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2010/12/13 - 'MICHAEL' CD Release Party
Roseland Ballroom - New York City Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Director of Marketing Kimberly Michele Durham joined Sony executives and the Michael Jackson estate executors, along with other VIPs, for an amazing celebration of Michael Jackson. Fans filled the dance floor as the DJ spun MJ tunes, including tracks from the new CD, MICHAEL, all night long. Among those in attendance were Teddy Riley, Akon, Eddie Cascio, John Branca, Howard Weitzman, Frank Dileo and others.We invite you to check out our video footage from the exciting event:MICHAEL CD Release Party Flash Mob RehearsalMICHAEL CD Release Party Thriller Flash MobPHOTOS:DJ spinning the tracks from MICHAEL, the new CD. Roseland Ballroom Dance Floor – before the doors were opened.  MJTP Director of Marketing Kimberly Michele Durham.Celebrity Choreographer & VIP Dot Bijan “RythmiK” Williams.View from the upstairs VIP area.Dance floor was packed all night long.You could feel the love from the fans on...
2010/12: A Special Holiday Message from the MJTP
I created this video to bring a special holiday message to our entire community; one of peace, love and harmony. We were all brought together by one remarkable man, Michael Jackson. This message is meant to inspire us to be the strong fan-mily unit that he would have wanted us to be.Happy Holidays from the MJTPLinda HigginsDirector of Community Development 
2011/02: Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Exclusive Interview with LaVelle Smith Jr.
February 2011Having received his Dot in the Portrait, world renowned, multi-award-winning choreographer LaVelle Smith Jr. granted The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait an exclusive interview. Get to know a little about LaVelle, his thoughts about Michael the man and what it was like to work with MJ, from a man who choreographed for, danced with and remained good friends with Michael for over 20 years.For  more information about LaVelle, to learn about his summer 2011 Dance Camp click here. For the full text of the interview, see the February 2011 online issue of Jame Cafe, MJTP's free online magazine.~Valerie, MJTP Director of Philanthropy Comments for this post are now closed.
2011/04/13: At the Choreo Show - House of Blues, Anaheim, California
On April 13, 2011, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait attended Courtney Miller Jr.'s Choreo Show.Directed by Eddie Garcia and Tim Stevenson, the Choreo Show featured Orange County’s hottest choreographers and dancers (see more here).Invited by Eddie and Courtney to attend the show as special guests, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait Artist David Ilan honored Eddie and Courtney with Dots in Michael's heart onstage before the show. Throughout the evening, David placed Dots on Michael's Portrait for guests attending the show.As announced by Courtney, Eddie and Tim, a portion of the proceeds from the show will be given to the Red Cross to assist with the Japan disaster relief effort.We wish to thank everyone who was able to attend the Choreo Show, and to all who were there in spirit.  It was an amazing show, so full of energy! It was a pleasure meeting so many of you, and it was a night to remember.We'd like to extend very special thanks to Eddie Garcia...
21. What Does It Mean To Love Michael Jackson
One of the greatest attributes of the MJ Family is that we are a very close knit community dedicated to one purpose: loving Michael Jackson. Like any family we fight, we argue and we have differences of opinions. From what I have seen, most of our differences are based on our beliefs about one thing: what it means to love Michael Jackson.Every one of us has a pre-conceived notion about what it means to love him and those beliefs will dictate what we act on. The problem comes in thinking that if someone else doesn’t take those same actions, it means they don’t love him as much as we do.One of the biggest issues that we face about this subject right now is the new music that Sony will be releasing in November 2010.  According to an exclusive report by Rolling Stone, this album will feature a collection of ten "never before heard Jackson songs." It will be the first of ten projects over the next seven years. Some fans want to stage a boycott and not buy the...
22. A Journey of L.O.V.E. for Michael Jackson
I wish everyone could have experienced what it was like to visit Michael Jackson’s final resting place on the one year anniversary of his passing, but since that wasn‘t possible, I decided to blog about my experience to give you a small glimpse into what it was like. I have tried to capture and convey to you the emotion I felt in each place we visited while we were there.My trip was shared with three other friends. Two are team members on the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, Valmai and Heather. The other is a dot member I have become good friends with named Kelley. We were all there for the same reason; to pay our respects to Michael Jackson. Other than the few times we got horribly lost, it was a great experience.We began our journey at Michael’s star on the Walk of Fame. Of all the stars on there, his was of course the one everyone flocked to. We met people from all over the world there; Japan, Germany, France. Everyone wanted to get their picture taken next to his star.The...
23. From Fans to Family; A World Brought Together by Michael Jackson
"If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden" Claudia GhandiCan you believe it has already been one year since the passing of Michael Jackson? I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that this has been one of the most emotionally difficult years we have ever been through. It has been a long, hard road for us as we have tried to come to terms with the loss of someone so special. We have experienced every emotion under the sun, from anger to disgust, from sadness to love.Brought together by an unspeakable tragedy, we have developed an unbreakable bond, because we relate to each other. When Michael passed away, we all experienced the same feelings of sadness and loss, so we understand each other. We can talk about our feelings with other fans, safe in the knowledge that we won’t be judged or ridiculed, as we so often are outside of our community. It has been a blessing to share that kind of a bond with so many other people.We...
24. Our Quest to Protect Michael Jackson's Legacy
Never did I imagine that with the death of Michael Jackson, my faith in humanity and my belief that people are basically good, would be shaken to the core. I’ve been a fan for decades, but since his passing I’ve been thrust into his world, and as a result, that’s exactly what happened.As the details of the injustices he encountered came to light, so did the awareness that a dark side of humanity exists; a reality he had to deal with every day of his life. I’ve been haunted by that awareness ever since.We’ve come to see the truth that he conveyed in some of his songs. There really are people who will "sell their soul just to get the story told" and there really are people who will do "anything for money." I figured the basic goodness in people would kick in and the sensationalism he so often spoke about would stop after he passed away. I thought people would take his children’s feelings into account and think twice about how their actions may affect them. I thought...
