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A Brother's Love
"I wouldn't trade my memories of those days with my brothers for anything. I often wish I could relive those days. We were like the seven dwarfs; each of us was different, each had his own personality. Jackie was the athlete and the worrier. Tito was the strong, compassionate father figure. He was totally into cars and loved putting them together and tearing them apart. Jermaine was the one I was closest to when we were growing up. He was funny and easygoing, and was constantly fooling around. It was Jermaine who put all those buckets of cold water on the doors of our hotel rooms. Marlon was and is one of the most determined people I've ever met. He, too, was a real joker and prankster. He used to be the one who'd always get in trouble in the early days because he'd be out of step or miss a note, but that was far from true later. The diversity of my brothers' personalities and the closeness we felt were what kept me going during those grueling days...
A Little Bit of Love and a Little Bit of Humor
This is an excerpt from an interview Michael gave in Gold Magazine in 2002. Gold Girl: Who are your favourite people? Michael Jackson: I love people who have really contributed to the pleasure and happiness of the planet and mankind, people with light - from Walt Disney to Ghandi to Martin Luther King. These are people with light, people who really cared about children, bringing families together, and love. That's what I try to say in my music and in my songs. If you go to one of my concerts, my shows, you will see 200,000 people swaying, holding candles, saying, 'We want to heal the world,' and 'We love you.' I've seen it around the world from Russia to Germany to Poland to Africa to America. We're all the same. People cry in the same places in the show. They get angry in the same places in the show; they get the pathos in the same places. Gold Girl: If you were invisible for a day in London, what would you do? Michael Jackson: Oh...
"Ben meant a lot to me. Nothing had ever excited me as much as going to the studio to put my voice on film. I had a great time. Later, when the movie came out, I’d go to the theater and wait until the end when the credits would flash on, and it would say, ‘"Ben" sung by Michael Jackson.’ I was really impressed by that. I loved the song and loved the story. Actually, the story was a lot like E.T. It was about a boy who befriended a rat. People didn’t understand the boy’s love for this little creature. He was dying of some disease and his only true friend was Ben, the leader of the rats in the city where they lived. A lot of people thought the movie was a bit odd, but I was not one of them. The song went to number one and is still a favorite of mine. I have always loved animals and I enjoy reading about them and seeing movies in which they’re featured." – Michael Jackson, MoonwalkHere is a very moving performance of Michael singing "Ben." (by IAMONLYLOVE on YouTube) 
Dancing the Dream
 Consciousness expresses itself through creationThis world we live in is the dance of the CreatorDancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives onOn many an occasion when I'm dancing, I've felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I've felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. I become the stars and the moon I become the lover and the belovedI become the victor and the vanquishedI become the master and the slaveI become the singer and the songI become the knower and the knownI keep on dancing and then it is the eternal dance of creationThe Creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joyI keep on dancing and dancing.....and dancing, until there is only.....the dance..... - Michael Jackson
Elizabeth, I Love You
"Elizabeth, I love you and we all honor you not only for what you stand for but also for the magnificence for who you are. The world is a better place because of your existence." - Michael Jackson"I've met a lot of people in my life...and very few are real, real friends. Elizabeth is one of the most loyal, loving, caring people that I know." - Michael JacksonSome of Elizabeth Taylor's comments about Michael:I don't think anyone knew how much we loved each other. The purest most giving love I've ever known. I keep looking at the photo he gave me of himself which says, "To my true love Elizabeth, I love you forever." And I will love HIM forever.I will always love Michael from the depth of my being and nothing can separate us.  Some videos of Michael and Elizabeth:Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson - Both Gone Too Soon Michael Jackson Honors Elizabeth at the Jackson Family Honors  Elizabeth and Michael - A Musical Celebration Michael sings...
Excerpt from Earth Song
    What about animals We've turned kingdoms to dustWhat about elephantsHave we lost their trustWhat about crying whalesWe're ravaging the seasWhat about forest trails Burnt despite our pleas- Michael Jackson, Earth Song  
Freedom and Equality
             "There are two things which the NAACP stands for, which are the most important things in my life; freedom and equality. In every person there's a secret song in their heart. It says 'I am free.' It sings 'I am One.' This is the natural feeling of every child, to be free as the wind, to be one with every other child. All the troubles in the world is caused by forgetting this feeling, and when I perform, my connection is with people just to remind me of that; to be free, and to be one." - Michael JacksonHere is a video of Michael accepting an award for Entertainer of the Year, and a very cute Raven Simone giving it to him.    
