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05. Fans in the Mirror - Latest News!

Several months ago, we were proud to announce the launch of the Official Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Book, titled, FANS IN THE MIRROR. We see this exciting project as an extension of David’s beautiful drawing; we are all joined together with Michael here through our love for him by dots in his portrait, and so we shall continue to be united the same way by our written words and art in the Tribute Portrait Book. 

Without Michael, this Portrait would never have been envisioned.  Without the Portrait, the voices of our hearts, would never have found a home on this website. Without the voices of our hearts, the book would never have been realized. Through the connection we have with Michael, The Tribute Portrait and each other, we have witnessed an outpouring of words and artwork, written and created by fans, that have come straight from the heart. This will make up the content of the Book and will set it apart as something unique and special.

Initially, the book will be offered for purchase as an e-book at a more affordable price. All proceeds will go to the funding of the Tribute Portrait, and additional proceeds, to a charity that Michael himself wanted to establish. In the event that the book generates enough interest, we would however, consider the possibility of publishing a hard copy.

Submissions for FANS IN THE MIRROR officially ended on December 24. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any more for this volume, because we are now moving forward with the final editing, design and schedule for publication.

I want to remind everyone that our Book Cover Contest will be running through February 9. I have seen some wonderful artwork submitted for inside FANS IN THE MIRROR and I am looking forward to seeing even more for the cover.

I have provided links below to my articles for those who have not had a chance to read them yet, and the one announcing the Book Cover Contest will give you the guidelines you need for your entry for the contest.

I will also be updating the book’s progress on a regular basis both on the website, Twitter and the new Official Tribute Book Facebook Page, the links for which I have also included.

Thank you all for your beautiful submissions and continuing support.

The Fans in the Mirror 

Examples for the Tribute Book

Dear Friends

Book Cover Contest

The Last Day for Submissions for Fans in the Mirror 

My Forever King


Much Love
Valmai Owens
Editor of Fans in the Mirror

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