25. Carrying out Michael Jackson's Legacy of Love
26. Loving Michael Jackson
This is a video I created to show the significance of the loss of Michael Jackson for his fans, friends and family and to help the world understand why justice is so important to us. He wasn't a character you can read about in tabloids. He was a father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, friend and the worlds greatest entertainer.I created it using some of my favorite quotes and pictures of MJ. Hope you like it!It’s all for L.O.V.E. for Michael JacksonLinda HigginsDirector of Community Development If you can't view the video above, try this link. Loving Michael JacksonConnect with me on Twitter and Facebook 
27. A Gift of L.O.V.E.
Throughout Michael Jackson’s life and career as the world’s greatest entertainer, there was always one thing that remained consistent...the special relationship he had with his fans. He treated us with the utmost dignity, respect and love. He dedicated his life to us, publically declaring, "I am married to my fans." They say you never forget your first love and I believe for Michael, his fans were his first love.He knew that the love of his fans was the one thing that he could always count on. Our love nourished him in the good times and carried him through the bad times. Now we have an opportunity to do the same thing for his mother and children, through the Patchwork Blanket Project on The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.Each quilt is made up of patches that contain the name and the love of a fan. That is what makes them so special; they contain the energy of love. These quilts, and the love they represent, will help nourish them in the good times and carry them through the...
28. Welcome to a New Blog
Welcome to my blog. As the Director of Community Development my responsibility is to empower dot members with the tools, motivation and inspiration to stay focused on Michael's mission, carry out his legacy and keep love in the forefront of our lives.     With the passing of our most beloved Icon, comes the responsibility of fans, friends, and family to ensure that his life has meaning beyond his passing.  We can do that by remembering that his message was always love.  I believe that Michael had a higher level of awareness than most, about the power and effects of love. Since he has worldwide appeal to millions of people, he has the potential to in turn raise the level of the world's awareness about the power of love.     In a video he made for his kids, he wished for them to learn the true meaning of success, which is Love.  About the tour he was planning to do in July called “This Is...
28.The Man Behind the Music
Michael Jackson’s influence in music will be felt for many generations to come. Millions of people were inspired by his musical genius and talent. However, his personal influence has yet to fully manifest itself, due in part to the fact that the man behind the music was largely misunderstood until his death. Prior to his death, the world rarely heard anything positive about him. For the vast majority of fans, information about who he was came from sensationalistic, tainted and unreliable sources such as news networks, magazines and tabloids.Most people have learned that Michael’s image and reputation was manipulated to influence the public’s opinion of him in a negative way by those who stood to gain from doing so. They created a stigma associated with Michael Jackson, thereby making it acceptable to love the music, but unacceptable to love the man.After June 25th, the truth came to light. Stories about his true character started to emerge. We became aware of things we had not...
29. We All Just Want Justice
After months of pain, anguish and disillusionment, it appears that charges may finally be brought up against Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson. This has brought up a plethora of emotions for fans all around the world. We are justifiably angry, sad and hurt that the reckless actions of one man took the life of someone we love and we want justice to prevail. The heartbreaking pain of our loss has come to the surface all over again and everyone is feeling the sometimes overwhelming effects of it.We are all asking, why? Why is it taking so long for him to be arrested and charged? Why does he get to quietly turn himself in when Michael had to be handcuffed and paraded in front of the entire world? Most importantly, why didn’t he care for him like he was supposed to? What about the oath he took? Does he know the pain he has caused millions of people? Michael put his trust in him and it cost him his life! It was the ultimate betrayal.All of these questions, delays and...
Cellists"Michael, our inspiration forever!"BIO:[2CELLOS'] success started in January 2011, after [Stjepan Hauser] upload[ed] a cello version of "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson on YouTube, together with fellow cellist and friend Luka Sulic. Now called 2CELLOS, they became first cellists ever to really hit the big time and live a real "American dream." No other classical musician in history has received that kind of publicity and media attention, followed by millions of fans from all over the world. They signed a record deal with Sony Masterworks and were invited to tour with Sir Elton John. Shortly after uploading the video, they made their first TV appearance in the US on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 2CELLOS will start touring the world and make all the major TV appearances after the release of their first album.Stjepan Hauser:Still in his early twenties, cellist Stjepan Hauser has performed in the biggest venues in Europe, as the soloist with many major orchestras in country...
30. What Michael Jackson Taught the World
As I sit here writing this on the seven month anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, fans, friends and family are still struggling to come to terms with why someone so special had to be taken from this earth so soon. In my opinion, there is only one way to make sense of such a tragedy and that is to look for the meaning behind it.Michael felt he had a higher purpose to his life, which was "to unite the world through love and music" as he stated in his autobiography Moonwalk. I agree with that, because there are many things about his life that points to him having a higher purpose.Endowed with phenomenal talent that manifested itself at an early age, he saw it as a gift from God and he felt he was meant to cultivate it and use it for the greater good. In fact, he viewed it as a sin not to do so.His dedication to his craft allowed him to create global success unmatched by anyone else; which also made him the most famous person in the world. Being known by virtually everyone...
