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USA: Resident is part of tribute (May 4, 2011)

San Gabriel Tribune 

Covina Names & Faces

Posted: 05/04/2011 09:00:00 PM PDT

Chelsa Minch, Treasure Dearsaw, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, David Ilan 
Treasure Dearsaw of Covina, center, her mom Chelsa Minch, left, and pointillism
artist David Ilan, with the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait as Treasure receives
her dot in Michael's heart on the portrait, on April 27, 2011. (Courtesy photo)

Treasure Dearsaw of Covina was honored with a dot on the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait by artist David Ilan on April 27.

Ilan is a pointillism artist, which means he draws using only dots to create a larger image. Every hand-drawn dot David places on his canvas represents a person. Every Michael Jackson fan is able to get a free hand-drawn dot added to the portrait in their name. At least 1 million fans will be needed to complete the drawing.

The dot representing Treasure and the nonprofit group, Friends of Treasure, was placed where the late pop singer's heart is.

Treasure, 12, went through about a dozen surgeries over eight years to treat a vascular malformation (VM) on her tongue.

Treasure and her mom, Chelsa Minch, are working to help others who suffer from VM through their Friends of Treasure charity. The organization seeks to help raise much- needed funds for individuals afflicted with these rare lesions.

Treasure received an outpouring of help and much-needed funds from her community and different organizations to help with her surgeries when insurance would not cover them.

For more information on the tribute portrait, visit For more information on Treasure and her nonprofit, visit


San Gabriel Tribune - Treasure Dearsaw, David Ilan, Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait newspaper clipping

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