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02. Michael Jackson - A Vessel of Love and Healing

As Thanksgiving Day came to a close I sat down to relax for the evening in my favorite recliner with a soft blanket covering me. Since nothing was on TV I decided to pull out my phone and watch some videos of Michael on YouTube. I started by watching tributes fans have put together – each one heartfelt in their own way – like this one called "Why You'd Leave the Stage." This video still brings me to tears, every single time! 

Before I knew it I had spent two hours immersed in watching Michael, feeling an extraordinary amount of love the entire time. I listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer talk about the week he and his family spent with Michael at Neverland Ranch. I’ve seen Dr. Dyer in person. He has that same loving aura and energy about him that Michael has. When you are in his presence you can feel his light. I was thrilled when this video was posted because he spoke about his solid belief in Michael’s innocence. In fact, he referred to him as “a transcendent being who had not only enormous talent, but a heart as big as the sky.” 
Dr. Dyer is one of my favorite author’s and I watch his PBS specials regularly. After I listened to him speak about Michael, I came across a video of a woman he will be featuring in a special he is filming in the early part of 2012. Her name is Anita Moorjani. Her story is incredible to say the least. In 2006, her entire body was riddled with cancer, to the extent that she was only given 36 hours to live. She had billions of cancer cells. One day she didn’t wake up so her husband rushed her to the hospital. She had slipped into a coma. While she was there the doctors discovered that her organs were shutting down, which meant she was dying. It was during this time that she says she experienced death.  
As I listened to her story, I couldn’t help but think about what Michael must have experienced when he made his transition. She said she experienced an indescribable feeling of unconditional love. Indescribable, because words can’t really convey what it felt like. It gave me a sense of peace knowing that Michael must have felt that bliss too. She said she was met by people who love her, like her father. I imagined Michael being met by people who love him, like his brother Brandon, Marlon’s twin.  
Anita said that while she was having this experience, she could feel the feelings of anyone she focused her awareness on, which made her feel like she had become one with them. She said she came to understand that love is the only thing that is real and that we are all one, something Michael said many times. In This Is It, he said this:
Anita was told her that it wasn’t her time and to go back and live her life fearlessly. Within four days of her experience the cancer had completely disappeared - and that has been medically documented.  
Her story supports what Michael has always said about love, it heals. That was his reason for allowing a young boy named Gavin to visit Neverland - to help him heal from cancer, which he did. In her insightful article on the Huffington Post called "Michael Jackson On Trial Again," Rev Barbara Kaufmann shared some thoughts David Nordahl had about Michael’s knowledge of healing. 
“He knew that critically ill children heal better in an environment of hope, positive thoughts, laugher and magic. The darkened and quiet sick room fosters depression, not joy and joy heals according to Michael.” David went on to say, “Michael read all the time. He knew a lot about healing; he knew joy and delight had an effect on hormones and mood.”
Love is who we really are and joy is the result of being connected to love. Michael connected to love through children.  He once wrote, “Being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life, which is ever-present and only asks to be lived.” That “wisdom of life” is love as Anita’s story so beautifully demonstrates. 
When my heart is focused on Michael, like it is when I watch those videos, I feel something similar to what Anita spoke about, like I have become one with his love. Children were the vessel that connected him to love, but he is the vessel that connects me to love. Sometimes I feel love for him so deeply that my body feels like it can’t contain it all. Have you ever had that experience? I am certain that’s how Michael must have felt when helping children, so to have it used against him in the way it was, must have been devastating.   
If Michael affects you the way he does me, then maybe he is a vessel for you to connect to love too. Consider that his gift to you. If you align your heart with Michael’s heart, you will be able to channel his love into the world. That is your gift back to him and as Anita’s story demonstrates, that is a gift that can heal  - yourself, other people, and the world - because, we're all one.  
Linda Higgins

© 2011, Linda Higgins, All Rights Reserved

(If you want to watch the video of Anita’s story CLICK HERE. It is about 45 minutes long.)   


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