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12. Associating with Michael Jackson

"He is probably the most famous person in the planet, God help him!" Those words were spoken by Bob Geldof when giving Michael Jackson the award for Artist of a Generation at the Brit Awards in 1996.

I’m one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe there was a reason he was the most famous person on the planet and in my opinion it has something to do with putting love back into the world.

Everybody remembers what they were doing when they learned Michael Jackson had passed away. We remember exactly where we were, who told us, and what our reactions were. It was a defining moment in history, one that caused the world to take a collective gasp.

Although the majority of people mourned his loss and moved on with their lives, there are some people who were affected at a deeper level, one that was life changing. I am one of those people.

I knew very early on there was a reason his death touched me so profoundly. I knew there was a reason I was drawn to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, and I knew there was a reason I was given the opportunity to have a platform on which to write about him.

I’ve had this aching sense for years that somehow I wasn’t fulfilling my potential in life. When I lost my job in January of 2009 as I drove out of the parking lot for the last time, I said to myself, this will be the last job I ever have. What I meant is that I would no longer ignore that longing inside of me to live my own truth. I made a decision to let a higher power guide me to whoever could help me do that; little did I know that person would be Michael Jackson.

Recently I was informed about a popular children’s charity that is refusing the financial help of MJ fans. This charity doesn’t want to be associated with Michael and that has offended and angered some fans, rightly so. He still elicits very strong negative reactions from some people so I’m sure they are fearful that the backlash they may receive by associating with him will be more devastating financially than denying the help of fans. It’s a problem I have actually encountered myself.

For the past year and a half I’ve been putting my heart and soul into The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. This is where I was led and I made the decision to embrace it to the fullest extent for as long as I could, knowing I wouldn’t be able to do it full time forever, because eventually my funds would run out. Once they began to get low I knew it was time to start looking for work.

I listed the MJTP on my resume, as a volunteer position of course. Based on some of the responses I was getting, I started to become keenly aware that my association with Michael Jackson may actually be hurting me. I began to wonder if I should take it off my resume since it is just volunteer work.

On one hand, I have guilt weighing me down that I am causing a financial hardship on my family, so if my association with him is keeping me from getting work, maybe I should consider taking it off. On the other hand, he has become part of me, so taking that off of my resume is essentially hiding who I really am and turning my back on him, which is something I won’t do.

It’s because of Michael that I live life from the heart now. I express love and heartfelt feelings in a way I never could before, I have the courage to show my spiritual side to people whom I never would have before, and the work I’ve done for the MJTP has been some of the most fulfilling of my life. He unleashed a talent in me I didn’t even know existed.

The magnitude of sorrow I felt for Michael’s children during his memorial service let loose a flood of emotions that came out uncontrollably through buckets of tears, compelling me to start writing about him, which awakened a spark of creativity in me.

Recently I purchased the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. That book has been trying to make its way into my life for quite some time but I wouldn’t let it. I finally decided to take the signs I was getting to read the book seriously and I’m so glad I did, because it gave me a whole new appreciation for Michael.

The author explains creativity as, "God Energy flowing through us." When I read that it was like a light bulb went off in my head. Now I understand why Michael’s message was always love, because God Energy is Love and through his creativity he experienced it at a level where he became one with it. That’s why he understood its healing transformative power so much. Arguably the most uninhibited creative person in the world, that loving energy flowed through him with such intensity, he often felt touched by something sacred when he danced.

I’ve made the decision to keep the MJTP on my resume, associating myself with Michael in pride, trusting that I will be led to the place who will accept me for who I am. If someone doesn’t want to hire me because of my association with Michael Jackson, then why would I want to work for them in the first place? It tells me a lot about their character.

As fans, when we encounter a person, a business, a celebrity or a charity who doesn’t want to be associated with Michael, and therefore us, take that as a sign that we are not meant to be associated with them, because the energy they would bring into our lives and Michael’s legacy could be negative.

Bob Geldof went on to say in his introduction, "When Michael Jackson sings it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move you can see God dancing."

How could anyone possibly deny being associated with someone like that?

Linda Higgins


© 2011, Linda Higgins, All Rights Reserved

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