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07. Dear Friends


Dear Friends

I have never really understood the human race and our propensity toward acts of cruelty. I have never understood why for some, it is easier to hate than to love. It also seems easier to discriminate rather than to accept and to look at a different race as being beneath our own, rather than being equal to it.

I have seen the indifference some have for the suffering of others and have witnessed the ‘I don’t care’ attitude many share for our dying planet. Many of us have experienced these things and even more have tried to make a difference by changing attitudes and bringing awareness. One such person was Michael. Beyond the music, the dance and the spectacle of the stage, he stands as a testament to the difference we can all make.

Through the beautiful poems, letters and artwork that have been submitted for the Tribute Book, I can see and feel his inspiration and the love in your words. It is a very moving experience and one that I hope the world will share once the book is published. Thank you all so much for helping to make this happen.

I am receiving a lot of emails from you with questions pertaining to the Tribute Book, so I have added them here with the answers for everyone to read. You will also find these under FAQs on the website’s home page. I hope this helps you all and they will be added to as the need arises.

What’s this I hear about the Official Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Book, “The Fans in the Mirror”?

We're glad you asked! To find out why we're putting the Book together, what to submit and where to submit, and to get the latest news about the Book, you can read about the Tribute Book in Recent News and under my Tribute Book articles and Linda’s articles. Click on the article titles to read the full article.

How will we know if our submissions have been accepted for the Book?

Once the submissions have been selected for the Tribute Book, they will be sent for approval to the Tribute Team. Our Editor Valmai and Co-Editor Linda will then contact you by e-mail and let you know whether your piece has been selected or not.

Can we submit more than one entry?

Absolutely! However, because of the limited page count, we may only be able to select one or two of your submissions.

Will there be any progress reports made on the Book?

Yes! Look on Recent News on our home page for Book updates and under my Tribute Book articles and Linda's articles. Click on the article titles to read the full article. We hope to be able to post something new every one or two weeks.

When will the Book be published?

We cannot offer a definite date just yet. The cut-off date to have your submissions to us is December 24, 2009. After that date, the final decision will be made on which submissions will be included. Then they will be edited and the final layout for the Book agreed upon. As soon as we have a date for publishing, it will be announced on the website.


Once again, please make your submissions to and attach them as a Word document wherever possible. Photographs ideally should be in a Jpg file and include your username and dot #. I am sorry to say, that I cannot accept submissions posted as comments to my articles.

Again, thank you all for enabling Michael’s legacy to continue.

Love You More

Valmai Owens

Editor of “Fans in the Mirror"

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(If you want to be notified of new articles I post send me an email at editor@michaeljacksontributeportrait with subscribe in the subject line.)

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