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Having Trouble with Your Comments Section, or Some Other Function on Your Profile?
April 12, 2011 [Updated May 3, 2011]We've been hearing that some members have been having trouble viewing or posting comments recently, possibly around the same time we updated our home page.  Please note that we made no changes that would affect anyone's profile, and we made no programming changes, other than to change the appearance of the main home page and the user home page (“What's New”).  No features were added or removed.In working with some members, we tested their profiles using several computers, several browsers/browser versions, and two operating systems.  We were able to view the comments and other profile areas reported without any trouble.  In further helping to troubleshoot, we found that the members may have updated their computers (manually or through automatic updates) which could have affected how they see things on the site.If you're having this same sort of trouble, there are a few things you can do to fix it:...
Rumors, Scammers, Spammers, Trollers and Phishers, Oh My!
August 22, 2010In an effort to help keep this site safe and enjoyable for everyone, we are addressing three uncommon but important issues which are mentioned in our Terms of Service and/or FAQs.1. A Note about Website Safety - Don't Be Scammed:  You should easily be able to trust 99.99% of the members on this site.  However, until they've truly earned your trust, and you've built a friendship with them, you should use caution. Some people come to the site - or any website - to try to get  personal information from or otherwise scam members, and are not really here for the right reasons.  This is very rare, though it does happen! When we find out about such confirmed activity occurring on this website, we will terminate their account, as scamming, spamming, trolling, and phishing are violations of our Terms of Service (scam attempts often contain a combination of these offenses). If someone on this site whom you don't really know...
"Christmas Again" with Jonathan Moffett
 On behalf of Jonathan Moffett and Paula Katsikas, who has been working closely with Jonathan over the last few weeks, The Jam Café and Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait are happy to announce and promote “Christmas Again”, an album which Jonathan has dedicated to his friend Michael Jackson. Available on his website Jonathan follows in the footsteps of Michael by donating part of the proceeds to Make A Wish Foundation. Truly, this album is “All For Love” and a celebration of Michael’s life and message, as well as bringing home the real meaning of Christmas.From Paula Katsikas:Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett accomplished musician, songwriter and producer, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. The third son of a musical family of siblings, Jonathan began playing on a marching snare drum at the tender age of six and after arriving in Los Angeles in January 1979, he had his first contact with Michael and the Jackson brothers. Just six weeks later in the spring of 1979,...
Angels4Joshua - A Very Special Update
June 29, 2012The following update comes from Vera and family. A different kind of update indeed, we thought this happy and exciting story should have its own special page. Without further ado…An "update" of a different kind... this is something I had wanted to share with you guys and girls for a long, long time (at least the first part) but couldn't... the story was still unfinished... but it all came to a closure in May of this year, a happy ending to Joshua's dream... Here it is... **~~ANGELS4JOSHUA~~** Part oneTHE MYSTERY CALLERIt was in July 2010 that he was in Germany with his family to do promotion for the latest movie. Joshua's face lit up when  he heard he  was over here as Josh really dug him for quite a long time. Anyway, when I heard he was a guest on the SAT 1 morning show the following day I wrote to them, asking if they'd be kind enough to get Mr. Mystery's autograph for Josh. They replied apologizing for seeing it...
Announcing the Michael Jackson Tribute CD!
              Announcing the Worldwide Release of  The Michael Jackson Tribute CDRecording Artists Around the World Come Together To Honor The King of PopOriginal and Inspired Songs By Some of Michael’s Talented Friends & Fans  We are very excited to announce the worldwide release of our exclusive tribute CD, The Beat of Our Hearts: A Musical Tribute to Michael. This amazing album is a compilation of music written and performed by some incredibly talented singers/songwriters who have honored Michael through their music. This is a truly wonderful and unprecedented collection of eighteen original songs written and performed by Michael’s friends and fans.What makes this album so special is that each song represents a talented artist who was greatly inspired by Michael and deeply affected by his loss. For many of them, their song was their saving grace.These touching musical tributes were written out of a profound...
Announcing the Premiere Issue of the MJTP Magazine!
