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Meet Stephanie Marie!: In the Spotlight

Love Through A Child's Heart Files

"Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. This simple goodness shines straight from their hearts. This has so much to teach."

-From the poem "Children," Dancing the Dream, by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson knew at a very early age what it takes many of us a lifetime to learn: children can teach us so much. Michael loved all the children of the world. And to carry on Michael's legacy of Love for the children, I think it is very important to look for ways that will inspire the youth of today to become positive role models of tomorrow. So, my desire is that you will be enlightened by these stories from our younger generation. Periodically, we will shine the spotlight on one of our youth. Some stories will include volunteers, community leaders, those with special needs or talents in art/music/poetry/drama and members inspired by Michael to become a better person. Whatever the case may be, Michael Jackson had an impact on all of these young people and here are their stories. Enjoy!

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Stephanie Marie

My name is Stephanie Marie, I am 17 years old, and, well, to be completely honest, I had no idea who Michael Jackson was until the day he died. I remember seeing it all over the news that day and wondering, Who is this man? So I told my mother the news, and her jaw dropped. She was shocked; she stuttered and really could not believe that he had passed. I asked her who he was and she told me he was a singer and a dancer.

My mother wasn't a huge fan of his; not that she didn't like him, but because she just never really paid any attention to music or news for that matter. She only remembered the success of Thriller, so there wasn't much she could tell me. Today my mother says that because of all the things I tell her about Mike and the videos I make her watch, she can say that she really does love Michael.

Because of her lack of information, I went on the Internet and I found this movie The Jacksons: An American Dream. I watched the movie and instantly fell in love with the music. It wasn't until I saw the performance of "Billie Jean" toward the end of the film that I was completely captured! It wasn't even Michael performing! I found the original video of Michael performing "Billie Jean" on Motown 25.  After I saw that I went on to "Thriller" and "Beat It," etc. After I watched all his videos, or short films (excuse me Michael ), I went on to watch all of his interviews.  

That was when I began to really understand who he was as a human being. I saw how even though he was magical and at home on stage, he had a tough life and he continued to have a tough life everyday. The way people took advantage of him and tried to put him down, I really felt for him. Reading the big bold headlines and seeing the mean, hateful comments people made about him really did start to hurt me. After about a week and a half of non-stop Michael Jackson research, it really hit me. I started to actually mourn his death; I cried and began to start isolating myself without even realizing it.  I didn't know why I was so sad all the time. Later I realized it was because I missed Michael so much. It was that day, June 25th, 2009, that I became a huge Michael Jackson fan. I watched anything and everything Michael.  

One night I was in my room crying, and out of nowhere I got up and ripped the back page of my Spanish book out and started drawing a picture of Michael. I had never ever drawn or even been interested in drawing before that night; I shocked myself and shocked my mother. I drew him from memory and to be honest it was pretty good. Since then, I became an artist. I paint now and I really want to start to airbrush. Funny thing is, I enjoy painting more if I'm listening to an MJ album at the same time .  








Michael Jackson is proof that love can change and impact a person's life. He loved each and every one of us; he let us all know how much we meant to him. When we got an "I love you" from Michael, it was so different from everyone else's; his was heartfelt and genuine. It wasn't, "I love you for buying my album," it was, "I love you because of you."  

Looking back at who I was before June of 2009, I had no motivation; I didn't know who I was or who I wanted to be, or even what I wanted to be. I was just a 16-year-old high school dropout. Looking at myself today, I can say that I love to paint, especially pictures of Michael , and I know who and what I want to be. I think I'm a perfect example that says a person doesn't have to be a life-long Michael Jackson fan for him to inspire so much in your life. I can honestly say that Michael Jackson changed my life dramatically. That's why in every painting I honor Michael in some way, like hiding his toe standing feet.  

I am an artist today because of Michael and God, and them only. I wasn't inspired by other artists like Picasso; it's all thanks to Michael and his unconditional love. We are not crazy because we love Michael Jackson or his music; we're crazy for Michael, we love the man first, and we love his music second.  I love Michael Jackson with all my heart. I feel honored just to be a fan of his. I'll never forget what Michael did for me, and I'll never forget Michael for as long as I live.


I love you infinitely, Michael.  Bet ya can’t beat that one…


The important thing to me is not to have my story posted on the MJTP website (although that would be totally awesome ), but that someone out there hears my story and hopefully finds motivation and inspiration in my words. One thing Michael always told us was to have faith in ourselves and to be whoever we wanted to be.  Even if you wanted to be Peter Pan.  

~Stephanie Marie from Arizona 






Artwork by

Stephanie Marie

Michael Jackson was truly an extraordinary man, inspiring millions, through his art of music, film, poetry and his love for the planet. Thank you so much, Stephanie Marie, for your affectionate story, about how Michael inspired your life for the better. I believe Michael is smiling in heaven like the Sunflowers.-Heather
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Finding Love Through A Child's Heart,

- Heather, Director of Children's Awareness


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