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Angels4Joshua - A Very Special Update

June 29, 2012

The following update comes from Vera and family. A different kind of update indeed, we thought this happy and exciting story should have its own special page. Without further ado…

An "update" of a different kind... this is something I had wanted to share with you guys and girls for a long, long time (at least the first part) but couldn't... the story was still unfinished... but it all came to a closure in May of this year, a happy ending to Joshua's dream... Here it is...

**~~ANGELS4JOSHUA~~** Part one


It was in July 2010 that he was in Germany with his family to do promotion for the latest movie. Joshua's face lit up when  he heard he  was over here as Josh really dug him for quite a long time.

Anyway, when I heard he was a guest on the SAT 1 morning show the following day I wrote to them, asking if they'd be kind enough to get Mr. Mystery's autograph for Josh. They replied apologizing for seeing it too late, telling me the Mystery family had already left for the airport to fly to Milan on their promotional tour. Tough. They were kind enough to say they'd still try to get hold of him but didn't want to get Joshua's hopes up... that's why I never told him and eventually forgot all about it.

First week in August, the phone rang. I was in a foul mood and didn't know the number either. A woman was on the other end, sounding like some sales person and I was just about to be very impolite...when luckily she mentioned 'SAT1'. I bit my tongue and whistled, 'Oh helloo', haha. She told me she had just heard about Joshua and explained having been away when Mr. Mystery was on the show but that she moved a few mountains and managed to get in touch with his company and told them about Joshua's request.

To cut an awfully long story short... the lady said Mr. Mystery had expressed the desire to do an iChat from Tokyo with Joshua and asked if we had the facilities. I'm not sure what the impression on my face was like, other than utter disbelief. 'We'll install anything needed', was all I muttered and was told to do so and that they'd contact us within the next 24 hours.

They did, and on Friday the 6th we were all set to go, nervous as hell, sat in front of our computer...but nothing happened. My mobile rang and that nice lady informed us that Mr. Mystery wasn't able to connect for some reason. While hubby tried to find a possible problem the land line rang and Josh picked up...the Mystery man had had enough of letting Joshua stare at a blank screen and had decided to act.

Joshua's reaction when he found himself talking on the phone to one of his heroes was priceless. :)

JoshuaPhoneWS   JoshuaPhoneWS

JoshuaPhoneWS   JoshuaPhoneWS

JoshuaPhoneWS   JoshuaPhoneWS

All three of us participated in the call and it was so easy to talk to him. Honestly, I wasn't even nervous. And then this amazing person said he was so sorry the video chat didn't work for Josh and that he'd like to try again once he was back home in L.A. We never doubted him. Strange really...but he had left the impression being totally reliable and trustworthy.

And he was! We were contacted by his staff four days later, asking if we'd mind to do a test run with one of his producers first to make sure nothing would go wrong this time (if we would mind!!???!! Geeeeez!) and that's what we did. A really nice guy talked us through it all, helping us to adjust settings, then arranged a time that was suitable for Josh...and on that day at that time he was there...on our Joshua's room, with the biggest smile, whitest teeth and brightest mood!

Unbelievable! We chatted for about 15 minutes and joked and laughed and felt great! Not a moment of "not knowing what to say"... and we just couldn't wipe the grins off our faces!!! And before he left he said to Josh that maybe they would meet face to face if ever he was doing another trip to Germany. What a thought :)

I think I fell in love. Naaaaaaaaaa, not like you think, but this guy has got such a big heart and he made Joshua so incredibly happy! And I love him for that!!!

Bless you... Mr. Will Smith 

Will Smith iChat with Joshua

Will Smith iChat with Joshua

Will Smith iChat with Joshua


**~~ANGELS4JOSHUA~~** Part two

Quickly moving on to 2012…

When I heard that Will Smith was going to be in Berlin on May 14th for the MEN IN BLACK III premiere, I remembered what he had said to Joshua, almost two years ago, that they might meet, once he was back in Germany?!

This time I was on my own, trying to get in touch with 'the man', asking if he had meant it and – boy – that was difficult (I won't bore you with the details), but in the end it all worked out. Wonderful people from Mr. Smith's office helped arrange a breathtaking night out for Josh, including watching the premiere as a VIP guest and a heartwarming meeting with the man himself!

When Will saw Josh, he gave him the biggest hug ever – and I got one too. :) They talked, joked and laughed and I just stood and watched. My heart wanted to burst, with happiness, pride and gratefulness!

Will Smith & Joshua - COPYRIGHT 2012

For copyright reasons I can only show you the photo of Josh and Will this way (I took a picture of the poster on his wall) but I'm sure it's enough to show the magic!

This is it... the little BIG story I promised you.

GOD bless you & yours... and Will Smith and his family + crew!

Love Vera & the boys xxx

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