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Jean Bosco Safari


Jean Bosco SafariBIO:
Jean Bosco Safari was born in Rubago, Ruanda (Central Africa) on May 10, 1954. In 1960 — when the Civil War broke out — he was sent by his mother to Belgium where he was adopted by his Belgian parents.

Jean Bosco Safari is one of the best live performers in Belgium.

In 1989 he met KENNY MOORE — Tina Turner's piano player — on a club tour in Switzerland. Moore agreed to produce his debut album "Wow".

In 1991,"Wow" was released in every European country and in Australia, South Africa and Argentina. The song "My Eyes" became a number 1 hit in South Africa. Jean Bosco Safari was however never able to go there to promote his album, due to the political climate.

His live act at the time was directed by Micha Bergese who did the stage acts for the last two Rolling Stones and Tina Turner tours. He also directed the solo performances for Mick Jagger, Leonard Cohen, Sarah Brightman and Peter Gabriel on the Millennium Dome Project.

In 1993, his second album "The Romantic Heroes" was produced by Robyn Smith, British songwriter, producer, arranger and conductor who at that time worked with Beverly Craven, The Pasadenas and Mike Oldfield. The collaboration between Robin Smith and Jean Bosco Safari turned out to be successful. "The Romantic Heroes" was awarded a golden CD for the sale of more than 25.000 copies in Belgium.

In 1994, Jean Bosco Safari started to work on his third album "Little Boy Blue" with Peter Bunetta, an American producer who did The Temptations, Kenny G., Smokey Robinson, Michael Bolton and others. Peter Bunetta completed three songs for the album. The remaining songs were produced by a Belgian producer Wouter Van Belle (The Radios, Axelle Red, Zap Mama and Noordkaap).

Jean Bosco SafariIn 1995, the album "Little Boy Blue" came out with two producers and two record companies. Polygram, the new record company took over his existing contract. Jean Bosco Safari displayed on this album a very versatile but also a darker and more introspective side of his writing talent.

In 1997 Jean Bosco Safari added a new dimension to his rock – soul – pop repertoire. On his latest cd “Visions of Home", ethnical influences from all over the world are weaved seamlessly through all the songs. This album was produced by Jean Bosco Safari himself in co-production with his keyboard player Marcus Scheibmaier and Sylvain Van Holme, a senior Belgian producer.

In 1998, Polygram released “The Best of Kid Safari". This album contains recent work from "Visions of Home" as well as tracks of his 3 previously released albums.

Jean Bosco Safari regarded the 4 released CD's as a growing-process which had come to an end. He wanted to start all over again. Back to basics: one voice, one guitar.

In 2003, the 'back to basics' idea resulted in his latest cd "NOMAD", a driven and poetical testimony of his search for balance. A new tour is announced in Belgium at the end of 2005 and will end in January 2006 with a minitour in the U.K., Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

In 2007 Jean Bosco Safari released the singles/videoclips "Wake Up and Dream" and "Silence" which he produced together with Marcus Scheibmaier. These singles are from the forthcoming album "Private Revolution", to be released in 2008.

In October 2008, the single/videoclip “Private Revolution” is simultaneously released with the album of the same name. The album combines "Ruandan rhythm-roots", sixties Beatles-influences and Ruandan Poetry.


We met Jean Bosco Safari on our 2010 Tour in Belgium. Read more on David's Blog.

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