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**Butterflies: Finding Love Through A Child's Heart

Love Through A Child's Heart Files

But it all begins with forgiveness, because to heal the world, we first have to heal ourselves. And to heal the kids, we first have to heal the child within, each and everyone of us. -Michael Jackson, Oxford Lecture, March 2001

Michael Jackson spoke on many occasions and wrote messages to his fans about love, forgiveness and the care of our children, but it wasn't until I read the words from his lecture at Oxford that I truly began to understand within what love and forgiveness really meant. I knew that the first steps to healing would not be easy. My heart was in bondage to depression and it would take my own children to awaken my inner child. Through them I have been able to see the colors of the butterflies again.



Looking at a butterfly, one can be captivated by its beauty, but what we don't think about is the caterpillar it once was. How did the butterfly become so beautiful? The butterfly had to go through a metamorphosis (change), to become that radiant kaleidoscope of colors we see visiting the flowers in our neighbor's garden. Our children are somewhat the same way. They first must go through many physical and emotional transformations before they become adults. 

When you think about a child, does a memory spark your imagination? What about a certain smell, season, color or event? What would you wish for that child? I picture a world without confusion and adversity. When I look at the world through childlike eyes, I see endless possibilities. Our children are precious butterflies we are allowed to behold for only a moment. Time seems to skip by like a child playing hopscotch in the schoolyard. 

The Caterpillar, by Sir John Tenniel, 1865

"Alice Adventure's in Wonderland"


Introducing the Caterpillar

Sometimes as adults we do not realize those little eyes that are watching us. This is where the caterpillar makes its appearance, before the time of change, when we finally take a look at the "Man in the Mirror." If we wish to see our children become beautiful butterflies and soar, we first have to heal the child within. I believe with all my heart that love is the key foundation for change, because if you can not love yourself, how can you begin to love another? 

A few years ago, I fell emotionally into a dark abyss of depression after witnessing the traumatic death of a loved one. Discombobulation is the only word I can find in the English dictionary to remotely describe my life in 2006. As the years followed, I continued to drift further away from my family and friends, losing interest in the things that once made life complete. When Michael passed on June 25, 2009, I recall standing in front of the TV in disbelief, that the icon of my youth had just slipped away so quickly. It was then that I started questioning my own mortality and realized a change had to take place in my life. I began to thank God each day for my family, and through the hearts of my children, I learned how to embrace and love life again. They have taught me to cherish each breath I take, and those moments, as the saying goes...that take my breath away.   

What we need to learn from the children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life, which is ever present and only asked to be lived. Their natural wisdom points the way to solutions that lie, waiting to be recognized, within our own hearts. -Michael Jackson, "Children", Dancing the Dream 

Metamorphosis of the Butterfly 


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. -Maya Angelou 

A Change Takes Place

Just like the life cycle of the Butterfly, change is inevitable. What's important is how you react to change. If you approach life with negative thoughts and actions, then expect negative results, but when you replace those negative thought processes with healthy ones, you will find that nothing is impossible. In fact, "impossible" turns into, "I'm Possible!"

On August 29, 2012, another change in my life will take place. I will be retiring my volunteer position as "Director of Children's Awareness" with the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait and writer for The Jam Cafe', so that I can devote my time to teaching again. I will miss my role serving as a team member, but I will always be part of the legacy that took place here. I've met so many amazing friends through the Tribute. 

Musing over the past three years, many changes have taken place. When we bonded together as a family, you could see the beauty of the butterflies - but when we were divided - we found it to hurt our hearts. All the experiences, feelings and friendships I have made through the MJTP...I will forever cherish. When it's my turn to be blessed by grandchildren, I am sure I will muse once again and tell them of this special time, when I found myself flying among the Butterflies.



Michael's message was simple... "Love the Children."


Looking Forward to the Beauty of the Butterflies

Michael Jackson knew that the whole world could be reached through the love and innocence of a child's heart. It was very important to Michael that we should always remember to love the children and help them. 

Through a child's heart, one can find the beauty of their inner child, bringing forth endless possibilities of love and peace to this ever-changing world. Think what a difference you could make by volunteering. You will not only help others; you will begin to see the Beauty of the Butterflies fluttering inside your own heart. 


 Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away

and going away means forgetting. -Peter Pan

To my friends of the

Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait:

As we celebrate Michael’s 54th Birthday…

I wanted to say…Thank You for your friendship

and continued devotion in keeping Michael’s legacy alive

for all children, young and old.

This is not a time for me to say goodbye, because

I will never forget the memories we shared and the love that is Michael.





Finding Love Through A Child's Heart,

- Heather, Director of Children's Awareness

Special Thanks: 

Editing credit: Linda Higgins, Director of Community Development

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