   Get Your Free Copy Today.....  We are very excited to be announcing our very own monthly E-magazine, titled Dot to Dot: Keeping Michael’s Legacy Alive.This magazine is 100% devoted, as is the MJTP, to continuing the legacy Michael left behind, and includes many sections and articles dedicated to that purpose. Our articles and blogs will prove to be entertaining, informative and often thought-provoking. Focusing not only on all the positive good that was Michael, we will also address issues that are still of concern to fans today, such as the attempted assassination of his character, and the way that words were used as weapons to destroy his integrity.  I have also structured this publication in a way that will allow for your active participation in several of our sections: That’s A Wrap, Meeting Michael, The King’s Feast, The Gailearaí and It’s A Matter of Opinion. Your comments and contributions will be a vital part of...
Flowers Delivered to Michael
Thanks to a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, on December 23, 2010, Tribute Portrait Executive Producer Jerry Biederman and his daughter delivered a stunning floral wreath to Michael at Forest Lawn.Jerry shared this with us:"When I was there putting it up, I got special permission to put them near the entrance to Holly Terrace. All of the other flowers, photos, and gifts were on the lower deck away from the front doors. The flowers weighed a ton and were absolutely beautiful. There were a good number of fans there (as there always are) and they gathered around the flowers and said how special and beautiful they were. Lots of thank yous!"These flowers are from all of us who make up the Tribute Portrait, and come together as one, a family, another part of Michael in his Tribute Portrait.Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays Michael, and to everyone here at the MJTP. We love you, Michael!Special thanks to the anonymous donor for the flowers!Find us on...
For You Michael
Please watch this very beautiful and moving video MJTP Graphic Designer Sophiane created. Have your tissues ready! "This video is for you Michael and for all the lovely people I met since you're gone...They are the present you made to me and this video is my present to You, today...RIP my Angel, we will always be there" - Sophiane For You Michael from My MJJ Tribute on Vimeo.
Frank Dileo, Rest in Peace
August 24, 2011 12:53 PM Pacific TimeWe have received confirmation that Frank Dileo has passed away. We wish to extend our deepest condolences to Frank's wife, Linda; son and daughter, Dominic and Belinda; and grandson, Frank Jr.; and to all of Frank's loved ones.Rest in Peace, Frank.This post, confirming Frank Dileo's passing, has been made with express permission to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait from Frank Dileo's daughter, Belinda, via a close, trusted, long-time family friend. The MJTP would like to ask that everyone be respectful of the family's privacy especially during their time of loss.  You may leave messages of condolence below. Thank you. var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};                                                                   ...
Join Us at Courtney Miller Jr.'s Choreo Show April 13, 2011!
March 28, 2011 [Updated March 30, 2011, Just in from Courtney: "Due to the recent tragedy in Japan, Tim, Eddie, and I are announcing that a portion of the proceeds will be given to the Red Cross to assist with the disaster relief effort..."  Updated April 17, 2011: For photos of the event, click here!]Please join us at Courtney Miller Jr.’s Choreo Show for THE must-see event where the audience is part of the show!Directed by Eddie Garcia and Tim Stevenson, featuring Orange County’s hottest choreographers and dancers including: Tiffany Billings, Tessandra Chavez, Entity, Mike Esperanza, Flirt, JaQuel Knight, Lee Martino, Jason Myhre, Reality Check, Leigh Sandusky, Robert Schultz and Tokyo, with special tribute to Tina Landon.The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait will be special guests at this amazing show. Meet MJTP Artist David Ilan and MJTP Executive Producer/Co-founder Jerry Biederman (you...
Join Us in Hollywood on June 24, 2011!
Meet The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Artist, David Ilan, and see the Portrait LIVE and up closeat the forecourt at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre!Where: Grauman's Chinese Theatre (at Hollywood Blvd. & Highland)6925 Hollywood BlvdHollywood, CA 90028When: Friday, June 24, 2011, 11am - 12:30pm*This is just a few steps away from Michael's star on Hollywood Boulevard, and is the same place where the Portrait made its first public appearance at the public kick-off on August 29, 2009!For directions, please visit or to see you there!Special thanks to everyone at Grauman's Chinese Theatre! Visit their website:  Find us on      Comments for this post have been closed.
