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09. Michael Jackson's Ultimate Truth

“The truth reveals itself when you look with your heart.” – Linda Higgins

There are two things about life that I am certain. The first is that everyone in this world wants to feel like they are somebody worth loving. We all want to feel we are worth being treated with kindness, compassion, dignity and respect. To purposely treat someone otherwise is one of the most hurtful and destructive things that can be done to another human being. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Michael Jackson.  

He was publicly shamed, criticized, ridiculed and condemned by writers, authors and journalists. He was the subject of entire television programs where the intent was to invite audience members and viewers to see him through the eyes of judgment and hatred; laughing, ridiculing and dismissing him as someone not worth loving.

He was handcuffed and paraded around for the entire world to see when he was charged with allegations of child molestation, yet the person charged in his death was treated with respect and wasn’t handcuffed.  

Michael Jackson was unrightfully so the target of lies, character attacks, public scrutiny and so much more, and although he always said he had rhinoceros skin, I am sure it must have affected him deep down. He was only human, after all. He had a heart and feelings just like everyone else. Yet he still maintained his amazing capacity to love. How did he do it?

That brings me to the second thing about which I am certain: There is a power in this universe that is at work in all of our lives. It has been scientifically proven to be able to heal our bodies, our lives and the world if used correctly; that power is love and Michael knew about it. That’s why he showered sick and disadvantaged kids with love, he knew it was healing. Love was Michael Jackson’s ultimate truth and it is a powerful truth.

To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life.” – Marianne Williamson

To experience love within ourselves we have to focus on the things we love in others. I know Michael understood that. In fact, his brother Tito confirmed that for me in a recent tweet. He said, “When I came in contact with all that is wrong with people, he helped me to remember what is so right with people.”  That’s why he was able to maintain such a strong capacity to love despite the way he was treated. He focused on what is right with people.  

When we focus on what’s wrong with people we experience feelings such as anger, resentment, disgust and disappointment. Those feelings can compromise our health, our happiness, and our unity as a human race.

In their insightful book The Heartmath Solution, Doc Childre and Howard Martin indicate that “positive thoughts and feelings add energy to our system. An optimistic perspective, a feeling of appreciation, or a gesture of kindness for example, are energy assets. Negative thoughts and feelings deplete our store of energy. Anger, jealousy, and judgmental thoughts, for example, are energy deficits.” They go on to say, “positive emotional states are rewarding and regenerative to the heart, immune system and hormonal system, while negative emotions drain these same systems.”

When we are focused on what’s right with others, when we find things we love in them, our hearts open, allowing us to feel joy, compassion, appreciation and gratitude, which in turn causes us to treat them in a loving way.  Those feelings and resulting actions are life affirming. 

When we’re focused on everything we think is wrong with someone, judging, criticizing and condemning them, the feelings we experience as a result are destructive to life, not only to the person to whom the hatred is directed, but also to the people exhibiting the hatred. 

That is the meaning of the saying “You get what you give.” Whatever you give to another person you will experience within yourself. When you treat someone in a loving way you experience positive uplifting emotions, which have been proven to be life-affirming. On the other hand, when you treat someone in a hateful way, you experience negative restrictive emotions, which have been proven to be destructive to life.    

Those people who invited their audiences to laugh, ridicule and have a great time making fun of Michael not only hurt him, they hurt the people who took part in it, because those types of feelings are destructive to our bodies, our lives and our world. The effects of treating someone as if they are not worthy of love are far-reaching and people should be more responsible about it. That’s why love was always Michael’s message. 

If you have been following my blog you know that a while back I wrote an article called “Associating with Michael Jackson” in which I indicated that I wasn’t willing to compromise in finding work if it meant having to disassociate myself from him by taking his name off my resume. I have since come to realize that the solution is not to find work, but to create it. 

Therefore, I have created a project of my own called Ten Things I Love. It is a mission of mine to help people focus on things they love instead of things they hate because I know that is where their power is. Every week I am going to challenge people to find ten things they love in themselves, other people or the world. It came naturally to Michael, but the rest of us have to work at it. 

Have you ever had an experience where you know without a doubt that something is right for you? That’s how I feel about this, absolutely divinely guided. I know this is what I’m supposed to do. Michael showed me that in order to make the world a better place we have to put love back into it. This is my way of doing that. It feeds my passion for inspiring and empowering people as well.  

I am also going to put this initiative to use in our own community through my blog (or my column in the MJTP magazine.) Each month I will write an article about Ten Things I Love in regards to Michael, his legacy, his music, his humanitarianism or this community, and I will challenge you to come up with ten things of your own. My hope is that it will strengthen, empower and unify us even more than we already are.  

I will kick it off by giving you one thing I love about this community: I love how we all came together to show the world that Michael Jackson is worth loving. In a future article I am going to highlight the ten things this community has done for Michael that I love the most. 

We see the good, the brilliance and the magnificence in him because we look at him with our hearts, and that’s why loving him brings us so much joy. If everyone would allow themselves to experience a love like this, the world would be a much better place. 

Linda Higgins
Director of Community Development

To find out more about Ten Things I Love and take the challenge, CLICK HERE

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