Heal the Kids - Oxford Speech
"If you enter this world knowing you are loved, and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens inbetween can be dealt with." - Michael Jackson Here is the full speech Michael gave at Oxford University in 2001 for Heal the Kids.      
I Loved Dancing Machine
"I loved 'Dancing Machine,' loved the groove and the feel of that song. When it came out in 1974, I was determined to find a dance move that would enhance the song and make it more exciting to perform – and, I hoped, more exciting to watch. "So when we sang ‘Dancing Machine’ on Soul Train, I did a street-style dance move called the Robot. That performance was a lesson to me in the power of television. Overnight, 'Dancing Machine' rose to the top of the charts, and within a few days it seemed that every kid in the United States was doing the Robot. I had never seen anything like it."  - Michael Jackson, MoonwalkHere are some great videos of Michael doing the Robot to Dancing MachineSoul TrainJohnny CarsonMichael Jacksons 30th Anniversary Special 
I'll Be There
Excerpt from an interview in the book, Michael Jackson Making HIStory by Adrian Grant, 1998. Michael: "For some reason there's a certain part of my concert where I break down in every show and in that spot I get a certain thought. I think of the plight of the children and it gets me every time. I don't know why in that place, it's during 'I'll Be There.' The thoughts just come to me, and I try hard to contain myself." Michael singing I'll Be There live in Munich.  
It's Already There
 "I don't force it, I let nature take its course. I don't sit at the piano and think, 'I'm going to write the greatest song of all time.' It doesn't happen. It has to be given to you. I believe it's already up there before you were born, and then it drops into your lap. It's the most spiritual thing in the world. When it comes, it comes with all the accompaniments, the strings, the bass, the drums, the lyrics, and you're just the medium through which it comes, the channel. Sometimes I feel guilty putting my name  on songs 'Written by MJ'  - because it's as if the heavens have done it already. Like Michaelangelo would have this huge piece of marble from the quarres of Italy, and he'd say 'Inside is a sleeping form.' He takes a hammer and a chisel, and he's just freeing it. It's already there. It's already there. " - Michael Jackson, March 2002 issue of...
Look Around You. Look at What You Have Done!
"There was a part of the show on the Victory tour where I was doing this scatting theme and the audience was repeating what I said. I’d say ‘Da, de, da, de’ and they’d say, ‘Da, de, da, de.’ There’ve been times when I’ve done that and they would start stomping. And when the whole audience is doing that, it sounds like an earthquake. Oh! It’s a great feeling to be able to do that with all those people – whole stadiums – and they’re all doing the same thing you’re doing. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. You look out in the audience and see toddlers and teens and grandparents and people in their twenties and thirties. Everybody is swaying, their hands are up, and they’re all singing. You ask that the house lights come on and you see their faces and you say, ‘Hold hands’ and they hold hands and you say, ‘Stand up’ or ‘Clap’ and they do. They’re enjoying themselves and they’ll do whatever you tell them. They love it and it’s so...
               Love is a funny thing to describe. It's so easy to feel and yet so slippery to talk about. It's like a bar of soap in the bathtub - you have it in your hand until you hold on too tight. Some people spend their lives looking for love outside themselves. They think they have to grasp it in order to have it. But loves slips away like that wet bar of soap. Holding on to love is not wrong, but you need to learn to hold it lightly, caressingly. Let it fly when it wants. When it's allowed to be free, love is what makes life alive, joyful and new. It's the juice and energy that motivates my music, my dancing, everything. As long as love is in my heart, it's everywhere.Michael Jackson, Dancing the Dream
Michael Jackson Receiving Soul Train Humanitarian Award
"Soul is the most precious thing you can share, because you're sharing yourself, and the world needs that gift more now than ever. The child with AIDS in the ghetto is waiting for you, along with the starving people of Africa, and everyone else who needs healing. Make the world more beautiful by sharing with me the wonderful feeling you get when your soul is lifted up to become pure love." - Michael Jackson  This is Michael's performance of "Remember the Time" at the same event, which he had to do while sitting in a chair because of his sprained ankle. 
