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01. "Fans In The Mirror" Update
As I’m sure most of you are aware, the Official Michael Jackson Tribute Book, Fans In The Mirror, was published in June this year for the first anniversary of Michael’s passing. Seven months in creation, this beautiful eBook is a testimony to the loving bond that will always exist between the fans and Michael, and reveals the power one man had to inspire and change countless lives. It is also worthy of the world’s attention.So far there has been a wonderful response to the book, and we are exploring the possibility of making it available in hard copy. This is a dream we have had from the very beginning; a tangible, physical book to hold in our hands. We are asking you to help us provide you with the opportunity to make this happen.Everyone who would like to have a hard copy of this remarkable book, please add your usernames in the comments section below so I can begin to create a list. The more names that are added to the list, then greater is the possibility of our dream...
01. "Fans In The Mirror" Now Available
  Fans In The MirrorThe Official Book of The Michael Jackson Tribute PortraitBy His Fans, For His Fans Created and Edited by Valmai OwensCo-Editor Linda Higgins "Fans In The Mirror" promotional video created and produced by Valmai Owens for the MJTP.While there are millions of Michael Jackson fans around the world, many fans have expressed feeling isolated in their love for the King of Pop. Family and friends just don't understand the deep connection, nor how fans felt they had lost a family member - or a part of themselves - when he passed away so unexpectedly. Bringing fans together in a pure, safe, and loving community has been one of the most important missions of the largest and most respected tribute in the world, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.From its creation twelve months ago, the Tribute Portrait website has evolved into a global family where fans have become part of Michael, and each other, developing friendships that will last a lifetime....
02. Interview with "Fans In the Mirror" Book Cover Contest Winner
 Young Talent On The RiseAn Interview With Jessie GottliebWinner of the "Fans In The Mirror" Book Cover ContestJessie Gottlieb’s perfect adaptation of a young fan standing in front of a mirror while imitating Michael in one of his iconic poses dressed in an oversized jacket, shoes and classic fedora, won my heart the first time I saw it. It personified the book title Fans In The Mirror so completely; there was little doubt in my mind that it would become the winner of our Book Cover Contest.The vision behind Jessie’s entry was just as sincere as her drawing, and as she explained in her cover letter to me, “I thought, man in the mirror and fans in the mirror. What MJ fan doesn’t on occasion stop to dance and pretend they’re as good as him, or pretend to be him? I know I do, and kids have a big enough imagination to see themselves actually as him. So this fan in the mirror sees himself as the man in the mirror, Michael Jackson.” Jessie is seventeen...
03.“FANS IN THE MIRROR” Book Cover Contest Winners
After two weeks of deliberation, we are very excited to announce the winners of our Book Cover Contest. Congratulations go to our First Place Winner: Jessie GottliebUsername:Jess68Dot # 243139  Jessie will receive a free copy of the E-Book “FANS IN THE MIRROR” (soon to be published) and a copy of the Tribute Portrait when it is completed. She will also have her name credited prominently in the book.  Congratulations also go to our two runners’-up: Rita C. Valois LeiteUsername:ValoisDot # 238596 Naomi OhkiUsername: naomingoDot # 240516 Their entries will be included in the book along with their names. We have posted Rita’s and Naomi’s entries here to share with you all, but as a very special surprise we will not be posting Jessie’s until “FANS IN THE MIRROR” is ready to be published. We wish to thank everyone who participated in this contest and for the time, talent and love that they put into their entries. Your love and...
05. Fans in the Mirror - Latest News!
Several months ago, we were proud to announce the launch of the Official Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Book, titled, FANS IN THE MIRROR. We see this exciting project as an extension of David’s beautiful drawing; we are all joined together with Michael here through our love for him by dots in his portrait, and so we shall continue to be united the same way by our written words and art in the Tribute Portrait Book. Without Michael, this Portrait would never have been envisioned.  Without the Portrait, the voices of our hearts, would never have found a home on this website. Without the voices of our hearts, the book would never have been realized. Through the connection we have with Michael, The Tribute Portrait and each other, we have witnessed an outpouring of words and artwork, written and created by fans, that have come straight from the heart. This will make up the content of the Book and will set it apart as something unique...
