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Following is a partial list of archived 'Recent News' entries (these aren't necessarily in chronological order):

Updates on Joshua - June 30, 2012
To ready a truly special update about Joshua and one of his heroes, click here! For some heartwarming news about how Josh is doing, click here.

'A Whisper from Behind the Curtain' - June 30, 2012
Valerie, Director of Philanthropy, is moving on from her position at Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait (but not Michael Jackson, and she's still a member here). The team at MJTP would like to thank Valerie for her dedication and hard work over the last 34 months. She will be greatly missed and we wish her all the best in everything she does! Read her "goodbye" blog post here.

Portrait Update - June 25, 2012
David has posted the most recent scan of the portrait here. As you can see from the scan, he's added much of Dangerous-Era MJ's hair, as well as a lot of detail to teen-aged Michael - check out younger MJ's t-shirt and neck! What you can't see from the latest scan is the incredible detail. One strand of hair can be thousands of dots! Check back to see future updates. Just as younger/teenager MJ has come a long way since the beginning, and the image continues to be filled in more and more, from face to T-shirt (!), so will Dangerous-Era MJ continue to develop on the canvas.

'Michael's Angels' Badges - June 8, 2012
Our current Michael’s Angels badges, the first of which has been active for more than 2 and a half years, will be retired at the end of this month (badges assigned to members will remain on their profiles). While the badges are being retired, the efforts to carry on Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy will not! We encourage you to continue to support the charities, programs and initiatives we’ve highlighted so far in our Michael’s Angels program. We encourage you to keep volunteering and supporting charities that speak to your heart. Keep helping others; keep protecting the planet; keep doing what you do to make the world a better place and being an example to others, encouraging them to help heal the world.

*Please be sure to check out these articles, and others listed on our Michael's Angels page:
Bethany, Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson
Children First Academy - Helping Homeless & At-Risk Children
Partners for the Planet: The MJTP & A Million Trees for Michael
Friends of Treasure
Make An Ill Child's Day Brighter

Grauman's Hand & Footprint Ceremony Highlights - January 28, 2012
In case you missed it live, see highlights of the ceremony HERE!

The MJTP Welcomes Frank Cascio - January 28, 2012
In December of 2011, MJTP artist David Ilan honored Michael's longtime friend Frank Cascio with a VIP Dot in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Please welcome Frank by leaving him a message HERE!

'Michael's Magic Box" - January 20, 2012
During 2012, Linda Higgins is writing a fictional story called Michael's Magic Box, a new creative project to help spread awareness about Michael Jackson’s legacy of love. A new chapter will be posted every month, beginning in January and ending in December. CLICK HERE to read the story./

Update on Friends of Treasure - January 3, 2012
Treasure's mom, Chelsa, sent us some great news about how Treasure and their charity are doing. Click here to learn about Treasure; scroll down for updates.

Regarding the Conrad Murray 'Documentary' - November 9, 2011 [Updated]
The Estate is speaking up about the Conrad Murray "documentary" scheduled to air very soon. Click here to read the statement and the letter they sent to NBC, MSNBC, and Comcast.

'A Call to Action' - November 1, 2011
The November issue of our free online magazine is now available. This month's issue is titled "A Call to Action." Please check it out, and while you're there, read an interview with Gregory Smith, founder of the Believe Foundation. The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is proud to be an E-Ambassador of the Believe Foundation.

Regarding Michael's Wishes - Children's Charities - October 11, 2011
CLICK HERE to read an important update from the MJOnline Team (the Official Online Team of the MJ Estate) regarding honoring Michael and implementing his wishes to have a certain portion of his estate benefit children’s charities.

Commentary on the Murray Trial by Attorney Legal Analyst Matt Semino - October, 2011
Matt Semino, Attorney and Legal Analyst (and MJTP VIP Dot) discusses the trial on his new blog on the MJTP. CLICK HERE to read Matt's blog. See also our exclusive interview with Matt from the May issue of our online magazine HERE

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour Song List Update' - September 20, 2011
As a result of feedback from a select group of fans invited to see a preview of the show, some changes have been made to the song list for Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. CLICK HERE for more information.

