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Our Common Threads Joined to Each Other
Come Together As a Worldwide Hug to the Jackson Family


The Wrapped In L.O.V.E. Patchwork Blankets Have Been Delivered

Thank You!

We are thrilled to announce that the Wrapped In L.O.V.E. patchwork blankets have been delivered to Katherine Jackson and Michael's children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. They were presented as a gift - just in time for Michael's birthday - on behalf of the Tribute and everyone who participated in this special project. All the cards and letters from our participating dot members were also delivered, as well as the four exquisite registry books that contain the names of everyone who has a patch in one or more of the blankets.

We would like to thank the Jackson family member who personally delivered these beautiful blankets on behalf of our Tribute. They hold our L.O.V.E. not only for Michael, but also for his children whom he loved so dearly, and his mother whom he considered an Angel, as do we.

To Katherine, Prince, Paris and Blanket: These patchwork blankets symbolize a world hug. May they bring you comfort, give you a sense of peace and help your hearts to heal. We love you more!

To see the stunning pictures of the patchwork blankets click here.

For details about how this project came about see below.

How this project began:

In February 2010 Michelle Gold, Director of Development on the MJTP, came to us with an idea for a new project on the website titled Wrapped In L.O.V.E. Her idea was to create four unique patchwork blankets – one for each of Michael’s children and the fourth for his mother Katherine.

Participants were able to get a patch in the blanket of their choice and have their first name beautifully handwritten upon their patch by our talented patchwork volunteers, Iris, dot# 5295 and Lindsay, dot# 242503. Hanna, dot # 242893, graciously supplied the material for the boys' blankets. As an added accompaniment, we created a registry for each blanket that included the full name, dot number, username and country for each dot member who had purchased a patch in that particular blanket. Each entry was handwritten in elegant script by our calligraphy volunteer, Harlee Keinzley, dot# 8587.  Members had the opportunity to send a greeting card or note to accompany each blanket they had bought a patch in also.
For everyone who bought a patch, they were given a special Wrapped in L.O.V.E. Badge that is now prominently displayed on their profile. This was our gift to them for supporting this project for Michael’s mother and children, the Tribute Portrait and website.
Michael loved his fans, and through these gifts his children and mother, Katherine, will see how much we love him back. When they wrap these soft and warm blankets around them, they will know they are surrounded by this love from all the fans, which has been sewn together with a Common Thread to give them a Worldwide Hug. It is also a special opportunity for us to connect to each other through our patches, as we have through our dots in Michael’s Portrait.
Though there have been delays in delivery of the blankets and registries to Michael’s family, both unforeseen and out of our control, we are hopeful that confirmation will soon come from the family for delivery. In the meantime, please enjoy these beautiful pictures of Blanket's, Prince's, Katherine’s and Paris’ quilts.

Please visit our Tribute Photos & Videos page to see additional photographs of these beautiful blankets.  We will soon also post photos of the registries.





 If you have any questions, please contact me, Valmai Owens, Patchwork Blanket Organizer, at


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