Michael Jackson's Grammy Legend Award Speech
"I realize that many of our world's problems today, from the inner city crime, to large scale wars and terrorism, and our over-crowded prizons, are a result of the fact that children have had their childhood stolen from them. The magic, the wonder, the mystery and the innocence of a child's heart are the seeds of creativity that will heal the world. I really believe that." - Michael Jackson    
Michael Jackson's Laughter
“I think we are going to find out in this next century that there is something really magical about laughter. Whenever I feel depressed and down and out, I force myself to laugh and I try to think of something funny and I feel better. I think some kind of chemical reaction takes place in the soul. I really feel better and I force myself to smile. I think just smiling, the muscles, it does something and I feel a lot better. I saw Prince smile for the first time and my little cousin was there and he was making little noises and he smiled, and it was the most heartwarming thing to see my son smile. He had just come from the hospital. He was two days old. My eyes watered, which is sweet because he was responding and there was a contact going on between the two of them. I thought it was beautiful. I love that. Oh God, do I love to laugh.” – Michael Jackson, Honoring the Child Spirit Michael Jackson's Laugh (courtesy of MichaelJacksonTube on YouTube)  Michael...
Michael Speaking About MTV
"I used to look at MTV. My brother (Jackie), I'll never forget,  he'd say, 'Michael, you gotta see this channel. Oh my God, it's the best idea. They show music 24 hours a day!' So I said, 'Let me see this.' And I'm watching it, I'm seeing all this stuff going on and saying, 'If only they could give this stuff more entertainment value, more story, a little more dance, I'm sure people would love it more.'About MTV not playing the music of Black artists:"They said they don't play [Black artists]. It broke my heart, but at the same time it lit something. I was saying to myself, 'I have to do something...I just refuse to be ignored.' So yeah, 'Billie Jean,' they said 'We won't play it.' "But when they played it, it set the all-time record. Then they were asking me for EVERYTHING we had. They were knocking...
Michael's 45th Birthday Party Speech
“Over the years we became a family, all of us. You are my family… My children are your children and all the children of the world are our children and our responsibility.“It was you who put your heart on the line. It was you who stepped forward to defend someone you love. It was you, on a worldwide basis who supported me as my army, my soldiers of love.“You were always there. You are always loyal and I love you forever.” – Michael Jackson These quotes were taken from the speech Michael gave at his 45th birthday party celebration. Here are a few videos of that event, courtesy of Bonnie at MJ-Upbeat.       
Michael's Christmas Message in 1992
"Today of all days, we focus on loving one another and giving. Let's do that not just one day of the year, but for 365 days. Let's love one another. Let's forget hatred and turn to those that are suffering; not just today, but every day,. Join me in healing the world and making it a better place." - Michael Jackson  
On His Childhood
"When you don't have a childhood, like myself and other childhood stars, you try to compensate for the loss later on and you try to catch up; but what I like to do is help other children who are less fortunate than I am. You know, kids who are terminally ill, kids who have diseases, poor children."  - Michael Jackson
Overcoming Doubt and Trusting Yourself
“Others can't overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own. It's hard, because fear and doubt hold on tight. We are afraid of being rejected, of being hurt once more. So we keep a safe distance. We think separating ourselves from others will protect us, but that doesn't work, either. It leaves us feeling alone and unloved. Trusting yourself begins by recognizing that it's okay to be afraid. Having fear is not the problem, because everyone feels anxious and insecure sometimes. The problem is not being honest enough to admit your fear. Whenever I accept my own doubt and insecurity, I'm more open to other people. The deeper I go into myself, the stronger I become, because I realize that my real self is much bigger than any fear. In accepting yourself completely, trust becomes complete. There is no longer any separation between people, because there is no longer any separation inside. In the space where fear used to live, love is...
She's Out of My Life
“The things I share with millions of people aren’t the sort of things you share with one. Many girls want to know what makes me tick – why I live the way I live or do the things I do. They want to rescue me from my loneliness, but they do it in such a way that they give me the impression they want to share my loneliness, which I wouldn’t wish on anybody, because I believe I’m one of the loneliest people in the world. ’She’s Out of My Life’ is about knowing that the barriers that have separated me from others are temptingly low and seemingly easy to jump over and yet they remain standing while what I really desire disappears from my sight... But I got too wrapped up in 'She’s Out of My Life.' In this case, the story’s true – I cried at the end of a take, because the words suddenly had such a strong effect on me. I had been letting so much build up inside me. I was twenty-one years old, and I was so rich in some experiences while being poor in moments...