Aberjhani: Poet, Writer, Historian, and VIP DOT - August 31, 2011
Aberjhani has been a supporter of Michael's Tribute Portrait since we launched August 28, 2009! He's a very eloquent writer/poet. It is truly an honor to present Aberjhani with a Dot in the area of Michael's heart. CLICK HERE to learn more about Aberjhani and leave him a message. See also an article he wrote during Michael's birthday weekend about MJ and being a "left eye dot."

'Looking at the World from Michael Jackson's Left Eye' - August 29, 2011
Please read this 4-part series from fellow Dot and amazing writer/poet Aberjhani, "Looking at the world from Michael Jackson's left eye".

Adam Rafferty, Our Latest VIP Dot! - August 28, 2011
Announcing our latest VIP Dot, "funky finger-style solo guitarist" Adam Rafferty! CLICK HERE to leave Adam a message. And be sure to check out his YouTube vids:Click here to watch Adam play "Billie Jean" in June 2008

Frank Dileo, Rest in Peace - August 24, 2011
We have received confirmation that Frank Dileo has passed away. We wish to extend our deepest condolences to Frank's wife, Linda; son and daughter, Dominic and Belinda; and grandson, Frank Jr., and to all of Frank's loved ones.

Rest in Peace, Frank.

This post has been made with the express permission to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait from Frank Dileo's daughter, Belinda via a close, trusted, long-time family friend. The MJTP would like to ask that everyone be respectful of the family's privacy especially during their time of loss. You may leave messages of condolence HERE. Thank you.

CLICK HERE for a statement from MJOnline - The Official Online Team of the Michael Jackson Estate®.

Letters to Michael: Special Update - August 10, 2011
The Letters to Michael winners have been announced. To see whose letters were selected...and to learn how their letters will be forever connected to the Portrait, CLICK HERE.

'IMMORTAL World Tour' Production Updates - August 9, 2011
CLICK HERE for production updates on Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour Updates.

Extra Love & Prayers to Norway - July 23, 2011
Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Norway and everyone affected by the senseless acts of violence which occurred yesterday...

Welcome to MJFC - Japan - July 23, 2011
We are honored to announce our new partnership with MJFC - Japan (MJJFANCLUB - JAPAN). CLICK HERE to visit their website.

'Fans in the Mirror' Now Available in Spanish, Italian and Dutch - July 12, 2011
The official book of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, Fans in the Mirror  has been translated and is now available in Spanish, Italian and Dutch. CLICK HERE for more information. To order and download your copy, CLICK HERE.

Michael's Angels - Make An Ill Child's Day Brighter - July 11, 2011
A group of MJTP Dot Members have come together to bring toys and cheer to children in a Belgian hospital. CLICK HERE to read more about our latest Michael's Angels initiative.

Our Thoughts & Prayers to Fellow Dot Member for Recent Loss of Her Son - June 29, 2011
We wish to extend our deepest condolences to fellow Dot member Yvon, for the recent loss of her son, Nick, who passed away on 19 June 2011. We received a message from Yvon on 27 June 2011. Click here to read Yvon's message and leave her a message of your own.

Michael Jackson Fans Pay Tribute on 2-Year Anniversary - June 25, 2011
Members of the MJTP attended the World Flag Day event at Forest Lawn and were interviewed by ABC News (Los Angeles). Click here to read more and watch the interview. We'd like to note that there were hundreds of fans present at Holly Terrace, however ABC News was not allowed past the gate with their cameras.

Macaulay Culkin Honored in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait - June 4, 2011
It is our pleasure to announce that Macaulay Culkin is being honored with a dot in Michael's heart in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. We wish to thank Macaulay for supporting The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait and our mission to carry on Michael's humanitarian legacy. You may leave a message for Macaulay HERE.

Welcome to Rino Nakasone, Dancer / Choreographer - June 12, 2011
Please welcome our latest VIP Dot, Rino Nakasone. Read more about Rino and leave her a message HERE.

The King of Pop crowns another chart this week as the hit song “Hollywood Tonight” lands at #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart! CLICK HERE for more information.