K*Chele Magazine: Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Special Edition
   This special edition issue gives an inside look into some of the team and DOT members, in their own words. It includes unseen photos and a submission from Shelby Ilan, Portrait Artist David Ilan's wife.   My goal with this issue was to give an inside perspective of this wonderful tribute and the loving - passionate people involved. With it now complete, we can all add a copy to our collection and/or share it with those who have yet to become a DOT.   The folks who've read my copy have been both inspired and amazed! I hope everyone enjoys reading the articles submitted by my fellow team members and inspired by Joshua's story, written by his mother Vera - aka Faith.K*Chele Magazine: Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Special Edition - Now Available Southernly,Kimberly Michele Durham
Life is A Movie - O-Bee
Introducing "Life is a Movie"by O-BeeO-Bee, Recording Artist and Dancer, has just released his first offical song and video called "Life is a Movie " which is dedicated to Michael Jackson.  "Universal Music Norway artist, Omer Michael J. Bhatti, is a gifted performer with a unique sound. Since the age of 8, his passion for music and dance has been known around the world. The Norwegian native’s association with several prominent entertainers has brought him worldwide notoriety. The gifted child who always danced like entertainers beyond his years, grew up performing on stage in front of thousands of people. He performs as if rhythm were pulsating through his veins. This young entertainer goes by the name of O-Bee. “Source Watch the official video and the behind the scenes footage of "Life is a Movie"  var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};
MICHAEL CD Release Party
December 13, 2010 --- New York City My husband and I joined other Michael Jackson fans from all over the world, in the company of VIP’s; by invitation from Sony and the Michael Jackson Estate for the ‘MICHAEL’ CD release party in Manhattan, New York. Upon arrival, our excitement was met by windy freezing cold temperatures and snow. We would experience a lot of firsts on this trip, ones we'll never forget. The taxi ride was wild! There were horse and carriages everywhere around Central Park and more traffic (and taxi’s) than we’d ever seen in one area. Vendors resided along the sidewalks, selling anything you could need or want. It was just like the movies. Once checked into the hotel, what a room with a view! Not wanting to waste a minute of this day and a half trip, we took to the streets. The city was adorned with Christmas decorations and very magical feeling. We stopped in TGI Fridays for dinner and were shocked at how different the menu was...
Michael Jackson Fans Official Statement on Conrad Murray Trial
Originally posted by United4MJLegacy"The Truth Runs Marathons" Michael Jackson Today, after a long and intense trial, the jury in the Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter case has rendered a 'Guilty' verdict. Around the world, fans and supporters of Michael Jackson extend their sincere gratitude to the jurors who put their lives on hold to serve their community.Michael Jackson fans would like to thank the Honorable Judge Pastor, who ensured that this trial remained centered solely on the actions of Conrad Murray on June 25, 2009, rather than being reduced to a sensationalized media event. We also extend our deepest gratitude to DDA David Walgren and DDA Deborah Brazil for the outstanding vigor, focus and professionalism in which they pursued this case.The Michael Jackson fan base has waited for over two years for this verdict. While the majority were anxious for the trial to begin and conclude with a conviction of Conrad Murray, we were also keenly aware that this...
Michael Jackson Fans Propose a Heal-The-World Day
"Our goal is to change the world, to change world consciousness; about children, the ecology, and the planet; to make it a better place for everybody, starting with the children. That’s the future really, and I’ll stick with it forever, until it’s done." - Michael JacksonA very special day will soon embark upon Michael Jackson’s fans; the King of Pop’s 52nd birthday, August 29th. In an effort to give him the ultimate birthday present, members of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait have started a very important initiative that will help fulfill one of his greatest wishes; to heal the world and make it a better place.Their brilliant idea is to make Michael’s birthday, a day to inspire others to Heal The World, using the medium he loved most…music. Their goal is to get radio and music television outlets all over the world to play only music on this day that is meant to inspire people to make the world a better place; not by playing only Michael’s music, but by playing...
Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Guests at 'Lopez Tonight'
On June 21, 2011, ten MJTP members were invited to attend the Lopez Tonight show. This was a special event for visiting fans - a gift back to the fans from MJTP.  All ten of our guests were asked to stay after the show and the show photographed them with Michael Bearden, who, along with George Lopez and Tommy Organ of the Lopez Tonight show, have dots in Michael's Tribute Portrait.Thanks to Dot member, Vera, who sent the following caption and photos (photos courtesy of the Lopez Tonight show).Left to right: Galina, [Michael Bearden], Tatiana, me (Vera aka "morinen" on MJTP)and Anna. We are MJ fans from Russia, we met through MJ communities and we live in Moscow (except Anna, who is from Samara). We often meet up in Moscow, and this June we decided to go to L.A. to leave flowersfor Michael and be close to him on that sad day.  It was an eventful trip for us, wevisited Neverland, Forest Lawn of course, and a few fan events, likeJonathan Moffett's...
MJ Inducted into Hall of Fame
 HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONOn August 15, 2010, Michael Jackson will be inducted into the National Museum of Dance Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.  Michael is recognized and honored for his unique talent and many contributions to the Art of Dance.  Other C.V. Whitney Hall of Fame recipients include Fred Astaire, George Balanchine and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson.  In addition, the Hall will present a year long tribute exhibit of Michael's career and wonderful dance artistry. Thank you for your interest.  It's all for L.O.V.E. Lauren Trainor (LMT, Dot #239372)Writer/EditorUpdated by MJTP Admin January 2012: The above brief previously referenced an MJ Garden of Rememberance at the Museum. We had been periodically keeping up with how to help make that happen, last posting (in January 2011) a confirmed, direct donation link to the Garden via the Museum's donation page, however we can no longer...
Neverland Bumper Cars Ride Again
The following is shared with us by "Big Al" Scanlan:On July 14, 2011, "Big Al" Scanlan attended the grand opening of the California State Fair in Sacramento, California, and he was there for a very special reason. He had been personally invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Bumper Car ride—the same bumper cars that had once given pleasure to so many children and adults (including Michael) at Neverland."Big Al" shares with us, and provides some wonderful photographs of his experience that day.Michael Jackson’s custom-built, one-of-a-kind bumper cars will once again bring smiles to the faces of children and adults of all ages as they visit the California State Fair in Sacramento, California.This year's fair had its official grand opening around 11:30a.m. on July 14. Shortly after the festivities at the front gate, another special event took place on the carnival midway. Fair officials, dignitaries, carnival management, Michael Jackson fans and fairgoers gathered at...
One Day With MJ Contest
What if you could have one day with Michael Jackson?One of the most beautiful songs Michael ever recorded was the one he dedicated to the memory of Ryan White, "Gone Too Soon." Yet, this song has taken on a special meaning for all of us now, as it has come to represent how we feel about him.When a death is expected, although it doesn’t make the heartache any easier, at least you have the opportunity to say goodbye before they leave. You have the chance to let them know how much they mean to you, how their love has affected you and how they have changed your life for the better. As is the case with anyone who passes away unexpectedly, Michael’s death left us feeling lost and incomplete because we never got to do any of that.Recently, I read a book by Mitch Albom called For One More Day. This book, as the author explains it, "explores the question: What would you do if you could spend one more day with a lost loved one?" That got me thinking about what I would do if I was...
Our Thoughts & Prayers to Fellow Dot Member for Recent Loss of Her Son
We wish to extend deepest condolences to fellow Dot member Yvon, for the recent loss of her son, Nick, who passed away on 19 June 2011. We received the following message from Yvon on 27 June 2011, and are posting this on her behalf, with her permission:Two police officers came to our house to tell the terrible news and we were asked to identify our son. That was so shocking and confronting to find our son lying in a mortuary, after he had left our house in such a good mood the evening before.The cremation has been last Saturday. Although very emotional and sad it also had something beautiful. We've created a very personal ceremony, many photos of our son's life were shown, and a lot of music was played; music that he liked and also Michael's. Of course Nick knew about my love for Michael and he understood it.Nick was very musical himself and was the drummer in a band. The other band members have been playing some music at the ceremony, one of them had written a song...
The Final Dot Ceremony
As we previously announced, the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is finished. The artist, David Ilan, has drawn millions of dots over thousands of hours. The next step is to give the final dots to Millie and Gavin, two young burn survivors in Ireland. These are children Michael himself wanted to visit but wasn't able to and it really broke his heart.The final dot ceremony for the Murray children will take place in Dublin Ireland on Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 3-5 PM. Media is not invited to the event, but fans are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you are interested in attending please RSVP to You will be sent an email with the details. We would like to show these children some love, therefore we are collecting gifts, cards and e-cards for them. Their mother, Sheila Murray, has indicated that there hasn't been much community support since the time their car was fire-bombed in 2007. Therefore, we feel it is important for them to...