Starting a Career at the Age of 5
                "Most people have the luxury of careers that start when they're old enough to know exactly what they're doing and why, but, of course, that wasn't true of me. They remember everything that happened to them, but I was only five years old. When you're a show business child, you really don't have the maturity to understand a great deal of what is going on around you. People make a lot of decisions concerning your life when you're out of the room. So here's what I remember, I remember singing at the top of my voice and dancing with real joy and working too hard for a child....I wasn't forced into this business by stage parents the way Judy Garland was. I did it because I enjoyed it and because it was as natural to me as drawing a breath and exhaling it. I did it because I was compelled to do it, not by parents or family, but by my own inner life in the...
The Eternal Dance of Creation
"Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the Creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave. I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing and then, it is the eternal dance of creation. The Creator and the creation merge into one wholeness of joy. I keep on dancing and dancing...and dancing, until there is only ... the dance." - Michael Jackson, Dancing the Dream
The Most Powerful Thing in the World
 In the video below Michael talks about believing in yourself and having confidence.  The quotes used in the video above was taken from an interview he did with - I have uploaded the entire interview. Those words are in part 6   
 This quote is In honor of theThriller Album's 29th birthday (November 30th) "The success of Thriller really hit me in 1984, when the album received a gratifying number of nominations for the American Music Awards and the Grammy Awards. I remember feeling an overwhelming rush of jubilation. I was whooping with joy and dancing around the house, screaming." - Michael JacksonThis is an original advertisement for the Thriller Album. Very rare.  
Together We Can Make A Change in the World
  “Sadly, we live in a state of fear. Every day we hear of war, on the news, on the radio and television; in the newspapers…always of war. We hear of nations hurting each other, of neighbors hurting each others, of families hurting each others, and of children killing each other. We must learn to live and love each other before it’s too late. We have to stop! We have to stop the prejudice. We have to stop the hating. We have to stop living in fear of our own neighbors. Together, we can make a change in the world. Together we can help to stop racism. Together we can help to stop prejudice. We can help the world live without fear. It is our only hope. And without hope we are lost.” - Michael Jackson – Exeter, UK June 14th 2002   var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};
We Are Here to Change the World
function googleSectionalElementInit() { new google.translate.SectionalElement({ sectionalNodeClassName: 'goog-trans-section', controlNodeClassName: 'goog-trans-control', background: '#f4fa58' }, 'google_sectional_element');}  “‘Captain Eo’ came about because the Disney Studios wanted me to come up with a new ride for the parks. They said they didn’t care what I did, as long as it was something creative. I had this big meeting with them, and during the course of the afternoon I told them that Walt Disney was a hero of mine and that I was very interested in Disney’s history and philosophy. I wanted to do something with them that Mr. Disney himself would have approved. I had read a number of books about Walt Disney and his creative empire, and it was very important to me to do things as he would have. In the end, they asked me to do a movie and I agreed. I told them I would like to work with George Lucas and Steven...
You're Going to be Written about in History Books
"We were jubiliant when we learned we had passed the Motown audition. I remember Berry Gordy sitting us all down and saying that we were going to make history together. 'I'm gonna make you the biggest thing in the world' he said, 'and you're gonna be written about in history books.' He really said that to us. We were leaning forward, listening to him, and saying, 'Okay! Okay!' I'll never forget that. We were all over at his house, and it was like a fairy tale come true listening to this powerful, talented man tell us we were going to be very big. 'Your first record will be a number one, your second record will be a number one, and so will your third record. Three number one records in a row. You'll hit the charts just as Diana Ross and the Supremes did' This was almost un-heard of in those days, but he was right; we turned around and did just that. Three in a row." - Michael Jackson, MoonwalkThose first three singles were...
Your fans want to see your eyes
"The night I won eight American Music Awards, I accepted them wearing my shades on the network broadcast. Katherine Hepburn called me up and congratulated me, but she gave me a hard time because of the sunglasses. 'Your fans want to see your eyes,' she scolded me. 'You're cheating them.' The following month, February 1984, at the Grammy show, Thriller had walked off with seven Grammy Awards and looked like it was going to win an eighth. All evening I had been going up to the podium and collecting awards with my sunglases on. Finally, when Thriller won for Best Album, I went up to accept it, took off my glasses, and stared into the camera. 'Katherine Hepburn,' I said, 'this is for you.' I knew she was watching and she was. You have to have some fun." - Michael Jackson 
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