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Patrick De Coninck

 Dancer, teacher, choreographer, owner of Move Dance Center in Belgium

"Without Michael Jackson, I would not be the person I am today. Nor would the MJTP event happen here or even would there be this Dance Center!"

Patrick De Coninck


Patrick De Coninck, is an original sponsor of TMC. Patrick and
Move Dance Center are central to the Michael Jackson community in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In 1983, Patrick was the Belgian champion in an imitation contest  with his rendition of a Michael Jackson medley of  “Beat it" and "Thriller.”  Thereafter, since others also wanted to learn how to dance like Michael Jackson, Patrick pursued his dream to open a dance center. Move Dance Center is comprised of four separate studios and employs more than 33 highly qualified, professional teachers. Patrick makes a point to say that he runs Move Dance Center in accordance with the passionate and kind spirit of Michael Jackson. 

Patrick had a number of connections with Michael Jackson.

  • Patrick performed an opening act at the World Music Awards in Monaco in 1992, accompanied by Michael Jackson’s music, Michael applauded him as guest.
  • Later, after that show, Patrick and crew were asked to assist with Michael’s security (since there were problems), and they guided Michael safely from hotel to helicopter.
  • Later (2001), Patrick and group danced as a top act at MJ Day 10, which was attended by Michael Jackson and organized by Adrian Grant, creator of Thriller Live. The day after, Patrick received a fax from Adrian Grant with high compliments from Michael.
  • When 'Move' was celebrating 15 years in business with a big show, Mr. Michael Jackson gave TMC a letter to pass to Patrick with compliments.
  • One of Patrick’s pupils, Christ'OF performed as in New York for Michael.

Patrick De Coninck has recently trained many prominent dancers, including:

  • Christ’OF, winner of the reality TV show My name is Michael
  • Els, winner of the first edition of “So You Think You Can Dance” for Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Lise, third place in the second edition of “So You Think You Can Dance” for Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Bart, finalist of Move Like Michael Jackson, was also trained by Patrick De Coninck.

We met Patrick on our 2010 Tour in Belgium at an event hosted at his Move Dance Studio. Read more on David's Blog.

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