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'Hold My Hand'
   When I listened to “Hold My Hand” this morning, I was once again awed by the purity and magic of Michael’s voice. It’s a voice I am intimately familiar with; it’s a voice I love dearly, and in that moment when the harmonies came together in perfect unison, I loved him more than I had at any other point in my life. The song is a beautiful testament to his genius and a lasting reminder of his incredible legacy. Knowing that this was perhaps his last known song before he died, I was struck by the profoundness of the lyrics and wondered if Michael had any idea what they would come to mean to the fans, especially now. The release of ‘Hold My Hand” at a time when the fan community is so divided, so full of anger and dissention, is uncanny. Speaking for myself only, I strongly feel that the message in this song calls for unity and love. This life don’t last forever (hold my hand) So tell me what we’re waitin’ for (hold my hand) Better off...
02. Honoring Michael's Gift To The World On His Birthday.
 It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating yet another of Michael’s birthdays without his presence. The last year has passed by so quickly, but the feelings of loss and grief still linger within us. This will never fade because missing Michael is now a way of life, and calls to mind all the reasons why we love him and what he means to each one of us personally. That is what is at the heart of this birthday video; recollections of a man who found his way into our hearts and changed us forever. Many times I found myself smiling at the images moving across my computer screen as I tried to piece them together for the video, and I would drift on waves of memory. Michael was my first crush. I was 12 and didn’t particularly hold boys in any worth or importance, so when Michael burst into my world and I found myself entranced by his sweet smile and face, it really was a major event. In my country there was only one television station at the time, so it was rare to see Michael...
03. Continue His Legacy: Become His Voice
Graphic content appears in this video and may be disturbing to some viewers. Caution is advised.As a proud Michael Jackson fan and Team Member of this wonderful Tribute Portrait, I am enthusiastic about wearing my MJ pins and related jewelry to work, and I carry my business cards to hand out to anyone who I think would be interested in joining us on this site. Fortunately my Manager tolerates my, as she calls it, “Obsessive Michael Jackson Syndrome, “but some of my co-workers and customers are not so open-minded. While I can overlook any personal remarks directed towards my involvement with the MJTP, it’s a little more difficult to ignore the slurs and innuendo’s directed toward Michael.  As protective as I am of his name, it’s imperative for me to defend and protect it against these negative comments. I respond with love by directing people to read The Michael Jackson Conspiracy, by Aphrodite Jones and Michael’s Moonwalk, Dancing The Dream, and Oxford Speech,...
04. Forest Lawn
  Forest Lawn: A Special Journey When I See You What will I say?What will I feel when I look through the glass to where you layWill I sink in the truth that faces meRefuse to acknowledge what my eyes will see? My greatest wishI never imagined it would come about like thisThrough the years, over miles, I have been travelling to youI was almost there, but now I find you have gone too soon So close I cameCarrying this love inside like a burning flameTo see your face and touch your handNow all alone and without you I stand My journey will endWith a broken heart that will never mendWith pen and paper before you I'll sitAnd write of how life goes on without you in it The sun will riseI'll awake to the dawn with tears in my eyesAnd move through each day with a knowledge so trueYes life goes on, but it's no life without you. I wrote this poem several months ago just after I purchased my airline ticket to LA. Yes, I was excited to...
05. Michael and His Fans: An Inspiration of Hope
 “If we start living peace instead of just dreaming it, then we will be living Michael's legacy!”   There is no scale from which one can measure the level of pain that is felt after losing someone you love. Whether it is through death, divorce, changes in geographical locations or the agony of separation that is felt between two lovers who have drifted apart, the emptiness that ensues is deep and everlasting. Grief does not come with a set of instructions. If it did, I imagine it would read somewhat like a recipe. Preparation and Cook Time: Will vary according to different elevations of grief. Ingredients: 3 quarts of...
06. My Forever King
I wasn’t going to write a New Year’s message for Michael and I know it was because I would have to finally say goodbye to him. I was very reluctant to do that because he has been a part of my life for forty years. He has been my familiar friend, my confidant, my inspiration and love but most importantly he has been the voice of my conscience. Even though he will remain all these things to me, letting go of his physical presence is probably the hardest thing for me to do.As I sat and watched him today dancing and singing, I felt closer to him than I ever had before. Yes there was sadness, but there was also the knowledge that he had touched my life; he walked next to me as I moved through the years, held my hand when I was in danger of falling and whispered his message to me while I slept. I knew he would always do so, because letting go does not mean forgetting. Letting go means setting someone free.Michael will always be in my heart, but I have let go of his hand so he can walk...