31. Why We Love Michael Jackson
With the passing of Michael Jackson, fans all over the world have joined together in a common purpose; to do justice for a man who experienced so much injustice. For some reason, this tends to baffle those outside of the MJ Community. They mock our loyalty, our dedication, and sometimes even our sanity. I’ve seen several references of fans being labeled "as crazy as he was."They think we are crazy for loving a man who they criticized for his changing appearance. Maybe they don’t understand that the color of a man’s skin doesn’t make the man. We loved him when he had the appearance of a black man and we loved him when he had the appearance of a white man. His skin color was irrelevant to us. They don’t understand that we didn’t care how many plastic surgeries he did or didn’t have. That was a personal matter for him.They don’t understand we weren’t bothered by his eccentricities, and his love of animals and children wasn’t strange to us. They don’t...
32. Our Pledge to Michael Jackson
At a time when the energy of hope is usually in the air, a time when we are ready to release the past and look forward to the coming year in anticipation of greater things; for the fans, friends and family of Michael Jackson, 2009 is a year we are reluctant to let go of. Going into 2010 means we have to leave behind a life where he was in it. The coming of a New Year signals a painful reminder that we now have to learn to live life having only memories of him.This time of year is when we all start to think about resolutions, those things we can do to better our personal lives. Most often it is usually a goal to lose weight or make more money; something to improve ourselves or our situations. In other years, those goals would be very commendable, but this year somehow those things seem insignificant.What has now become important is to ensure Michael’s life has meaning beyond his passing. To move forward into the New Year with a goal to continue everything he was working to...
33. An Ambassador of Peace, Love and Goodwill
"When you don’t have a childhood, like myself and other child stars, you try to compensate for the loss later on and you try to catch up. But what I like to do is help other children who are less fortunate than I am. You know, kids who are terminally ill, kids who have diseases, poor children." – Michael JacksonKatherine Jackson once told a story about how she and Michael used to watch the commercials of the starving children in Africa, the ones with flies around their mouths, and how they would both sit there with tears streaming down their faces.People who are profoundly affected by those types of commercials have a strong sense of empathy. Empathy is the ability to sense what someone else is feeling. Not everyone has this ability, but those who do can feel the feelings of other people as if they were their own. Some people have so much empathy, they are so in tune with other's feelings, that it pains them to see someone else suffering. Michael Jackson was one...
34. Cry Out of Joy for Michael
There is no denying that everyone who loved Michael Jackson felt like we lost a piece of ourselves when he died. He was our connection to love, our inspiration and a source of joy in our lives. Now begins the struggle to maintain that connection with him even though he is gone. How do you allow yourself to be happy and joyful when someone you loved that deeply is no longer here? It’s hard to get past the pain of knowing we will never see him again during our lifetime.In my last article called "I Need You Michael Jackson," I talked about lost opportunities and how we must move through the pain by letting ourselves cry about them. That is an important step to follow because it’s part of the grieving process. Once you have let yourself do that, you will begin to move from feeling sorrow over lost opportunities to feeling joy over gained blessings.I was inspired to write this article after I heard a song by Akon. It was written by him as a tribute to Michael Jackson, his friend and...
35. I Need You Michael Jackson
There is no greater pain or struggle in life than trying to heal from the death of someone you love. When it comes to Michael Jackson, the depth of love that so many people have for him, including fans, friends and family, is remarkable.Now that the initial shock is over, the healing process begins. Some of you were lucky enough to experience one of his concerts. Others are blessed with being friends or family, but the vast majority of us loved him from afar. That doesn’t mean that our grief is any less significant than anyone else’s.You may hear comments from people like "How can you hurt over someone you never knew?" They don’t understand that he is someone you knew. You may not have ever met him, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t have a relationship with him. Relationships are formed when a person makes an emotional impact on you in some way. That is certainly the case for Michael and his fans.Regardless of whether you knew Michael personally or not, you will still feel...
36. An Icon in the Music Industry
Michael Jackson’s music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up on his music. From the early years with the Jackson 5 singing "ABC" to "Thriller," the biggest selling album of all time...he was a force to be reckoned with. As he grew, he inspired me with songs that were meaningful and filled with positive messages, such as "Man in the Mirror," "We are the World" and "Heal the World."I remember how excited I was to watch his 30 year anniversary special where he reunited with his brothers to sing all the old favorites. The Motown 25 where he debuted the Moonwalk was simply incredible! When I watched him perform, I felt alive. Every song he sang was filled with heartfelt emotion. As a young boy, he once said: "I don't sing it if I don't mean it." He had a way of connecting personally with each and every fan.Michael has so many accomplishments that he has become an icon in the music industry. His contribution to music is something we should...
A Brother's Love
"I wouldn't trade my memories of those days with my brothers for anything. I often wish I could relive those days. We were like the seven dwarfs; each of us was different, each had his own personality. Jackie was the athlete and the worrier. Tito was the strong, compassionate father figure. He was totally into cars and loved putting them together and tearing them apart. Jermaine was the one I was closest to when we were growing up. He was funny and easygoing, and was constantly fooling around. It was Jermaine who put all those buckets of cold water on the doors of our hotel rooms. Marlon was and is one of the most determined people I've ever met. He, too, was a real joker and prankster. He used to be the one who'd always get in trouble in the early days because he'd be out of step or miss a note, but that was far from true later. The diversity of my brothers' personalities and the closeness we felt were what kept me going during those grueling days...
A Conversation with Joe Vogel and Frank Cascio
      In the later part of 2011, Joe Vogel’s long awaited book Man in the Music was published. Expectation had been high in the preceding weeks, because we had been promised a book that was not only positive, but one that also exposed Michael Jackson’s creative process and showcased his extensive body of work, which had been often ignored and undervalued by some critic’s. The book quickly became a promise well-kept, and the few who did criticize its merit, were soon silenced by the roar of approval from those who embraced it as an important and definitive piece of literature. Right upon its heels, another young author published his book, one which delves into a very close friendship spanning 25 years. Frank Cascio’s, My Friend Michael, is as different to Man in the Music, as it is to any other book that has been written, because it comes from a personal perspective owned solely by Frank. Yet, despite suspicion and criticism from fans, overall,...