The June Issue of Our Online Magazine is Now Available! - June 1, 2011
Called "A Powerful Truth," the June issue of our free online magazine is ready for you! READ IT HERE.

Featured in this issue are interviews with MICHAEL BEARDEN and LARRY NIMMER.

Cellists Stjepan Hauser & Luka Sulic (2CELLOS) Join the Tribute! - May 25, 2011
We are thrilled to announce our latest Celebrity Dots, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, also known as 2CELLOS! These two young men burst into the scene in January of this year with their unique, rockin’ version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” à la cello! Please give 2CELLOS a very warm welcome HERE.

Welcome: Reflections On The Dance - May 22, 2011
We are happy to announce our official partnership with Reflections On The Dance, a wonderful, loving, positive website put together by Debbie Kunesh. We've been supporters of Debbie's site for quite awhile now, and hope you will join us in supporting Debbie's hard work by visiting her site and reading her posts.

Welcome T-Rio (Thayana, Thaina and Thaisa) to Michael's Tribute - May 16, 2011
Please join us in welcoming T-Rio (Thayana, Thaina and Thaisa) to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. "The Brazilian Triplets" are being honored with dots in Michael's heart area. Say hello to Thayana, Thaina and Thaisa HERE. Be sure to check out their official website, too!

Having Trouble with Your Comments Section, or Some Other Function on Your Profile? - May 3, 2011
If you have recently experienced trouble seeing or leaving comments on your profile, or some other technical trouble you hadn't experienced until recently, please CLICK HERE to learn what may be causing the problem.

Matt Semino, Attorney, Legal Analyst and Writer, to be Honored in Michael's Portrait - May 3, 2011
Please join us in welcoming Matt Semino as a VIP Dot in Michael’s Tribute Portrait. Leave Matt a message HERE. Read an exclusive interview with Matt.

Called 'Lasting Impressions', the May issue of our free online magazine is ready for you! READ IT HERE.

In an exclusive, heart-to-heart interview with Valmai Owens, Editor-in-Chief of Dot to Dot, Tom Mesereau gives us his insight not only into the upcoming trial of Conrad Murray, his lawyer persona and Michael Jackson, but also into the man he is inside. Mr. Mesereau is a man dedicated to justice, the community and educating the young against gang violence, and to giving people a sense of worth and value in lives that might seem to them hopeless and pointless.

Honoring Treasure in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait - April 28, 2011
In recognition of her dedication to "paying it forward" and helping others, MJTP Artist David Ilan honored Treasure with a Dot in Michael's heart on April 27, 2011. CLICK HERE to read more and see photos.

Photos from the Choreo Show are Now Online - April 17, 2011
David Ilan honored Eddie Garcia and Courtney Miller Jr. at Courtney's Choreo Show on April 13, 2011. See photos from the evening here. Our deepest thanks to Eddie and Courtney for sharing their special evening with us.

Author Joe Vogel Joins the MJTP - April 19, 2011
Please join us in welcoming author Joseph Vogel as a VIP Dot in Michael’s Tribute Portrait. Leave Joe a message HERE.

Anthony Jackson to be Honored in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait - April 6, 2011
Actor, Singer, Songwriter... and Michael's cousin and Godson, Anthony Jackson will be honored with a Dot in Michael's heart. We're honored to have his support. Watch a video of Anthony and Michael through the years. Please welcome Anthony to the MJTP HERE.

Michael's Angels - Friends of Treasure - April 4, 2011
Treasure is a loving, young girl with a vascular malformation of the tongue. She is doing well today, thanks to the love, kindness and support of compassionate people. Thankful for the help they've received and wanting to pay it forward, Treasure and her mom, Chelsa, are making a difference in the lives of others. The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait proudly supports their mission through Friends of Treasure, and we’d like to encourage you to join us. Learn more here.

Elizabeth Taylor, May You Rest in Peace - March 23, 2011
You will be greatly missed...
Our love and prayers go out to all of Elizabeth's loved ones.

Welcome Musician/Producer Rory Kaplan to the MJTP! - March 22, 2011
We're pleased to announce Rory Kaplan as a Dot in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Rory toured with Michael on the Victory and Bad tours, and has worked with many other great artists throughout his long-standing career. Please CLICK HERE to leave Rory a warm welcome message.

