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Calling All Michael Jackson Fans!

UPDATE: The portrait is now finished but you can still claim a dot that has already been drawn. Just click the "Signup" button on the right.

If you are a fan in any way of Michael Jackson, then you are going to want to be part of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Celebrity artist David Ilan has agreed to create a portrait of Michael Jackson. This portrait, however, is anything but ordinary. It is unique, one of a kind, and very special, just like Michael was. It is also approved by many of those who were the closest to Michael in his life. This Tribute Portrait is a very fitting way to honor The King of Pop and it gives his fans an opportunity to play an important role in carrying on his legacy.    

David’s portraits are created using only hand drawn dots with each dot representing one person – one fan like you and me. The significance of this is that every dot drawn in this genuine work of art represents someone in the world who loved Michael. 1,000,000 dots in this portrait will represent the love of 1,000,000 fans, friends and family. That is amazing!

To have your own dot in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait means you belong to an elite group of fans who will become a permanent part of Michael’s history. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live – the dot is yours if you are among the first million who sign up for free. Those of us on this special website every day – telling friends, spreading the word – are a group working to honor the memory of someone we hold very dear. It is an acknowledgement of your love for him and who he was. It is a way to say to the world, “I am a Michael Jackson fan and proud of it!”

As you watch to see how the portrait progresses, you get to share your thoughts and feelings about Michael by “connecting your dot” with other dot members through the groups and messaging on the website. It makes you feel like you have found a wonderful support group. It’s a way for you to deal with your feelings of loss in a positive way. You find comfort with strangers who become friends, because you learn that someone else feels the same way you do. Someone else loved his humanity just like you did. Someone else was inspired by him just like you were and someone else feels the pain of his loss just like you do. Lifelong friendships in the real world can develop here thanks to Michael bringing us together!

This tribute portrait is unlike any other portrait in the world. The artistry is not only unique, but it’s the message behind the portrait and the fact that it is the only tribute created by the fans that makes this so meaningful. As a fan, you want to be able to participate in honoring Michael in some way, so it’s tough to watch other tributes taking place when you know you don’t have the means to buy a ticket or travel to get there. This tribute comes to you! You don’t have to travel or pay money to participate. All you have to do is log on to your computer.

If you choose to buy a copy of the portrait, it gives you something tangible about Michael to hold on to – a work of art that you helped create with your dot. It is a piece of art, your piece of Michael’s legacy, which his loyal and true fans will cherish. It makes you feel bonded to him forever. Proceeds are used to support the Tribute and some of the charities that were so important to Michael.

With your dot, you affirm the goodness that you know existed in Michael Jackson. It is a way for you to personally let him know how much he meant to you. Your dot lets you say to him “I’ll never let you part…for you’re always in my heart.”

Participate in the legacy of Michael Jackson by getting your own dot now.


Linda Higgins

Director of Community Development

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