A Little Bit of Love and a Little Bit of Humor
This is an excerpt from an interview Michael gave in Gold Magazine in 2002. Gold Girl: Who are your favourite people? Michael Jackson: I love people who have really contributed to the pleasure and happiness of the planet and mankind, people with light - from Walt Disney to Ghandi to Martin Luther King. These are people with light, people who really cared about children, bringing families together, and love. That's what I try to say in my music and in my songs. If you go to one of my concerts, my shows, you will see 200,000 people swaying, holding candles, saying, 'We want to heal the world,' and 'We love you.' I've seen it around the world from Russia to Germany to Poland to Africa to America. We're all the same. People cry in the same places in the show. They get angry in the same places in the show; they get the pathos in the same places. Gold Girl: If you were invisible for a day in London, what would you do? Michael Jackson: Oh...
A Living Thing
  Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become ~ C. S. Lewis On our weekly, Sunday visit to my grandmother’s house many, many years ago, she called my parents and me to the table for lunch. Laid out upon the table was her usual fare of cold-cuts and salad, along with scrumptious hot scones, butter, jam and whipped cream. Normally I would race to the table in anticipation of feasting on the hot treats, but that day I was immersed in a new book my mother had just bought me. It was full of colorful pictures and fantastical tales of knights, dragons and castles. I was too young at the time to understand most of the words in the book, but the illustrations had certainly captured my attention and imagination. Food paled in comparison to the feast I held in my hands.Reluctantly, I folded the page...
Author/Poet/Editor/Historian“The beautiful thing about true genius, such as that which Michael Jackson possessed, is that it can inhabit and express its truth in meaningful ways through many forms.” BIODespite my overly-elegant name, I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia (USA), on the west side of the city about two miles from the Savannah River. By the time Michael Jackson and his brothers completed their fifth album, I had started considering the possibility of one day becoming a writer. So far I’ve authored (or co-authored) eight published books, including the world’s first Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, edited several others, and lost track of the number of articles (approximately 8 on MJ) and poems I’ve written. Before actually getting on with the business of writing, I attended a number of colleges and universities, and then became a photojournalist and editor with the U.S. Air Force for six years. I later worked two more years with the Reserves as an...
Adam Lambert
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Adam Rafferty
Guitarist(Recorded I REMEMBER MICHAEL - A Michael Jackson Solo Guitar Celebration)"Michael's musical genius is utterly inspiring to me. The combination of love, honesty, perfect melody, perfect groove and a deep feeling for blues is a guiding light for me in my musical world. He shows me where the top is."Many people play pop songs on solo finger-style guitar, but no one has tackled Michael's music until now. It's very emotional for me to see young people get inspired by my solo guitar version of 'Billie Jean'."I am honored to further Michael's legacy - and more importantly, spread HIS message of love. Thank you, Michael."BIO“The first time I heard the guitar I was still in my mother’s womb” says Adam Rafferty. Born and raised in Harlem, Adam started playing blues guitar at age 6, got mugged in front of his building at 10, played in a hard rock band at 12, was ripped off by a club owner on his first gig at 15, and by 18 he was a rapper on a...
Al Walser
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Alex Gernandt
 Editor-in-Chief, Bravo Magazine    We honored Alex Gernandt with a dot in Michael’s heart, honoring his consistent positive portrayal over the years. He has a decades long history of writing truly journalistic material. Alex has met with and written about Michael for a long time, and his stories have always been honest and tasteful.We met Alex in Munich on our 2010 Tour. Read more on David's Blog.                                 Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Allan M Scanlan ("Big Al")
Operated Neverland Ranch Amusement Park    "Mr. Jackson was and still is the greatest entertainer the world has ever known. I will take that a step further and add … the greatest entertainer the world will ever know. Having worked at Neverland for 15 plus years, I would also like to say that Mr. Jackson is without a doubt the most caring, compassionate and genuine person I have ever known." Read Big Al's exclusive interviews with the MJTP in the December 2010 and February 2011 issues of  Dot to Dot: Keeping Michael's Legacy Alive.  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Angel in Need - Valerie M...and Arnie in Heaven
Legacy Files September 12, 2010 [Most recent update: October 31, 2010: Arnie has returned home to Heaven, and Valerie M. has hopefully found a new place to live] As one of Michael’s Angels, we begin to realize the enormous undertaking we have placed upon our shoulders in carrying on his legacy. So many things need to be done and changed, and so much help is needed that thinking about where to start can be a little daunting. Sometimes when looking at the different ways we can contribute, we don’t always see that the opportunity to help someone is closer to home than we realize.Valerie M. is blind, and in December of 2009, contacted our then-Director of Operations & Administration/Member Relations, also named Valerie, inquiring how she could sign up for her dot.  Even with access to technology that allows her to “read” things online, the technology doesn’t work well with some applications, so help would be needed.  MJTP’s Valerie worked with Valerie...
Angels4Joshua - A Very Special Update
June 29, 2012The following update comes from Vera and family. A different kind of update indeed, we thought this happy and exciting story should have its own special page. Without further ado…An "update" of a different kind... this is something I had wanted to share with you guys and girls for a long, long time (at least the first part) but couldn't... the story was still unfinished... but it all came to a closure in May of this year, a happy ending to Joshua's dream... Here it is... **~~ANGELS4JOSHUA~~** Part oneTHE MYSTERY CALLERIt was in July 2010 that he was in Germany with his family to do promotion for the latest movie. Joshua's face lit up when  he heard he  was over here as Josh really dug him for quite a long time. Anyway, when I heard he was a guest on the SAT 1 morning show the following day I wrote to them, asking if they'd be kind enough to get Mr. Mystery's autograph for Josh. They replied apologizing for seeing it...