Who'z Bad?!  Living a Life of Peace and Non-Violence - March 21, 2011
We're excited to announce our Who'z Bad?! project, an initiative that's been under way for several months. Make the pledge to Live a Life of Peace and Non-Violence you will receive a Who’z Bad?! badge on your profile. While this is geared toward our younger members, anyone can take the pledge. We will be highlighting important issues we – our youth especially - face in today's society. The younger generation is our future; working together, we can make this world a better place for all.

'Heal the Dream' - March 21, 2011
We are happy to support the 'Heal the Dream' project, which is in collaboration with BENU, seeking to help children in need. Learn more on the Heal the Dream website and their Facebook page.

Welcome to Choreographer/Director Eddie Garcia - March 16, 2011
We're very excited and honored to announce the highly talented Choreographer / Director, and friend of Michael's, Eddie Garcia as a Dot in The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait! Please CLICK HERE to welcome Eddie to the MJTP!

Our Thoughts, Love, and Prayers to All Affected by Japan Quake - March 11, 2011
We send our prayers, thoughts and love to everyone, everywhere, affected by the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunamis... 

Congratulations to Our Latest Charitable Raffle Winner! - March 14, 2011
The winner of the 1984 MJ Grammys doll and "Dangerous" puzzle, donated by one of our current Team members, has been announced, and the donation to Give Kids the World has been made. 25% of proceeds raised from this raffle were donated to charity – and that amount was matched by that same team member (who chooses to remain anonymous)!  Click here to see who won.

The New Video for 'Hollywood Tonight' is Available NOW! - March 10, 2011
CLICK HERE to watch the video and read the storyline of "Hollywood Tonight."
"Wayne Isham, who directed the video for Michael Jackson’s 'You Are Not Alone,' returns to one of the very same locations where he filmed in 1995 with Michael – the Pantages Theater near the famed corner of Hollywood and Vine."  Courtesy of MJOnline, The Official Online Team of the Michael Jackson Estate®.

Interview with Jonathan 'Sugarfoot' Moffett in the March Issue of MJTP's Online Magazine! - March 2011
Read an exclusive interview with Jonathan Moffett in "Beyond the Dream," the March issue of our online magazine HERE.

MJTP Event at Disneyland for 30 Inner-City Children - February 28, 2011
On Saturday, February 26, 2011, thanks to an anonymous donor, the MJTP took a group of 30 kids from the Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles who have never been to the theme park and had no hopes of going, until now. Read more and see photos of the event here

Welcome MJFC Italy - February 2011
Announcing a new partnership with the official Italian Michael Jackson Fan Club! Please join us in welcoming them and be sure to visit the MJFC Italy site and their Facebook page to show your support!

Congratulations to the Winner of MJ's 3 Books & the Trading Cards/Stickers! - January 27, 2011
The winner of Michael's three books, trading cards and stickers (donated by one of our current team members) is Paula K., Dot number 243,509 ("PAULAK"). Paula purchased several tickets, and it was the last ticket she purchased that was drawn as the winner. Hear what Paula had to say HERE. Thanks to everyone who participated!  25% of proceeds were donated to The Humane Society of the United States, with a matching donation from that same team member (who chooses to remain anonymous)!

Welcome to LaVelle Smith Jr., Choreographer & Longtime Friend of Michael's! - January 22, 2011
We are honored to have the endorsement and support of LaVelle Smith Jr., seasoned choreographer and a good friend of Michaels for over 20 years. Please welcome LaVelle to our Tribute.

Our Love and Condolences to the Family of 'Thriller74' - January 21, 2011
Sadly, we were informed this morning that a member of our MJTP family passed away earlier this week. We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of fellow Dot member "Thriller74." Thank you to everyone who has left a message of love and support on her profile wall. Your notes may bring a sense of comfort to her family. Rest in Peace, Thriller74.

National Museum of Dance Michael Jackson Garden - January 18, 2011
The Michael Jackson Garden at the National Museum of Dance Hall & Hall of Fame has been set in motion! Donations to the Michael Jackson Garden may now be made directly through the National Museum of Dance! Go to their website, and on the home page (currently), find and click on the "Donate to the Michael Jackson Garden" button. You will be taken to a PayPal page to donate to MJ's garden. Specify it is for Michael's Garden on your donation.

