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Cellists"Michael, our inspiration forever!"BIO:[2CELLOS'] success started in January 2011, after [Stjepan Hauser] upload[ed] a cello version of "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson on YouTube, together with fellow cellist and friend Luka Sulic. Now called 2CELLOS, they became first cellists ever to really hit the big time and live a real "American dream." No other classical musician in history has received that kind of publicity and media attention, followed by millions of fans from all over the world. They signed a record deal with Sony Masterworks and were invited to tour with Sir Elton John. Shortly after uploading the video, they made their first TV appearance in the US on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 2CELLOS will start touring the world and make all the major TV appearances after the release of their first album.Stjepan Hauser:Still in his early twenties, cellist Stjepan Hauser has performed in the biggest venues in Europe, as the soloist with many major orchestras in country...
Adam Lambert
Singer   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Anthony Jackson
Actor/Singer-SongwriterCousin"I'm honored to be a part of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, because bringing people together in a creative endeavor is what Michael was all about." BIO:Michael and Anthony grew very close after his father Tony's passing. Anthony went on numerous adventures with Michael throughout his life. Anthony was also fortunate to be part of Michael's creative process, including touring and recording sessions.          Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Cris Judd
Choreographer /ActorClick here to watch a video of Cris Judd receiving his dot.   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Diana Ross
Singer, Record Producer, Actress    "I Love You."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Dionne Warwick
Singer/ActressClick here to watch Dionne Warwick get her dot.  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Eddie Garcia
 Choreographer/Director"I am so excited to be included in such a beautiful portrait. Michael was an amazing person who taught me so much about how to entertain the masses. He would always tell us that it was important to give it your all every single time because the fans deserved it."BIO:As a child, Eddie Garcia was not unlike other kids his age, that is to say, when it came to his affection and adoration for the enormously talented Michael Jackson.  But what did separate Eddie from so many of his peers, was the chain of events that ultimately had him touring and dancing with his idol on stages from Tulsa to Tokyo.It all began when Eddie Garcia was cast in the film Captain Eo for Disney Pictures.  Eddie was just 14 years of age at the time and one of only two performers hired for the project who were under the age of 18.  Although the studio had Eddie on hold for several months, it was determined that the production schedule had become so far behind that they...
Evan Ross
Actor   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
World Champion Boxer   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
François Glorieux
Pianist/Composer/Conductor"The five hours I spent with Michael Jackson in Los Angeles will certainly be the most emotional of my musical career. It was fantastic to discover so many common points: passion for music (without limits), for peace and freedom, love for animals and nature. In one word: for humanity!"BIO:  François is a conductor, pianist, composer and entertainer who has toured through Europe, USA, Latin America, Canada, Japan, China till Middle East and Africa. His work is classical music, in a style the general public can relate to, all without 1 note of music before him. He is Honorary Professor of chamber music at Royal Music Conservatory of Ghent, Belgium, Guest Professor at Yale University USA and Director of the International Piano Master Class in Antwerp. He worked with several big names, like Paul McCartney. King Boudewijn from Belgium decorated François.Francois met Michael on 2nd of May 1989, because Michael...
Genevieve Jackson
 Singer    Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
George Lopez
Comedian/Actor/Talk Show Host   "Michael Jackson is a timeless performer, transcending music, who embraced humanity and is loved as a global icon."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Gladys Knight
Singer-songwriter   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Jean Bosco Safari
Singer/SongwriterBIO:Jean Bosco Safari was born in Rubago, Ruanda (Central Africa) on May 10, 1954. In 1960 — when the Civil War broke out — he was sent by his mother to Belgium where he was adopted by his Belgian parents.Jean Bosco Safari is one of the best live performers in Belgium.In 1989 he met KENNY MOORE — Tina Turner's piano player — on a club tour in Switzerland. Moore agreed to produce his debut album "Wow".In 1991,"Wow" was released in every European country and in Australia, South Africa and Argentina. The song "My Eyes" became a number 1 hit in South Africa. Jean Bosco Safari was however never able to go there to promote his album, due to the political climate.His live act at the time was directed by Micha Bergese who did the stage acts for the last two Rolling Stones and Tina Turner tours. He also directed the solo performances for Mick Jagger, Leonard Cohen, Sarah Brightman and Peter Gabriel on the Millennium Dome Project.In 1993, his second album "The...