Announcing the Michael Jackson Tribute CD!
              Announcing the Worldwide Release of  The Michael Jackson Tribute CDRecording Artists Around the World Come Together To Honor The King of PopOriginal and Inspired Songs By Some of Michael’s Talented Friends & Fans  We are very excited to announce the worldwide release of our exclusive tribute CD, The Beat of Our Hearts: A Musical Tribute to Michael. This amazing album is a compilation of music written and performed by some incredibly talented singers/songwriters who have honored Michael through their music. This is a truly wonderful and unprecedented collection of eighteen original songs written and performed by Michael’s friends and fans.What makes this album so special is that each song represents a talented artist who was greatly inspired by Michael and deeply affected by his loss. For many of them, their song was their saving grace.These touching musical tributes were written out of a profound...
Announcing the New Album 'IMMORTAL'
October 3, 2011EPIC RECORDS SET TO RELEASE 'IMMORTAL'THE NEW ALBUM FROM MICHAEL JACKSON ON NOVEMBER 21A MUSIC TAPESTRY FOR THE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL SHOW'MICHAEL JACKSON THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR' KICKING OFF LAST NIGHTEXPERIENCE 'IMMORTAL' AT MICHAELJACKSON.COMNew York, NY – On November 21, Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will release IMMORTAL– the highly anticipated musical tapestry for Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. IMMORTAL will be released as both a deluxe double disc version and single disc.Led by esteemed musical designer, Kevin Antunes (Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Madonna) IMMORTAL takes a fresh, creative approach in redesigning and reimagining more than 40 of Michael Jackson’s greatest original recordings into a compilation that allows listeners to experience his music in an entirely new way. After spending a year in the studio working with Michael’s original multi-track master...
Announcing the Premiere Issue of the MJTP Magazine!
   Get Your Free Copy Today.....  We are very excited to be announcing our very own monthly E-magazine, titled Dot to Dot: Keeping Michael’s Legacy Alive.This magazine is 100% devoted, as is the MJTP, to continuing the legacy Michael left behind, and includes many sections and articles dedicated to that purpose. Our articles and blogs will prove to be entertaining, informative and often thought-provoking. Focusing not only on all the positive good that was Michael, we will also address issues that are still of concern to fans today, such as the attempted assassination of his character, and the way that words were used as weapons to destroy his integrity.  I have also structured this publication in a way that will allow for your active participation in several of our sections: That’s A Wrap, Meeting Michael, The King’s Feast, The Gailearaí and It’s A Matter of Opinion. Your comments and contributions will be a vital part of...
Anthony Jackson
Actor/Singer-SongwriterCousin"I'm honored to be a part of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, because bringing people together in a creative endeavor is what Michael was all about." BIO:Michael and Anthony grew very close after his father Tony's passing. Anthony went on numerous adventures with Michael throughout his life. Anthony was also fortunate to be part of Michael's creative process, including touring and recording sessions.          Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Austria: Michael Jackson Tribute Project Arrives in Vienna (16 Nov 2010)
 Michael Jackson tribute project arrives in ViennaArtist David Ilan is in Vienna today (Tuesday) as part of a project to create a tribute to Michael Jackson in which fans all over the world add a single pixel to a picture being made in his honour.Austrian Times correspondent and Michael Jackson fan Eva Kanai visited him in his hotel to talk about the project.  ©                 16. 11. 10. - 17:00  more Panorama news      RSS Feed Panorama          It has been a little over a year since Michael died, and one of the biggest differences I have noticed since the death is how many people are now Michael Jackson fans since the 25th of June 2009 - the day he died.Children who had only just learned to walk, and had never been to any of his electrifying concerts or bought any of his albums, began moonwalking in the playground. When asked what their favourite...
Belgium: BV's en Michael Jackson-fans maken samen kunstwerk (22 Nov 2010)
    maandag 22 november 2010  (dbb) AALST - Bekende Vlamingen en Aalstenaars hebben in danscentrum Move hun bijdrage geleverd aan The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, het grootste project rond de performer ooit.The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait werd enkele maanden na het overlijden van de bekende zanger opgestart. David Ilan, een Israëlisch   © Bart Biesemanskunstenaar, maakt een portret van Jackson door in totaal één miljoen stipjes naast elkaar te zetten, waarbij elke stip een fan vertegenwoordigt. De hele familie Jackson liet een stip zetten, net als iconen Diana Ross, Gladys Night en Larry King. Ze hebben zogenaamdecelebrity-dots, punten in het hart van de zanger. Pianist en dirigent François Glorieux is de enige Belg die afgelopen weekend deze eer te beurt viel, vanwege zijn nauwe connectie met the magical child. Hij maakte drie klassieke bewerkingen van zijn hits. Enkele andere Vlamingen...
Belgium: Grootste Michael Jackson project in danscenter Move (21 Nov 2010)
      zondag 21 november 2010    Veronique Van GeitAALST - Voor het eerst kwam het project 'The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait' vanuit Amerika naar Europa. Danscenter Move uit Aalst kreeg de eer artiest David Ilan en het kunstwerk te presenteren.The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is het allergrootste project waarin stippen met elkaar verbonden worden om zo het portret van Michael te vormen. Iedere fan krijgt de kans om zich online te registreren en zo wordt hij een stipje in een portret dat volledig uit stippen bestaat. Dit unieke project   Veronique Van Geitvan de producer Jerry Biederman, genomineerd TV-seriemaker en best-selling auteur, en uitgevoerd door artiest David Ilan, brengt 300.000 fans uit 180 landen samen en komt nu voor het eerst naar Europa en naar België!Uit respect voor Michael Jackson staan vele bekende namen als Diana Ross, Gladys Night, Travis Payne, Larry King, Micky...