Don't Be Fooled! An Important Safety & Site Etiquette Reminder
Avoid Rumors, Scammers, Spammers, Trollers and Phishers. Please click here to read important information.

Dr. Patrick Treacy Joins MJTP
Dr. Treacy was honored with his dot in Michael's Portrait on January 2, 2011, during a visit to Los Angeles. Please welcome Michael's good friend with your comment.

Who is It? - January 9, 2011
The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Team takes great care in all that we do for you and for Michael. This Tribute – including this website – is run with the utmost respect and integrity. We get to know each other as a Team, and we get to know you as part of the MJTP family. If you’ve ever wondered whether someone contacting you on this site is in fact an active MJTP Team Member, look at their profile badges section. Official MJTP Moderators will have an MJTP Verified Moderator badge on their profile, and be listed on our Acknowledgments page with a Moderator title. Please click here for more information.

Discovery UK Cancels Autopsy Program! - December 31, 2010
The Discovery UK Channel has canceled plans to air a documentary in January showing a re-enactment of Michael’s autopsy. Our deepest thanks to the MJJJustice Project, the Estate and all of the fans who got involved. CLICK HERE to read more.

David Has Updated His Blog! - December 26, 2010
David Ilan has updated his blog to share about his trip to Europe and Israel. CLICK HERE to read about his trip and see photos from Rome, Austria & Amsterdam; Germany; Belgium and Amsterdam & Israel! ALSO, be sure to check out the winning caption for the photo of David and the frog!

Flowers Delivered to Michael from the MJTP Family - December 23, 2010
Thanks to an anonymous donor, on December 23, 2010, a stunning floral wreath was deleivered to Michael at Forest Lawn on behalf of everyone at the MJTP. Click here for photos.

A Special Holiday Message from the MJTP - December 21, 2010
MJTP Director of Community Development Linda Higgins created a video to bring a special holiday message to our entire community; one of peace, love and harmony. We were all brought together by one remarkable man, Michael Jackson. This message is meant to inspire us to be the strong fan-mily unit that he would have wanted us to be. Please watch it here.

'MICHAEL' CD Release Party - See Our Photos and Videos - December 15, 2010
The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait was honored to be represented at the exclusive Release Party for the MICHAEL CD this week in New York City. See the party through the eyes of MJTP Marketing Director Kim Durham, who was an invited VIP guest. See photos and videos.

Help the Kids at Gardner Street Elementary! - October 30, 2010
Interested in ways you can help the children at Gardner Street Elementary, while showing your support for the school's decision to uncover Michael's name on the auditorium? Click here to find out how you can help!

Announcing The Michael Jackson Tribute CD! - October 27, 2010
We are excited to announce the worldwide release of The Beat of Our Hearts: A Musical Tribute to Michael. This amazing album is taking the MJ community by surprise with its release. The Beat of Our Hearts (produced by The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait) is an unprecedented collection of 18 original songs written and performed by Michael’s friends and fans. This uniquely special collection contains some of the most heartfelt and touching songs you’ve ever heard. They help to heal; they bring us closer to Michael …and each other. This very special collection of music is being released this week worldwide as an MP3 download, so you can start enjoying it immediately. Be among the first to get your copy. 

Michael Jackson's Name Once Again Shines on Gardner School Auditorium - October 15, 2010
The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is honored to announce that Michael Jackson's name shines once again on the Gardner School Auditorium. On October 15, 2010, Taj Jackson (Michael's nephew), released a statement on Facebook on behalf of his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, about the uncovering of Michael's name. Read Katherine Jackson's statement (you will need to be logged in to Facebook to read this). See the Los Angeles Unified School District's press release.

Welcome Omer! Michael's Apprentice Endorses Tribute Portrait - August 28, 2010
We are honored to have the endorsement and active support of Omer Bhatti. Please welcome Omer to our Tribute.

