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Off The Wall: Our Youth Remembers Michael

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Neverland June 24, 2010


  Attention all MJTP dot members ages 17 and younger! 

 "Off The Wall: Our Youth Remembers Michael" is a virtual wall that has been designed for our dot members up to age 17. As part of the MJ fan community, we know that Michael loved, and cared deeply for the children; reminding us of the importance to help them. We want to carry on his legacy by giving our youth an opportunity to leave their messages, photos, artwork or poetry as a tribute to Michael. If you are part of the younger generation; you may also want to share your story about how Michael has inspired you. The pass few years have been very difficult time for all of us, and especially for the younger fans who haven't experienced loss in their lives. So, please support each other by sharing your feelings about MJ and how he has inspired you in making our world a better place.

 Finding Love Through A Child's Heart,

- Heather, Director of Children's Awareness

 GUIDELINES: MJTP administrators reserve the right to remove, edit or delete any posting, groups or discussion threads that are inappropriate. Please do not use personal names, such as family names, address, phone numbers or any personal information about yourself. This is for your Protection. This virtual wall is for you to express your feelings about Michael or how he has inspired you through your photos, artwork, poetry or messages. Thank you! -Heather

© Heather Nutt, 2010, 2011, 2012 Revised. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction without Permission from Author(s). 

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