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Legacy FilesClick here for "Recent News" archives.Have you missed a newsletter? Click the links below to read some highlights from our newsletters archives.March 2012January 2012 / December 2011October 2011September 10, 2011August 11, 2011July 3, 2011June 20, 2011June 5, 2011May 2011April 2011March 2011February 7, 2011January 2011December 2010October 2010September 2010Summer 2010Older newsletters are currently unavailable.
Recent News Archive
Legacy FilesHave you missed a newsletter? Click here read our newsletters.Following is a partial list of archived 'Recent News' entries (these aren't necessarily in chronological order):Updates on Joshua - June 30, 2012To ready a truly special update about Joshua and one of his heroes, click here! For some heartwarming news about how Josh is doing, click here.'A Whisper from Behind the Curtain' - June 30, 2012Valerie, Director of Philanthropy, is moving on from her position at Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait (but not Michael Jackson, and she's still a member here). The team at MJTP would like to thank Valerie for her dedication and hard work over the last 34 months. She will be greatly missed and we wish her all the best in everything she does! Read her "goodbye" blog post here.Portrait Update - June 25, 2012David has posted the most recent scan of the portrait here. As you can see from the scan, he's added much of Dangerous-Era MJ's...
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