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My Thoughts About Michael Jackson's Music Being Released

I have been asked to share my thoughts about whether I think Michael Jackson would be happy about Sony releasing his music. I personally can't say for sure how he would feel about it, because I'm not him. He spoke unfavorably about Sony in the past, but I don't know if his feelings changed before he passed away. The fact is, Sony is releasing his music.Therefore, it comes down to following your own feelings about whether it's right to buy or not, which will be different for each person based on what they hold important relative to Michael.

I am not unconditionally in support of anything being released. For me, it's about whether they are respecting Michael's greatness as an artist. If something is going to be released, then what I expect is that his high standards be upheld. Michael Jackson was the epitome of excellence.There is a reason he was the best in the business. He was all about top-notch quality, and anything done posthumously must adhere to those standards or it is doing him - and his legacy - a disservice. After all, he worked very hard to, "Be the best, not the second best," as he once said. 

When it comes to his music being released, I take each album on a case-by-case basis. I did not buy the MICHAEL album because I didn't think it respected his greatness. However, on the Xscape album, the demos alone are priceless, because Michael's voice is perfection. He may not have intended for those demos to be released, but if he knew that the mere sound of his voice touches my soul - especially when it's a demo - then maybe he would be okay with it, because ultimately what he wanted was for his music to bring people joy.

As for the other projects, I didn't have the opportunity to see The Immortal Tour, but I did see Michael Jackson ONE and I can say that it was spectacular! I cried, I cheered, I got up and danced to his did the entire audience. Everyone was so full of love for MJ and it made me happy to participate in that. For those few hours, I felt a sense of joy and escapism, which is what he always strived to give his audiences and they did the same.That, to me, respected Michael's greatness.

I do think Michael would be unhappy to know that this has created contention and division within the community. He wanted to unite people of the world through love and music, not see them torn apart.

I've always maintained the stance to follow your heart in matters like these. In reality, that is all you have control over. If that means buying the music, then buy it. If that means not buying the music, then don't. Do whatever makes you feel the love for Michael, because in truth, that's all he ever really wanted.   


Linda Higgins

Director of Community Development


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