Jermaine Jackson
Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/Producer    "We are asking Michael's fans all around the world to get involved because [The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait] is important."      Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Jesse Jackson
American Civil Rights Activist/Minister   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Jonathan Moffett
Michael Jackson's longtime drummer    "Just as Michael was but one of a great many that makes up the whole of humanity, ... I was grateful and motivated in being a part of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Though as but a singularity of the whole in the portrait, to me, that's what Michael represented as a singularity in humanity, yet to have made such an incredible difference that has affected the entire world. Through his type of compassion and humane vision, WE CAN 'ALL' MAKE AN EFFORT  TO CONTRIBUTE AND DO OUR PART TO, "HEAL THE WORLD." Let that be the fulfillment of our love, respect and honor to the 'THE KING OF ENTERTAINMENT'."LET THERE BE L.O.V.E.!!!"    Read our exclusive interview with Jonathan HERE.Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Judith Hill
THIS IS IT Background Vocalist    "Michael was the most inspiring, heartfelt individual I've worked with. He brought light into this dark world with his love and magical creativity. Michael, I just can't stop loving you. You've changed my life forever."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Larry King
TV/Radio Personality   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
LaVelle Smith Jr.
 Choreographer"Michael Jackson was a great friend and an incredible talent, and the portrait project is a great way to celebrate his life."BIO:LaVelle Smith Jr. has functioned as dancer, choreographer, and creative consultant for pop music’s biggest names since the moment he entered the professional dance scene.LaVelle has worked in various capacities for artists such as Beyonce, Usher, Diana Ross, Chris Brown, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, En Vogue, TLC, George Michael, Ricky Martin, Brandy, and the biggest of them all, the King of Pop himself - Michael Jackson. LaVelle’s experience includes not only pop stars and their onstage and on-television presentations, but film as well. The sensual and tantalizing dancing in Coyote Ugly is tallied up to LaVelle’s repertoire as well as the hilarious and outlandish dancing of superstar Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy.LaVelle’s work has not gone unrecognized; he has been awarded (amongst many) the Music Video Producer’s...
Louis Gossett Jr.
Legendary Actor   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Macaulay Culkin
 Actor, and long-time friend of Michael Jackson's                                                                                        Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Marlon Wayans
Actor/Producer/Comedian/Screenwriter/Director    "I love you Mike!"    Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Maxso The Artist
Singer, Songwriter / Tribute Portrait Youth Spokesperson    Michael Jackson Tribute Song performed by Maxso (written by Maxso and Rosee):    Video About Maxso: Gets His Dot:   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Maya Angelou
Poet/Playwright/Author/Activist     Regarding how she feels Michael Jackson would react to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait: "I think he would be delighted. I think he would feel humbled….I think he would be humbly over the moon."Watch Ms. Angelou read her poem for Michael Jackson, the first time ever reading it publicly (for The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait!) HERE.   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Michael Bearden
Michael Jackson's Musical Director    "MJ was not just my boss, he was my friend. His legacy of music and L.O.V.E. will live forever in my heart and in the hearts and souls of the universe."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Mickey Rooney/Jan Chamberlin Rooney
Actor/Comedian & Actress/Singer    "Michael, there are no words to describe the phenomenon of greatness you possessed.  Your family and friends all loved you ... not just for your magnificent talent, but because of the very caring person and humanitarian you were.  Your life’s work lives on in the hearts of people all over the world. TO US, MICHAEL, YOU WERE A  MUSICAL SAINT.  YOU HAD IT ALL YOUNG MAN ... HOW SAD ... YOU PASSED AWAY TOO YOUNG.  It is an overwhelming loss to the world.  YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS DEARLY MISS YOU. WE MISS YOU. Jan and I will always treasure the few, but very special and precious memories we had together with you Michael ... you were a dear and loyal friend. May GOD keep you in his loving arms, and know that we will miss your healing voice and your soft and gentle manner.  Your dancing, your music and EVERYTHING GOOD YOU WERE IN LIFE will live on for an eternity.  YOU ARE NOT GONE, Michael....