The Final Dots in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait
The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is proud to announce that Michael's portrait is finished! We want to extend our utmost gratitude to fans all over the world who are now a permanent part of Michael's legacy by being a dot in his portrait. If you don't already have a dot in the portrait, you can still sign up HERE and claim one of the dots already drawn. We will be placing a small handful of special dots in Michael's heart as a ceremonial completion. The last two dots will be given to Millie and Gavin Murray. They are two amazing kids who went through an unspeakable tragedy years ago when the car they were riding in was firebombed after their mother, Sheila Murray, refused a group of teenagers a ride to the local courthouse. As a result, a petrol bomb was thrown into the back seat of her car, where her children were sitting. Both kids endured horrific burns. Gavin lost his left ear as it melted from the heat. (You can read more about their story...
Unity, Belgian Michael Jackson Fan Club Auction
Please read the following message from Unity!, The Belgium Michael Jackson Fan Club regarding an auction they are hosting to help Millie and Gavin get the last dots in Michael's portrait: "July 22, 1992: The Dangerous Tour came to Werchter, Belgium. Pepsi organized a competition and the winners were allowed to meet Michael before the concert that day. There, a photo was taken by his photographer which all winners received afterwards. The fan who got this picture found a surprise on the back of the photo; Michael autographed it with LOVE and his signature with the characteristic little star. Unity!, The Belgian Fan Club, is auctioning this amazing autographed picture. Half of the proceeds collected will be donated to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait to help two brave children in Ireland, Millie and Gavin, receive the last two dots in the portrait. Artist, David Ilan, will travel to them with the portrait to personally place the dots. The story of Millie and Gavin...
Update on Joshua
October 8, 2013 "The most incredible thing about miracles is that they really happen!" - Gilbert Keith Chesterton So many years I had to wait for our miracle!First there were private matters that prevented Joshua's Christening, then the dreadful disease. But finally we set a date!June 9th, 2013 Godparents were three very special people: Connie, who I've been privileged to call my friend ever since March 10th, 1978, who I have done the craziest of things with to drive friends and families up walls, who was there at Joshua's birth and who was picked as my first child's Godmother even before I was thinking about having kids.  Liz, who cannot get rid of me since I first met her at a QUEEN concert on May 8th, 1982,who has always been a true friend, in sickness and health, literally,and who too was announced Godmother the day Josh was born. Daniel, Joshua's "big brother", they met in their...
Urgent Action Needed for Michael Jackson
[Updated December 31, 2010 - Please see important updates below. Now is the time to send letters of thanks to the parties below for making the right decision - to cancel the show.]The Discovery UK Channel is planning to air a documentary showing a re-enactment of Michael’s autopsy. The program is set to air January 13,14, 16, and 17th. The MJJJustice Project has launched a letter writing campaign in an effort to try to stop it.The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait encourages dot members to get involved. However, we advocate dealing with this in a respectful and dignified manner. We do not support bullying, name calling, shaming or attacking the character of Discovery, its employees or their sponsors.  We recommend you simply take a few minutes to reflect on why you think this program should not air, the problems it may cause and the people it may hurt; then convey your thoughts about that in your letters or emails. The Michael Jackson Estate® is aware of...
Who Is It? Official MJTP Team Members and Moderators
          An all-volunteer team, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Team takes great care in all that we do for you, and for Michael. This Tribute – and this website – is run with the utmost respect and integrity.  We get to know each other as a Team, and we get to know you as part of the MJTP family. We care about you and your safety on this site. If you have ever wondered whether someone contacting you on this site is in fact an active MJTP Team member, you can check the Tribute Team page, and if we have linked to the Team member's MJTP profile, you can check their profile to see their MJTP Team Member badge*.  Official MJTP Moderators will have an MJTP Verified Moderator badge on their profile, and be listed on our Acknowledgments page with a Moderator title. Officially assigned badges will be located on their badges section, on the left side of their profile, beneath their profile picture, beneath the statistics...
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