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13. What Will Be the Lasting Impression of Michael Jackson

When the trial of The People vs. Conrad Murray commences for the death of Michael Jackson, fans, friends and family can expect to encounter more pain as the defense, in their quest to prove Murray’s claim of innocence, will do anything in their power to portray Michael in a negative light. This will be heart-wrenching for all of us to watch…to say the least.

We will have to listen to them suggest he killed himself, which is a ridiculous notion for anyone who knows him. His children were much too important to him, which Jermaine Jackson validated in a recent tweet: "Michael did not, would not, take his own life. His children were too important; indisputable."

In addition, we’re also going to have our hearts broken while we are reminded of what Michael’s children had to endure the morning of his passing. The judge has ruled that cameras will be allowed in the courtroom, which has its pros and cons, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t affect them in a negative way.

We won’t be able to hold back tears as we listen to the lack of care shown for his well-being, and our hearts will ache for Katherine knowing she will be sitting in that courtroom having to put up with people trying to make her son out to be some kind of junkie.

Some fans believe journalists who were there to crucify him in his 2005 molestation trial may try to use this as an opportunity to do that again. Aphrodite Jones conveys perfectly why fans feel this way. In the summary of her book "Michael Jackson: Conspiracy" she wrote, "He was the pop icon the media loved to hate." There is one big difference this time though. Michael is not the one on trial here, as much as they will try to make you believe that. Since this trial will be televised, hopefully that will prevent the type of biased reporting that happened in 2005.

Through our tributes, blogs, social networking pages, videos, projects and initiatives, we have worked hard to educate the world about who he really was. It’s important to us that they know he was a man who embodied the very essence of love. Therefore, we can’t let the lasting impression of him be the image the defense is going to portray during this trial.

Valerie, MJTP Director of Operations & Administration said something that I feel stresses the importance of this. She said, "The idea that people 20 years from now are going to forget all the good he did and focus on how he died, focus on drugs, still talk about ‘those allegations,’ instead of remembering him for his genius, heart, compassion, love and all that he truly was, truly did, and all that really matters, KILLS me; breaks my heart, and forever will." I second those feelings. We can’t let that happen.

We must work together during this trial to be sources of positive information about Michael. If you see an article that speaks to the truth about him, if you watch an uplifting video, read a heartfelt poem, come across a meaningful website, or anything that speaks to the true nature of Michael, tweet about those things, post them on your Facebook pages, forward them by email, talk about them in the MJTP groups and other MJ fan forums. Get this information out to the public as their attention will most surely already be on him because of the trial.

If you were friends with Michael or knew him personally and you have a wonderful story that demonstrates his excellence as an artist, his love as a friend, his generosity as a humanitarian or his integrity as a human being, get it out there. Write a blog, create a video, give an interview, or upload pictures you may have. Tell the world about what a phenomenal man he really was.

In This Is It we heard Michael explain that he writes certain songs to bring awareness, awakening and hope to people. That’s exactly why we have to do this. We have to bring awareness about the positive information out there on him and awaken them to the truth about his compassionate nature, allowing them to experience it for themselves, so they can understanding his deep love for humanity and hope for a better world, which is one where the beating down of another human being is no longer tolerated.

I was recently sent an article in which a journalist who treated Michael horrendously while he was living is now doing the same in his passing, using the subject of addiction as an opportunity to attack his character and his integrity as a parent. In addition, this journalist belittles the fans by suggesting we are blinded by love because we continue to be "dazzled by his stardom."

The relationship Michael had with his fans is hard to understand for outsiders. A mutual love and respect is the foundation for the steadfast loyalty we show him. As long as there are people who insist on tearing him down, he will have faithful fans defending his honor and building him right back up again. Is it right to stand by and do nothing while someone you love is being the victim of hate? I think not. Michael deserves better. Humanity deserves better.

He deserves to be acknowledged for the wonderfully loving father his children have said he was. Don’t try to take that away from him or them. They were his life and he was theirs.

He deserves to have justice served in his death. Regardless of how the defense tries to portray him, if Michael was dependent on medication to sleep and if Murray knew that, then to continue to provide and administer it to him means he was an enabler whose actions resulted in his death and he should be held accountable.

Most importantly, Michael Jackson deserves to be remembered not only as the world’s greatest entertainer, but as a loving, compassionate human being with a beautiful soul who was taken from all of us much too soon. We must unite to leave that lasting impression of him on the world.

This trial is going to hurt; the painful feelings we all experienced on June 25th will come to the surface all over again, so it is absolutely imperative that we stick together, fans, friends and family. We are all one. We will need the strength of all to get through this.

To the Jackson family, we stand by you and offer our love and support as we prepare to embark upon what is sure to be an emotionally devastating time. It shouldn't have been this way.  


Katherine you are a pillar of strength!


Prince, Paris and Blanket you are always in our thoughts and prayers.



Michael, we will love you always!

Linda Higgins

Director of Community Development

© 2011, Linda Higgins, All Rights Reserved


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