"Ben meant a lot to me. Nothing had ever excited me as much as going to the studio to put my voice on film. I had a great time. Later, when the movie came out, I’d go to the theater and wait until the end when the credits would flash on, and it would say, ‘"Ben" sung by Michael Jackson.’ I was really impressed by that. I loved the song and loved the story. Actually, the story was a lot like E.T. It was about a boy who befriended a rat. People didn’t understand the boy’s love for this little creature. He was dying of some disease and his only true friend was Ben, the leader of the rats in the city where they lived. A lot of people thought the movie was a bit odd, but I was not one of them. The song went to number one and is still a favorite of mine. I have always loved animals and I enjoy reading about them and seeing movies in which they’re featured." – Michael Jackson, MoonwalkHere is a very moving performance of Michael singing "Ben." (by IAMONLYLOVE on YouTube) 
Bethany, Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson
July 24, 2010MJ fans we have an opportunity to help a young girl named Bethany who is working to raise money for a U.K. children’s hospice in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, England called Martin House. It was brought to my attention by dot member MJsHeart, and as she said, "this has Michael written all over it."Bethany decided to create a short film (yes, she calls it that) dressed up as Charlie Chaplin, the legendary silent-movie comic that Michael loved so dearly. She added the song "Smile" (Michael’s favorite song) to the video. Unfortunately, a copyright claim was made and she was forced to take the song off of the video, so this very smart young girl decided to make it into a silent movie instead.As MJsHeart said in her email to me, and I agree with her, "I really believe Michael would have reached out to her if he were here." Since he is not, we must do it in his name!Please visit the Just Giving website to view her video and if you feel inspired to do so, please make a...
Dance Group    "Michael, only you could make the world come together and dance! Thank you for all inspiration."    Find out more about Bounce here:    Watch their tribute to Michael Jackson here:   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Brazil: Artista convida internautas a montarem retrato interativo de Michael Jackson (21 Jun 2010)
  Gente | 21/06/2010 | 22h41minIniciativa 1 dot = 1 fan quer reunir 1 milhão de participantesRosto montado por pontos colocados por internautas no site do artista David IlanFoto:ReproduçãoO artista americano David Ilan convoca internautas a participarem de um tributo interativo em memória do rei do pop, Michael Jackson.Os fãs entram no site, registram-se gratuitamente e acrescentam um pontinho a um retrato do Rei do Pop que está sendo desenhado em tempo real por Ilan.Batizada de 1 Dot = 1 Fan (1 ponto = 1 fã), a ideia é alcançar 1 milhão de participantes para completar o desenho. Até a noite desta segunda-feira, cerca de 250 mil pessoas já haviam participado. Uma vez acrescentado à imagem, o ponto é identificado por um número, que é associado ao perfil da pessoa que contribuiu.Entre os nomes que já deram sua contribuição estão as cantoras Diana Ross e Gladys Knight, o...
Brian Friedman
Choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Calling All Michael Jackson Fans!
UPDATE: The portrait is now finished but you can still claim a dot that has already been drawn. Just click the "Signup" button on the right.If you are a fan in any way of Michael Jackson, then you are going to want to be part of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Celebrity artist David Ilan has agreed to create a portrait of Michael Jackson. This portrait, however, is anything but ordinary. It is unique, one of a kind, and very special, just like Michael was. It is also approved by many of those who were the closest to Michael in his life. This Tribute Portrait is a very fitting way to honor The King of Pop and it gives his fans an opportunity to play an important role in carrying on his legacy.    David’s portraits are created using only hand drawn dots with each dot representing one person – one fan like you and me. The significance of this is that every dot drawn in this genuine work of art represents someone in the world who loved Michael. 1,000,000 dots in this...
Canada - Quebec: Michael Jackson un an déjà (25 Jun 2010)
   DÉCÈS Michael Jackson un an déjà  Mise à jour : 25/06/2010 00h11     archives QMILe 25 juin 2010 marque le premier anniversaire de la mort subite de Michael Jackson. Malgré son décès, le chanteur est plus populaire que jamais.Aux dernières nouvelles, Katherine Jackson et les enfants de Michael devraient se rendre dans la ville natale du chanteur à Gary, en Indiana, pour commémorer en famille le premier anniversaire de son décès.En Californie, des milliers de fans sont attendus au cimetière Forest Lawn de Glendale, en banlieue de Los Angeles, devant le mausolée où Michael repose.Forever Michael, un concert en hommage au défunt chanteur approuvé par la mère de Michael, se déroulera samedi à l’hôtel Beverly Hilton à Beverly Hills. Les billets sont en vente au coût de 150 $ et 500 $. Une portion des profits sera remise à des œuvres de charité.Les admirateurs du monde entier peuvent également rendre...
Celebrities & VIPs Get their Dots
 Here is a sampling of photos of some of the celebrities and other VIPs who have endorsed / support the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait.Azja Pryor addresses guests before she gets her dot at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, August 28, 2009.Cris Judd gets his dot on February 24, 2010,at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood, where Michael rehearsed the "Thriller" video. Dionne Warwick gets her dot at her "Under the Stars" benefit concertfor Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena’s Memorial Park, June 13, 2010. Dionne Warwick with Portrait Artist David Ilan David Ilan shakes hands with Jermaine Jackson. On November 24, 2009 Jermaine attended our charity event at the AMC Magic Johnson Theatres in Los Angeles, organized by the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait in association with May May Ali (daughter of Muhammad Ali) and Torré Reese of FAMLI, INC. (a nonprofit after school enrichment/mentoring program).60 students from three inner city public schools walked...