08. The Last Day for Submissions for Fans in the Mirror
Today is the last day we are accepting submissions for Fans in the Mirror. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed since we first announced the launch of our Tribute Book.I will almost miss the hours I have spent, reading and viewing the beautiful poems, letters and artwork that you have sent. I say almost, because I can’t help but feel excited about moving on to the next stage. As hard as this will be I know we will be one step closer to publishing.I want to thank you all for you love, support and patience you have given during the last weeks and ask that it continue as we move into the next phase.I will keep you updated on the Book’s progress during the next few weeks, but if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me.Once again, thank you so much for everything you have done to help make our Book a special Tribute to our love for Michael and the inspiration he has given us. I would like to leave you with a fun and delightful poem from...
09. Book Cover Contest- Fans in the Mirror
This is your chance to design the cover of the Tribute Book!The amazing artwork we have been receiving for the Tribute Book has sparked an idea for a contest for any of our artistic members. Your drawing, painting or graphics could be on the cover of Fans in the Mirror. The winner will receive a free copy of the E-Book and an autographed copy of the Tribute Portrait when it is completed. Your name will be prominently credited in the book. There will be two runners-up who will have their entries included in the book and their names credited. Judging, by a committee of the Tribute Team and Board of Advisors, will take place the first week of February, 2010 and the winners will be notified by email. We will also make an announcement on the website, so we can share the good news with everyone. The guidelines for this contest are very simple. Fans in the Mirror is for the fans, but it is also by the fans, and ideally we would like...
10. Examples for Tribute Book
Hello everyone, I am hoping you all have read our announcement for the launch of the Official Tribute Book. This is an exciting project and we encourage you all to send us your special writings of Michael. Below you will find a few examples, but please remember, you don't have to be a writer to submit a piece and it can be a poem, letter, tribute, artwork or just the voice of your hearts.I would also ask that submissions be written in an MS Word document and artwork to be attached as a jpg file whenever possible. Please include your username and dot number.  We are also receiving a lot of comments expressing your support and approval of the Tribute Book. We are reading each and every one sent to us, but may not always have the time to reply back to you. Please know, how much we appreciate all your comments.  My co-editor Linda and I look forward to hearing from you. Valmai Follow me on...
11. The Fans in the Mirror
Follow me on Twitter for updates on Fans in the Mirror and the Book Cover Contest. now have an Official Facebook Page for the Tribute Book. Click on the link if you want to follow and post your poems, letters, artwork or just share your thoughts about Michael and Fans in the Mirror. Everyone is welcome. you have not already read in Recent News, we are proud to announce the launch of the Official Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Book, after several months of discussion and planning.    We see this exciting project as an extension of David’s beautiful portrait; we are all joined together with Michael through our love for him by dots, and so we shall continue to be united the same way by our written words and art.    Michael has and still is inspiring and changing the lives of fans from around the world. Each of us has a...
Fans in the Mirror Translations
  For a number of months now, volunteers having been working diligently on translating our tribute book, Fans in the Mirror, into different languages. While there is still more to come, the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is happy to announce that three translations are now available for purchase in our Store: Dutch Translated by: Yvonne Username: YvonDot# 250436 LindaUsername: Linda516Dot# 19261 SpanishTranslated by: IraUsername: IRADot# 11457 ClaudiaUsername: Jackita  Italian Translated by: MoniaUsername: MoniaDot# 13034 As time goes by, more translations will be added, but as some languages are more difficult than others to translate into, I ask for your patience while waiting for these to be completed.Please join us in thanking our volunteers for all their hard work, and dedication in bringing these translations to you. We appreciate them all, very...
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