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Chapter 1 - A Special Gift

Isabella was sitting on her special princess bed – the one Grandma Allen gave to her for her 7th birthday a few months ago – knees pulled up close to her chest, arms wrapped tightly around them. Her chocolate brown curly hair was pulled back in a pony tail while tears filled her big, beautiful blue eyes. 

It wasn’t very long ago that the two of them were laughing, singing and dancing. Michael Jackson was Grandma Allen’s favorite entertainer and she taught Isabella many of his songs. They would sit together in their favorite chair and watch Thriller with excitement. Neither one of them could contain themselves when the music started to play. They would jump up and immediately start dancing.

As she sat on her bed, Isabella drifted off in her memory, thinking about what happened seven days ago…

“Isabella! Isabella! Grandma Allen wants to speak to you!” her mom declared. 

“She’s awake!” Isabella exclaimed. 

“Yes, and she wants to talk to you. Hurry and come,” her mother instructed.  

Isabella jumped off the bed and ran into Grandma Allen’s room. “Hi, Grandma. I’m so glad you are awake,” she expressed as she gently gave her a hug. 

“Isabella, sit down next to Grandma. I have something to give you,” she said softly.

Isabella sat down on the red velvet chair seated next to the bed. “What is it, Grandma?” 

Grandma Allen handed her a small square box wrapped in red paper – no designs, no bows, just red paper. Isabella slowly and delicately opened the package as her mind filled with wonder about what it could be. The wrapping paper fell to the floor and an exquisite gold box was revealed.

“Oh Grandma, it is so beautiful!” Isabella exclaimed. “Is it a jewelry box?” 

“No, Isabella. It is a magic box,” Grandma said with a smile. 

“A magic box?” Isabella questioned. 

“Yes, Isabella, a magic box. It is Michael’s Magic Box and I want you to have it. You are the only one who will truly appreciate it,” Grandma proclaimed. “You know how much I love Michael Jackson, right?” she asked matter-of-factly. 

“Yes, Grandma! I have had so much fun dancing and singing to his songs with you,” Isabella replied.   

“Oh, I have enjoyed it too, Isabella, but what you don’t know is that Michael Jackson had some amazing ideas about how to make the world a better place. I think of him as a messenger of love,” Grandma said.  “Now it is the responsibility of the people who love him to remember those messages and use them to live a life filled with love. That’s what I want for you, Isabella, a life filled with love. Michael will help you do that.”

“How?” asked Isabella. 

“This box is magic because it contains many of Michael’s messages. Every message will teach you something about how to live your life with love,” Grandma answered. 

Isabella looked at her in confusion. 

Grandma explained further, “Every person on Earth begins life with a heart filled with love, but sometimes things happen that cause you to close your heart. Then you can’t feel the love anymore. If that happens, it makes life very hard. When your heart is closed, you can’t love and accept yourself or others. It makes you see people through the eyes of judgment, and that is very painful, for you and for them.” 

Isabella still looked perplexed. 

“You won’t fully understand it right now,” Grandma giggled, “but eventually you will. Keep Michael’s magic box for the rest of your life, Isabella, and use it to help you. When your time on Earth is done, I want you to pass the box on to someone else who will appreciate it so they can use the messages to live a life filled with love. Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Grandma, but how do I get the messages?” Isabella asked. 

“That is where the magic comes in,” Grandma revealed. “Put the box on top of your dresser where you can always see it. It will begin to shimmer when Michael has sent you a message. Open the box and it will play. The message is meant to help you in some way. It could be words that make you see yourself or someone else through the eyes of love. It might be a message that will help you know exactly what to say to someone in need, or it could be a song that will inspire you to do something to heal the world. The possibilities are endless.”  

Grandma Allen looked at her intently in the eyes and advised, “Isabella, by taking this gift, you are making a pact with me to listen to his messages and use them to live your life with love and help others do the same. Remember: When the box is shimmering Michael is sending you a message.”

“Okay, Grandma,” Isabella agreed. “I will go put it on my dresser right now!” She bent over, kissed Grandma on the cheek, and ran to her room where she very lovingly placed the magic box on top of her white dresser.  That night, Grandma Allen passed away. That is why Isabella was sitting on her bed crying… 

“Are you okay, honey?” Isabella’s mom asked, walking over to comfort her. 

“Yes. I’m just sad about Grandma. I miss her so much,” she said sorrowfully.

“I know you do,” her mom whispered back, affectionately caressing her ponytail. “I bet she is thinking about you right now though.” 

Just then the magic box started to shimmer. Isabella jumped up in excitement. “Mom the box is shimmering! The box is shimmering! That’s means there is a message waiting for me!” she exclaimed. Grandma had told Isabella’s mom about the box, so she knew what it meant. 

“Open it!” her mom voiced eagerly. 

“Okaaaay,” Isabella said with a big smile, her mind full of wonder. “Here I go.” She gently lifted the cover to the box and an angelic voice started singing to her. 

(Play video to hear Isabella's first message)

                            "You and I must make a pact.

                            We must bring salvation back.

                         Where there is love, I'll be there." 

She slowly turned her head and looked over at her mom in amazement, her eyes as big as the stars. “Grandma must be up there talking to Michael,” Isabella said breathlessly, “because I made a pact with her and that’s the exact word he just sang to me!” 

Her mom smiled as she watched Isabella close the magic box very carefully and put it back on her dresser. “Grandma said these messages will help me live a life with love. I think she must be right because my heart feels very happy right now. I can’t wait until Michael gives me another message!” 

Linda Higgins

Director of Community Development

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