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MJTP/Boys & Girls Club Event at Disneyland
Legacy FilesMarch 1, 2011Outside Captain EO, left to right:Big Al, Blake Plash, MJTP Artist David Ilan, MJTP Director of Philanthropy Valerie,and many of the Boys & Girls Club group.Thanks to an anonymous donor and to co-sponsor Rose'e Entertainment, on behalf of Michael Jackson and in our mission to carry on his humanitarian legacy, on February 26 2011, the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait co-sponsored and hosted an event at Disneyland for children and familes of Boys & Girls Club of East Los Angeles.The anonymous donor wanted to do something special, something meaningful, to brighten the lives of children even if only for a day, in Michael's name, on his behalf, and in his memory and honor. Hoping we could help with this mission, the donor, who is also an MJTP member, contacted the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait last year, with the hopes that Michael would continue to receive the recognition he so deserves for all the work he did to better the...
We Are Proud E-Ambassadors of Believe Foundation's LASAE
"Believe Foundation provides high quality arts programming to underserved communities. Emphasizing the universal appeal of great art, [the Believe Foundation] seek[s] to inspire inner-city youth to become the artists and audiences of the future. In addition to afterschool arts programming and summer arts institutes, the Believe Foundation is the guiding force behind the creation of the Los Angeles School of Arts and Entertainment, a public charter school slated to open in the Fall of 2012."Learn more about Believe Foundation on their website. Learn more about the Los Angeles School of Arts and Entertainment on LASAE's website. You can also visit Believe's Facebook page.Click here to read an interview with Gregory Smith, founder of Believe Foundation.    Comments for this post are now closed.
A Whisper from Behind the Curtain
Legacy files       June 30, 2012 Thousands of hours. Tens of thousands of emails. Five titles (three that stuck). 34 months and 2 days. Tons of decisions made and advice given. Hundreds of articles designed and posted for the various general MJTP Admin profiles (both belonging to individual team members and those not "owned" by any of us), in addition to my own (some of which I have since bade farewell to). Communication with people in tens of languages, well enough that we understood each other, thanks to Google Translate, when a human translator wasn’t available. Lots of inside info. Involvement in most of the projects, events and initiatives this tribute has spearheaded. And yes, money, an amount I choose not to publicly disclose, donated to help pay for things like bills, or direct sponsorship, Facebook advertising, and charitable efforts.We don’t normally announce a departure, and unlike David, without whom there would be no portrait; or Linda,...
Children First Academy - Helping Homeless & At-Risk Children
Legacy FilesJuly 24, 2010 [Links and other information updated July 30, 2011; Last update: June 2012]Children First Academy (CFA), the USA’s largest school for homeless and at-risk children, is in need of help to supply their students with life’s basic necessities. CFA has two schools located in Arizona, USA. Many of these children go without basics such as food, water and clothing, and often don't even stay at the same place every night – no place to call home. The one thing the children can count on is going to school every day – these schools.The school relies on donations and volunteers to give these children something stable in their lives - an education, friends, and activities they may not otherwise ever be part of.You can help by sending items from their ongoing Critical Needs List. Please note: all shoe sizes listed are in U.S. sizes; if you're outside the US and wish to send shoes but can't order sizes, you can try to find...
Friends of Treasure
Legacy FilesApril 4, 2011 [Updated January 3, 2012; Last update: June 2012. Please scroll down for updates.]  Treasure is a loving young girl with a vascular malformation of the tongue.  Flare-ups can cause her to have trouble eating, closing her mouth, talking, and could potentially block her airway.  Treasure was diagnosed at the age of 5.  She’s had many very costly surgeries. Treasure is doing well today, thanks to the love and support of compassionate people, such as a local dance community who helped raise funds when they heard Treasure needed yet another surgery last year.Read Treasure’s timeline. What is a vascular malformation?*Vascular malformations are benign (non-cancerous) lesions that are present at birth, but which may not be visible for weeks or months after birth. Unlike hemangiomas, vascular malformations do not have a growth cycle and then regress - they continue to grow slowly throughout life. There are several types of vascular...
Make An Ill Child's Day Brighter
Legacy FilesJuly 10, 2011 [Updated April 8, 2012; Last update: June 2012] This morning, as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and shut off the alarm, hoping for some coffee, I thought I'd check my emails. One email I read took my breath away, left me humbled, and had me smiling all day.  Dot Member jma had written to me about a group she formed on The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait website. jma and some friends have been collecting money and toys to bring to ill children in a hospital in Belgium. A friend of mine suggested jma contact us, and I'm so glad!When I read about the group, I could feel my heart swell with love, and I realized, once again, that Michael's humanitarian legacy really is continuing on: As we all know Michael used to visit many hospitals around the world to make children happy with by giving them some attention. We have founded this group because we want to do the same MJ did for ill children: give them a nice day with a...
Partners for the Planet: The MJTP & A Million Trees for Michael
Legacy FilesAugust 17, 2010 [Updated June 2012]We all know that Michael cared about our planet.  From "Planet Earth" (Dancing the Dream) to "Earth Song," to his pleas in This Is It, his gentle message is unmistakable: Earth is our home and it's up to US to save it. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with  A Million Trees for Michael, a group of MJ supporters who share our love and concern for the planet, encouraging us all to plant trees in Michael's name.How are you supposed to do that?  Simple!  A Million Trees for Michael has partnered with American Forests, a non-profit organization that will plant one tree for every $1.00 you donate. (For everyone outside the USA, you can find out the current exchange rate by clicking here.  Your credit card will show the amount you were charged in your currency.  Please contact American Forests with any additional questions on acceptable forms of payment.)All donations are made...
Earth Tree for Michael
[Updated August 6, 2011; scroll down for additional updates] August 6, 2011: We have been advised (thank you, Vince) of the following: At the end of August the "Earth Tree for Michael" project will close. Everyone who still wants to donate before the end of the month can do this through (click on 'Doneren', which means 'donate' in the Dutch language). OR go to TMC's website for full information: The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is proud to announce our support of The Magical Child (TMC) in their efforts to plant more trees in honor of Michael Jackson, continuing his legacy to help save our planet!  TMC is leading a project called Earth Tree for Michael, which officially launched on Michael's birthday this year, and seeks to have trees donated in the Amazon Rain Forest in Peru.The following information has been provided to us by...
MJ- or MJ-Inspired Videos
Legacy FilesHere are just a few ways to explain why we love Michael Jackson - the entertainer, the humanitarian, the man.  These are some of the videos previously featured on our user homepage, some of which have since been removed from YouTube. I'd like to post every video that should be shared with the world, but there are just too many to fit on this one page. :) I hope you enjoy these selected few. ~Valerie, Director of PhilanthropyNote: We have no control over ads shown. We also have no control over whether the video will be displayed in all countries due to copyright law variations. We apologize if you cannot see some or all of the videos."Michael Jackson: The Greatest Humanitarian""To Know Michael Is To Love Him""MICHAEL JACKSON, YOU ARE LOVED"Artists showing their love for Michael through their incredible talent..."His Sweetest Smile""Give Love on Christmas Day""Jackson 5 Who's Loving You""MICHAEL JACKSON- MY PRAYER""Michael Jackson, The Last Song of...
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