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10. Examples for Tribute Book

Hello everyone, I am hoping you all have read our announcement for the launch of the Official Tribute Book. This is an exciting project and we encourage you all to send us your special writings of Michael. Below you will find a few examples, but please remember, you don't have to be a writer to submit a piece and it can be a poem, letter, tribute, artwork or just the voice of your hearts.
I would also ask that submissions be written in an MS Word document and artwork to be attached as a jpg file whenever possible. Please include your username and dot number. 
We are also receiving a lot of comments expressing your support and approval of the Tribute Book. We are reading each and every one sent to us, but may not always have the time to reply back to you. Please know, how much we appreciate all your comments.
My co-editor Linda and I look forward to hearing from you.

Valmai Owens

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My Dot


While surfing the net one day in September
I found a web page I will always remember.
A tribute to the King of Pop by an artist named David Ilan
Who specialized in pointillism, to his talent my eyes were drawn.


A simple invitation that explained, “Your dot is free”
Become a part of my amazing art as we honor our pop-music King.
Because I am a fan of Mike, this invitation I accepted.
Michael’s an amazing man who deserves to be respected.


I signed up to become a “dot” to create an everlasting shot
Of Michael Jackson in all his glory part of his legendary story.
Each dot’s assigned a number to represent a fan
Who believed in Michael’s magic, or just simply loved the man.


My dot number was assigned to me, 1-6-2-6-5
Where that dot would soon be placed was David’s job to do.
I checked back on the web page to see the progress made
More of Mike’s face was put in place with David’s artistic aid.


The thing that really caught my heart in David’s brilliant form of art
Was the location where my dot was placed on Michael Jackson’s handsome face.
My dot rests upon his upper lip; this fan has found her bliss ~
How lucky to be chosen to give Mike’s eternal kiss!


This is not a kiss good bye, of this you can be sure
It means to say, in the King’s sweet way, Mike, “I love you more!”
Fan dots will caress his cheek, or become the sparkle in his eyes.
Some will dance inside his heart, so tender and so wise.


No matter where your dot may land we stand together holding hands,
From all far ranges of the globe each tiny dot plays an important part
For a dot alone is just a dot, but together we form creative art.
Mike would shed a tear to see his fans unite so peacefully.


This is what Michael tried to teach
We‘re better together when united we stand, so reach out for your neighbors hand.
He is sure to sense from Heaven above the overflow of his fans’ love.
His heartstrings feel a binding tug as the world takes time to send a hug.


Now I’d like to raise a toast
To the artist who we love the most.
David, we appreciate the time you are giving
To ensure Michael’s legacy will continue living.


Create your magic with your pen so Michael comes alive again
On canvas for the world to see, dots in perfect harmony.
Uniting for a common cause, art deserving our applause!
Perhaps the world could learn a lot from the message of your simple dots.


For we are all a dot in the human lot ~
Each pixel born to play a part,

To make a difference in his own way,
And make the world a better place!



Written by J. Michelle Gold 




I was sitting outside when this poem came to me, enjoying some peace from my noisy life. The words just suddenly formed in head out of nowhere, as so often happens since Michael’s passing.


     To say that he is my inspiration goes without question. I feel an incredible closeness both spiritually and emotionally in these moments that I truly believe the words are being channeled through me from him.


     I have always been a writer, but poetry has always been a struggle for me to write and I haven’t attempted to, in many years. Now I don’t seem to be able to stop. I believe, through the words that are being given to me, Michael’s message is being heard and his love is reaching out to everyone who would read them.






In the twilight, there is a peace and solitude

A communion with the Earth and the setting sun.

As I sit in the stillness of this moment with eyes closed

I feel the shadows move across my face and I think of you

Of your smile and how it warms my heart

Of your music and how it makes me fly

High up in the clouds, to dance upon the wind.

No more do I question why you left, for there is no answer

No reason to be given that would ease the pain.

All I can do is reach out to touch your spirit, bring it in to me

So that together we can be drawn on this beautiful canvas.


Written by Valmai Owens

2009 All Rights Reserved

User name:  Canard Dot# 3914




A Message of Love


I wrote the following poem a couple of weeks after Michael Jackson passed away. Before you read it, I feel it is necessary to give you some background on how it came about, because the poem will hold more meaning for you if you know that.


I have always been a fan of Michael and the Jacksons, but I was taken aback by the depth of the feelings of sorrow I felt when he passed away.  As I watched his memorial service, I had so much compassion for the family that it allowed my heart to open. Once my heart opened the floodgates of creativity were unleashed.


I started having words and sentences come into my mind about a poem.  This was odd to me because I have never written a poem before in my life, nor have I ever been particularly drawn to poetry.   I sat down at my computer and just the let the words come out. They flowed through me like magic.  I now understood what Michael meant when he said that his creativity didn’t come from him but through him. That’s what I felt was happening with this poem.  


As I sat there engaged in writing the poem, suddenly a very strong scent of cologne filled the room. I was so startled by it that I stopped typing and turned around to see if someone was in the room with me, but no one was there.   No one in my house wears cologne so I knew it wasn’t a lingering scent from anyone in my family.  I wondered if something greater than me was at work, but I shrugged it off.  


When the movie This Is It came out, I learned about the power of Michael’s cologne. The dancers talked about how they would line up to get hugs from him just because of how good he smelled. That’s when I knew that the poem was meaningful, because I believe that there are no coincidences.


I feel that this poem was meant to be a big hug for everyone Michael loved.  It starts out honoring his legacy and ends up with a message of love for you, the fans, friends and family who love Michael Jackson.


Here is the poem:


Michael Jackson’s Legacy of Love


With a twinkle in his eye

And a magic you can’t deny


He put us in a trance

With his exceptional music and dance


From a very early age

He was taking center stage


He was loved by many

And criticized by plenty


Thankful for his family bond

You helped him go above and beyond


Even though life sometimes kept you apart

You were always right there in his heart


His children brought him so much joy

They have a love no one can destroy


To everyone who loved him so

There is a way you can let him know


Just close your eyes

And let the feeling arise


Relax and unwind

Then picture him in your mind


Remember what you felt to be true

Then say to him…I Love You


Be still and you will feel him start

To communicate with you through your heart


When a warmth comes up you can’t ignore

That is Michael saying…..I Love You More



© 2009, Linda Higgins, All Rights Reserved

Written by: Linda Higgins

User Name: lh4336 Dot # 4422


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