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Maxso The Artist - Youth Spokesperson
Singer, SongwriterMichael Jackson Tribute Song performed by Maxso (written by Maxso and Rosee):    Video About Maxso: Gets His Dot: the age of two, Maxso became the youngest rapper in the world.  Formerly known on YouTube as LiL Maxso, the young prodigy’s talents quickly earned him appearances on dozens of TV shows and commercials, radio shows, music videos with the stars, and even a performance at Neverland Ranch, where he met Michael Jackson.  For the past two years, Rosée Entertainment has focused on artist development and now Maxso is a rapper, singer, dancer, actor, and spokesperson!  He is the official youth spokesperson for the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, the Green Lifestyle Film Festivals, and...
Sandra Robinson - Germany Spokesperson
MusicianSandra is the official Spokesperson for the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait in Germany. "Since Michael always has been and still is a true genius in my eyes, I turned towards the Tribute Portrait during my time of mourning in order to exchange experiences with his true fans and to honor him. His passionate message for our children’s futures, healing the world, saving the planet and giving love to all people around him, that’s what he was always striving for in his lifetime. We should honor him not just as a king of pop, no, as a legend. That’s what he wanted and that’s why I’m supporting the Tribute Portrait and his child foundation."    Visit Sandra's website.  Sandra was paramount in helping to coordinate David's 2010 trip to Germany. Thank you, Sandra!  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
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