Chapter 1 - A Special Gift
Isabella was sitting on her special princess bed – the one Grandma Allen gave to her for her 7th birthday a few months ago – knees pulled up close to her chest, arms wrapped tightly around them. Her chocolate brown curly hair was pulled back in a pony tail while tears filled her big, beautiful blue eyes. It wasn’t very long ago that the two of them were laughing, singing and dancing. Michael Jackson was Grandma Allen’s favorite entertainer and she taught Isabella many of his songs. They would sit together in their favorite chair and watch Thriller with excitement. Neither one of them could contain themselves when the music started to play. They would jump up and immediately start dancing.As she sat on her bed, Isabella drifted off in her memory, thinking about what happened seven days ago…“Isabella! Isabella! Grandma Allen wants to speak to you!” her mom declared. “She’s awake!” Isabella exclaimed. “Yes, and she wants to talk to you. Hurry and...
Chapter 10 - For All Time
Isabella sat on the tan leather couch with her feet slightly hanging off the edge, talking to her mom on the phone. The large window behind her revealed a sky covered in dark clouds, looking as if it were going to rain any minute. In front of her was a brown coffee table with a marble top, holding a fancy bowl of fruit in the center and two of her favorite books on each side; Moonwalk and Dancing the Dream, both written by Michael Jackson.“We all have such busy lives now, mom. Gracie is seventeen years old, and Spencer is fourteen. Can you believe that?”“My how time has flown by” Her mother replied.“I know, and they always have something going on; whether it’s school, friends or extracurricular activities.”“How is Nathan doing?”“He’s doing great. His orthopedic practice has grown so much that he’s never home either. He’s extremely successful, but with that comes a price. He works way too much. Or maybe it just seems that way because I’m in between film...
Chapter 11 - A Major Love Bomb
It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. Isabella stood on the porch outside in the backyard of their large two-story house taking it all in. The sky was crystal clear, the rays bouncing off the pool as it glistened. An orange basketball lay still at the bottom of the court, almost as if it was resting, knowing that soon the crowd would be putting it in to action. "Today is the day." She mumbled to herself. "I've got the food being delivered at 1:00. Nathan is getting the drinks. I think we're good to go. Now I just hope all our neighbors show up." Isabella and Nathan were throwing a party, a neighborhood get together. She believed very strongly in having a sense of community amongst neighbors. Therefore, every so often she would throw a party to get everyone together. They were particularly good friends with the Mills family down the street. He's a fireman. She is a homemaker. They have two kids; a 20-year old girl named Vienna and a 17-year old boy named...
Chapter 12 - Goodbye for Now
Isabella sat on the steel park bench facing the brightly colored playground where her grandson was playing. Jack was the light of her life. Gracie and her husband had been through so much to adopt him. They couldn't have children of their own. When they vacationed in Africa they were introduced to him and fell in love. The playground was covered in tan colored bark. The plastic slides were bright green. There were three of them; a spiral slide, a small curved slide and a long straight slide. On the ground next to her was Maggie, her faithful golden retriever. A welcome addition to her family since Nathan had passed away. On the bench beside her was Michael's Magic Box. "Grandma watch me!" The little boy shouted with glee. He was standing at the top of the long slide smiling as he was about to slide down. Dressed in tan pants and a blue shirt, his dark brown curly hair glistened in the sun. "Okay," Isabella shouted back, not taking her eyes off of him. He...
Chapter 2 - The Bully
Note: If you haven't read Chapter 1 yet, read it first HERE. Isabella stopped to smell the bright red and yellow tulips that adorned her neighbor’s yard, as she walked to school on a crisp, clear day at the beginning of spring. They were Grandma Allen’s favorite kind of flowers and seeing them always brought a smile to her face. She couldn’t believe it had already been 7 years since her grandma had passed away.Now 12 years old, Isabella’s mind drifted to the good old days of being in elementary school, where she spent the entire day being taught by her favorite teacher, Miss Judy.  She snickered to herself as she remembered how Miss Judy would always tell a joke first thing in the morning. That was her favorite part of the school day.  Isabella thought about how hard it is to have seven different teachers, one for each class, now that she is in junior high school. It was much too impersonal.  Gone are the days when she could be with her best...
Chapter 3 - Best Friends Forever
 In Memory of Whitney Houston 1963 – 2012 If you haven't read Chapter 2 yet, read that first. Chapter 3 – Best Friends ForeverIsabella stood in front of the bathroom mirror curling her gorgeous long brown hair with a big barrel curling iron.  Dressed in jeans and a white shirt with a red flower on it that bore one shoulder, she was ready to dance! “Where are you going?” her mom asked as she approached the bathroom. “Paige is taking me to the dance club for my birthday.” “Oh, that’s nice. I can’t believe you’re 17 already. That makes me feel old.” Isabella’s mom giggled.“I know! Can you believe I will be graduating high school in a few months? Time flies!”  “Yes it does,” her mom said shaking her head. “It seems like just yesterday you were a 7-year-old girl dancing around with Grandma Allen. Honk! Honk! “Oh, there’s Paige!” Isabella exclaimed. “I gotta go.” “Okay, you know the...
Chapter 4 - Whispers from your Soul
If you haven't read Chapter 3 yet, read that first HERE. Isabella. Marie. Richardson. Those were the words Isabella heard over the loudspeaker as she stood in line to receive her high school diploma. Dressed in a royal blue graduation gown with a white and blue tassel hanging from her cap, she accepted her diploma. As she shook the hand of the principal, a photo was snapped. Walking back to her seat, she recalled the message she had received from Michael’s Magic Box upon waking that morning. I wish for you to learn about perseverance and confidence and the true meaning of success, which is love.   Love… the true meaning of success? Isabella wondered, shaking her head slightly. That’s not what she was feeling about her future. Although she felt the accomplishment of graduating, she also felt a twinge of sadness. Life as she knew it was about to change. In the fall, she would be going to college to get a degree in business, something her father...