Wrapped in L.O.V.E. Patchwork Blankets Delivered to Michael's Family - August 28, 2010
Just in time for Michael's birthday, the Wrapped in L.O.V.E. patchwork blankets have been delivered! We would like to thank the Jackson family member who personally delivered the beautiful blankets to Michael's mother and children this week. Also delivered were the registry books and hundreds of cards and letters. READ THE UPDATE, and be sure to view the stunning PHOTOS.

Dr. Maya Angelou endorses The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait and, as a gift to our Tribute and for fans worldwide, she recites "We Had Him," the beautiful and powerful poem she wrote for Michael upon his passing. This is the first and only public reading of this poem by her. WATCH NOW. Also, see "WE HAD HIM" video with images of Michael created by Anne-Sophie.

Connect With Us on Facebook & Twitter!
The MJTP is on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Join us!

Tribute Team Articles and Blogs - Updates and Features
Check out the new feature that allows our Team Members to communicate news, events, stories and information of interest to our dot community. See All Articles Now. Read the latest about Joshua, Fans in the Mirror, and Michael's Angels.

FANS IN THE MIRROR Book Is Now Available!- June 25, 2010
The official book of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait has been released worldwide as an E-book. This highly anticipated and moving collection of never-before-published writings and original artwork by our own dot members will help us heal and realize we are not alone in our feelings. Learn more about this beautiful book that was published on the one year anniversary of Michael's passing. Read it today

Ryan White's Mother and Sister Join Our Tribute
We're honored to welcome the participation and support of Jeanne White-Ginder, Ryan White's mother, and his sister, Andrea. WATCH VIDEO.

Nick Cannon Gets His Dot
See America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon get his dot and invite fans worldwide to commemorate the one year anniversary by getting their dot too. WATCH NOW.

Dionne Warwick Invites Fans Worldwide To Get Their Dots
Dionne Warwick was honored by The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait recently and asked fans worldwide to commemorate the one year anniversary of Michael's passing by getting their dot in his portrait. Watch Dionne's Dot Ceremony

Travis Payne, Stacy Walker and Milo Levell Get Their Dots
Travis Payne - Michael's Choreographer and Producer of This Is It - was honored by getting his dot next to Michael's in the Tribute Portrait. The event took place at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, North Hollywood, in Studio D, the same studio where Michael rehearsed Thriller and Captain Eo. Others honored were dancers/choreographers Stacy Walker and Milo Levell. Read the article. WATCH THE VIDEO.

QUEST CREW Get Their Dots
The winners of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew 2009 were honored by The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Watch Quest Crew get their dots

Choreographers CRIS JUDD and THE TALAUEGA BROTHERS Join the Tribute
Imagine dancing with Michael Jackson. These renowned choreographers don't have to imagine - they lived the dream and were part of the magic! Now watch them be part of Michael's Tribute Portrait at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood, where "Thriller" was rehearsed by Michael himself. WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO NOW.

Marlon Wayans Gets His Dot
Actor / Comedian Marlon Wayans is interviewed by CNN Reporter/Producer Alan Duke about The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. WATCH VIDEO.

Jermaine Jackson Invites Fans Worldwide to Get Their Dots
Michael Jackson's brother, Jermaine, has announced his support for The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. He went public with his endorsement at an event organized by the Tribute where 60 kids from the inner city of Los Angeles walked down the red carpet with many of the stars from the movie THIS IS IT before getting their dots in the portrait and being treated to a screening of the film. SEE VIDEO.

Maxso Gets His Dot
We wish to welcome our youngest celebrity spokesperson, MAXSO. We are thrilled to have his enthusiasm, charm and talent in support of Michael's Tribute Portrait. Please welcome Maxso and be sure to watch his beautiful and touching tribute song for Michael. NEW VIDEO: Watch Maxso get his dot next to Michael's star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Watch Rev. Jesse Jackson Get His Dot (CNN)
Rev. Jesse Jackson meets Artist David Ilan to be honored by the Tribute. Watch CNN International's "Backstory" segment HERE.

Michael's Portrait Featured at Live Charitable Event in Los Angeles (CNN) - November 2009
Read about how the Tribute Portrait is making a positive difference HERE.

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