07. Dear Friends
 Dear FriendsI have never really understood the human race and our propensity toward acts of cruelty. I have never understood why for some, it is easier to hate than to love. It also seems easier to discriminate rather than to accept and to look at a different race as being beneath our own, rather than being equal to it.I have seen the indifference some have for the suffering of others and have witnessed the ‘I don’t care’ attitude many share for our dying planet. Many of us have experienced these things and even more have tried to make a difference by changing attitudes and bringing awareness. One such person was Michael. Beyond the music, the dance and the spectacle of the stage, he stands as a testament to the difference we can all make. Through the beautiful poems, letters and artwork that have been submitted for the Tribute Book, I can see and feel his inspiration and the love in your words. It is a very moving experience and one that I hope the world will share once...
A Conversation with Joe Vogel and Frank Cascio
      In the later part of 2011, Joe Vogel’s long awaited book Man in the Music was published. Expectation had been high in the preceding weeks, because we had been promised a book that was not only positive, but one that also exposed Michael Jackson’s creative process and showcased his extensive body of work, which had been often ignored and undervalued by some critic’s. The book quickly became a promise well-kept, and the few who did criticize its merit, were soon silenced by the roar of approval from those who embraced it as an important and definitive piece of literature. Right upon its heels, another young author published his book, one which delves into a very close friendship spanning 25 years. Frank Cascio’s, My Friend Michael, is as different to Man in the Music, as it is to any other book that has been written, because it comes from a personal perspective owned solely by Frank. Yet, despite suspicion and criticism from fans, overall,...
A Living Thing
  Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become ~ C. S. Lewis On our weekly, Sunday visit to my grandmother’s house many, many years ago, she called my parents and me to the table for lunch. Laid out upon the table was her usual fare of cold-cuts and salad, along with scrumptious hot scones, butter, jam and whipped cream. Normally I would race to the table in anticipation of feasting on the hot treats, but that day I was immersed in a new book my mother had just bought me. It was full of colorful pictures and fantastical tales of knights, dragons and castles. I was too young at the time to understand most of the words in the book, but the illustrations had certainly captured my attention and imagination. Food paled in comparison to the feast I held in my hands.Reluctantly, I folded the page...
Finding Michael
 It happened almost the minute I walked off the plane. There was a feeling of familiarity, and of stepping back in time to 2010.I greeted friends that I had met last year, and met others for the first time. It was wonderful, yet strange to see the faces of those I had only communicated with via the internet and by telephone.Yes, this was familiar ground to me. Last year, I had left behind a piece of my heart and soul, and I expected to feel the same emotions I had at that time, but I didn’t. I expected to find Michael where I had felt his presence last year, but I didn’t. Instead, I sensed a difference in the air; a difference in me. Perhaps it was because the grief and pain wasn’t quite so raw and new, not so all-consuming. There was silent resignation within me that he had physically departed, and no more would we see the life-force shine from eyes that had on lit up our world. I know deep down inside I had already reached that acceptance long before my trip, but being...
Interview with Gregory Smith, founder of the Believe Foundation
 Not many people in the fan community know who Gregory Smith is. For myself, I was not aware of him until a few weeks ago when by accident I happened upon his facebook page, Believe Foundation:  There, I saw a picture of him taken with Michael Bearden which piqued my interest and curiosity. Having interviewed Michael in the past, and finding in him a true sense of honesty and integrity, I knew that anything he was involved in would be something I would have no question in supporting. As I read a description of the Believe Foundation and what it stood for, I knew I had stumbled upon something that to me was a direct extension of Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy and empathy for children. I contacted Michael Bearden immediately asking what, if anything, I could do to help; how could I support this foundation. In turn, Michael put me in contact with Gregory Smith, a man with vision, dedication and heart, and the founder...
Pay Michael Forward: A Call to Action!
Joe Vogel's highly anticipated November 1, international release of Man in the Music: The Life and Creative Work of Michael Jackson, will be supported by the launch of Pay Michael Forward—a site dedicated solely to supporting Man in the Music and Joe Vogel, an exciting 'launch-of-Man-in-the-Music' contest, endorsed by Joe Vogel.    It’s Time! After many months of anticipation, Joe Vogel’s long-awaited release of Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson has arrived. For those of us who know and those who remember, Michael told us that when we wanted to be near him we could find his love and his soul in the music. Joe’s work will now inform the reader about the meticulous creative process of an artistic genius as he crafts his special magic. Michael’s storied perfectionism and humanity become a tapestry of love, woven throughout his musical...
The World We Live In
  If I were to be asked to describe my life over the last sixteen or so months, I would have to say it’s been like stepping into another world. Here in this world there is a central core of light filled with magic, wonderment, discovery and love, but it is also surrounded by shadows. They hover around the edges enticing the stray wanderer to step into the darkness. Some willingly enter and set up permanent residence. A few have taken a peek out of curiosity and lingered awhile, while others  having once seen what lie in wait for them, run away as quickly as they can. Negativity, greed, envy, spite, self-serving egos and malicious untruths are a major part of this world, and there can be no escape from that part of human nature that lives and flourishes within the shadows. This was Michael’s world for most of his life; it has now become ours.It has been said that taking a walk through the numerous fan communities, pre-existing and newly formed since...
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