Omer Bhatti
Recording Artist/Dancer "You changed the world, and you still are.. Your legacy will live for eternity. Thank you for making me the person I am today. I will do my best to make you proud. Love L.M."var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};                                                                                         Find us on     You must be logged in to comment.
Actress/Singer-SongwriterClick here to watch raven get her dot.  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Rory Kaplan
 Musician/Producer"Michael personified art, talent, integrity, dedication to his craft, spirited, heartfelt,  a visionary, and giving in so many ways.  His impact on his fans, and myself will be remembered forever."BIO:In high school Rory, would meet some great musicians who inspired him like Steve Lukather and Steve Porcaro, who would later become Toto. Rory then started out of high school with Jazz artist Chick Corea as his keyboard tech and synthesizer programmer. Through Chick he worked with Stanley Clarke, Herbie Hancock, The Crusaders, and many other jazz artist including the Yellow Jackets, where he would originally meet Ricky Lawson.  Then Rory was signed to Michael Chapman’s label; Michael had produced the Knack, Pat Benatar, Exile, and Blondie.  From there he was asked to work for Fairlight Keyboards which was the first sampling keyboard. Through Fairlight he would work for Shelly Duval for her Faerie Tale Theater, Christopher Cross,...
Sandra Robinson
Musician   "Since Michael always has been and still is a true genius in my eyes, I turned towards the Tribute Portrait during my time of mourning in order to exchange experiences with his true fans and to honor him. His passionate message for our children’s futures, healing the world, saving the planet and giving love to all people around him, that’s what he was always striving for in his lifetime. We should honor him not just as a king of pop, no, as a legend. That’s what he wanted and that’s why I’m supporting the Tribute Portrait and his child foundation."    Go to to watch her Tribute video to Michael JacksonSandra was paramount in helping to coordinate David's 2010 trip to Germany. Thank you, Sandra!  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Sean Flynn
Star of Zoey 101 and Recording Artist"I can always remember singing along with Michael as a little boy, looking back I realize he helped teach me how to sing. I will always love his music, and I will always respect the man, all these are the reasons why I am so happy to be getting a dot on Michael's Tribute Portrait."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
T-Rio (Thayana, Thaina and Thaisa)
Singers / Actresses"Beloved Michael,It's very hard for us to put down in words what we feel inside. You were (and still are) truly loved by family, friends and fans all around the world. It's so beautiful that one single person could gather so many together with a positive message.Because of you, the world is a better place.See you on the other side!Love you."  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Teddy Riley
Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Record Producer  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Todd Bridges
Actor   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Tommy Organ
THIS IS IT Guitarist    "Michael was a Genius, and it was a true blessing to work with him. I feel very honored and humbled to be a part of the portrait."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Tony Wilson
Jackson family friend/Decoy and body double for Michael during the Victory TourBIO:Michael Jackson's 80s decoy and personal friend, known as the “Young James Brown,” a name personally given to him by the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown. Tony Wilson and Michael Jackson both loved their mentor dearly. Tony and Michael were at James Brown’s funeral in Augusta, Georgia (USA) in 2006. It was Tony Wilson who alerted Michael Jackson of Mr. Brown’s passing on Christmas day, 2006. Tony has a glove and a mike stand that were used during the Victory tour, given to him by Michael. Tony Wilson wrote two of the songs on the MJTP CD: “We Call Him Peter Pan” and “A Dot for the King of Pop. Tony says this of his friend: “Michael Jackson is a global star of light that will never burn out. To love one another is all Michael ever wanted, and love the children like Michael loves his fans all over this universe and beyond. He is The One!”        ...
Travis Payne
Choreographer/Director/Producer  "It is a Blessing and an honor to have worked so closely with The King Of Pop for nearly 18 years. It's through all the wonderful years working with Michael Jackson that I have had the privilege of gaining immense artistic and business knowledge from a true genius and visionary. My Friend, Michael is and will always be one of the most important forces in my life."      Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Vivica A. Fox
Actress    "This Gentleman truly inspired my destiny as an entertainer and as a humanitarian! We both are from Indiana and we will be forever connected! Michael Jackson will always hold a special place in my heart!  With much luv! Ya gurl! Vivica A Fox! 2009."    Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
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