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Look Around You. Look at What You Have Done!

"There was a part of the show on the Victory tour where I was doing this scatting theme and the audience was repeating what I said. I’d say ‘Da, de, da, de’ and they’d say, ‘Da, de, da, de.’ There’ve been times when I’ve done that and they would start stomping. And when the whole audience is doing that, it sounds like an earthquake. Oh! It’s a great feeling to be able to do that with all those people – whole stadiums – and they’re all doing the same thing you’re doing. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. You look out in the audience and see toddlers and teens and grandparents and people in their twenties and thirties. Everybody is swaying, their hands are up, and they’re all singing. You ask that the house lights come on and you see their faces and you say, ‘Hold hands’ and they hold hands and you say, ‘Stand up’ or ‘Clap’ and they do. They’re enjoying themselves and they’ll do whatever you tell them. They love it and it’s so beautiful – all the races of people are together doing this. At times like that I say, ‘Look around you. Look at yourselves. Look. Look around you. Look at what you have done.’ Oh, it’s so beautiful. Very powerful. Those are great moments." - Michael Jackson, Moonwalk

Victory Tour Footage

This is incredible footage from the Victory tour where the stage is being built and fans are being interviewed, along with some amazing footage of Michael!


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