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It's Already There


"I don't force it, I let nature take its course. I don't sit at the piano and think, 'I'm going to write the greatest song of all time.' It doesn't happen. It has to be given to you. I believe it's already up there before you were born, and then it drops into your lap. It's the most spiritual thing in the world. When it comes, it comes with all the accompaniments, the strings, the bass, the drums, the lyrics, and you're just the medium through which it comes, the channel. Sometimes I feel guilty putting my name  on songs 'Written by MJ'  - because it's as if the heavens have done it already. Like Michaelangelo would have this huge piece of marble from the quarres of Italy, and he'd say 'Inside is a sleeping form.' He takes a hammer and a chisel, and he's just freeing it. It's already there. It's already there. " - Michael Jackson, March 2002 issue of Vibe  

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