There he is!!!” He made me jump, too. I was looking hard to see what he had seen. “I just saw Peter Pan!.” Then he started to pull me and said, “You did not believe me, mum, but look there are three kisses that he has left for me!”    

    When I looked up again, I saw “X X X” made of clouds and could not believe it! That made me smile and think of Michael.    

    I did buy tickets to Michael's concert [London, O2 Arena] and was hoping that he maybe would wave to Christian.    

    He loves to have his own page on MJTP and really loves when someone leaves a comment with a picture of Peter Pan or Michael. He likes to see [videos of] Michael at home having fun at Neverland and with his children - I think even more than actual concerts. His face just glows when I play it and he said something like, “Oh, I wish I was there. I would have jumped up on him and made him laugh!”


Adding to this emotional and touching story, sunflowers now grow in Tanya and Christian's garden, because they know of Michael's love for sunflowers, as he called them the “Happy Flower.” Tanya states on her profile (TIARRA), "Now every time I go outside and see my flower, that makes me smile and think of Michael.” Thank you so much, Christian, for sharing your story with us.







We encourage each of you to leave messages for Christian, in the comment box below. You may also visit his profile by clicking on this link ChrisPeterPan. 

Click this link if you would like to learn more about Phenylketonuria (PKU). 

Finding Love Through A Child's Heart,

- Heather, Director of Children's Awareness



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