Chapter 5 - BE A STAR
If you haven't read chapter 4 yet, read it first here. Chapter 5 - BE A STAR“Your assignment,” Professor Williams instructed, “is to create a 7-minute film that in some way promotes positive change throughout the world.”Isabella’s eyes widened with delight. She moved around excitedly in her chair, looking at the other students, with a huge smile on her face. This is a subject close to her heart.“Each student is to direct their own film and participate as crew members on two other student projects. All films will be screened at our local film festival in 1 month. The audience will vote on each film. The student whose film wins the title ‘Best Short Film’ will have their film shown at the National Film Festival.”Isabella could hardly contain her excitement. My first film, she thought excitedly, envisioning it being shown at the film festival in front of hundreds and maybe thousands of people, if she won.“We’re also going to make this fun,” Professor...
Chapter 6 - I Choose L.O.V.E.
The long mirror reflected back an image of beauty as Isabella looked at herself dressed in a white satin strapless wedding gown and small white flowers placed throughout her hair. I can’t believe I am actually getting married, she thought. Nathan asked her to marry him after they both graduated college. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror, her thoughts filled with hopes for the future.“Hi, Isabella!” Kristina said, walking into the dressing room.“Hi, sis! How are ya?” she responded, giving her a hug.“I’m great. Are you getting excited?”“Yes, I am!”“I bet. I can’t believe that in one hour you are going to be a married woman.”“I know. It seems like just yesterday we were kids. Time goes by so fast.”“True,” Kristina said, nodding her head. “I can’t believe Jayden is already 5 years old.”“I’ve actually wanted to talk to you about him,” Isabella said as she gently grabbed her sister’s hands. “I want you to know how proud I...
Chapter 7 - I Choose L.O.V.E. (Part 2)
If you haven't read I Choose L.O.V.E. part 1 (Chapter 6) read it first HERE.  Isabella stood in the kitchen of their small apartment, cutting up a red apple into slices while talking to Nathan. The juice from the apple squirted onto the dark granite countertop. Silver appliances trimmed in black shined in the background and sunflowers places in vases throughout the kitchen added just the right amount of color. The sound of chimes alerted her of a cell phone ringing. She grabbed her purse off of the counter and sifted through it until she found it. “Hi Kristina! Yeah, sure. I can come over in about an hour. Is that alright? Okay, see ya then.” She hung up the phone and looked at Nathan. “That was Kristina. I’m really worried about her,” she said, sitting down at the table. “It’s been over a year since Jayden’s death, and she doesn’t seem to be getting any better.” “Everyone moves through grief at difference paces though,...
Chapter 8 - Show Me What it Means to Love
Isabella quietly laid back the covers and carefully climbed out of bed so she wouldn’t wake up Nathan on an early Saturday morning. He had worked late at the hospital the night before, so she figured he would be sleeping for a while. After getting dressed in a pair of gray cotton shorts and a red tank top, she brushed her long brown hair, put on her black flip flops, then walked downstairs. She reached for the silver light next to her laptop, flicked it on and started her computer. While waiting for it to power up, she made a pot of coffee. “Let’s see what kind of emails I have today,” she said as she sat down at her computer and sipped her coffee. After a few moments, Nathan touched her shoulder. “Good morning.” Isabella jumped. “Oh, you scared me. Good morning,” she said, giving him a kiss. “I didn’t think you would be up so soon.” “Eh, I don’t like to sleep very late. You know that; makes me feel like I’m wasting the day.”He walked into the kitchen,...
Chapter 9 - Feed the Good
The long winding highway was lined with tall, lush, trees that were blowing in the breeze on both sides of the road. The white SUV approached the bend revealing a deep blue lake sparkling off to the right and small green hills off to the left. The sky was crystal clear blue with not a cloud in it. “I love this drive to your parent’s house” Isabella said looking over at Nathan. “I know. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? He gazed at the incredible landscape as he drove the shiny white SUV down the road.Mesmerized by the scenery, Isabella sat in quiet contemplation, reflecting on all the changes that had taken place in the last ten years. Glancing back at her two kids, she smiled in appreciation. Gracie was the spitting image of Isabella. Now ten years old, she sat in the back seat listening to music, her seat belt securely fastened; curly brown hair bouncing about freely. Spencer was fast asleep. “Aw, what a precious little six-year old I have,” she said...
Cherilyn Lee
Michael Jackson's Nurse    "Michael was the humblest person I ever met and he loved life. He loved life so much."  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
China: Jackson Memorial unveiled (Jun 22, 2010)
 Source: Find us on     Comments for this post are now closed.
Conrad Murray and the Voices That Ring True
October 4, 2011“He’s the greatest entertainer in the world.  I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital…”This last sentence taken from the haunting audio recording of Michael Jackson under the influence of “unknown agents” is a key element of the involuntary manslaughter case that the state of California is currently building against Dr. Conrad Murray. Hearing this voice cracked the door open for the jury into the private state of mind of the deceased and exposed the intimate knowledge that the accused had of his celebrity patient. The recording also presented a window of truth to the global humanitarian that Michael Jackson truly was. Would a man with these grand hopes and dreams actually risk taking his own life for a few hours of sleep?  It was shocking, disheartening and enraging for many to hear Jackson in such an eerie state of sedation.  The slurred...
Conrad Murray Trial: Christi Paul and Matt Semino Discuss Dr. Shafer Cross-Examination (10-24-11)
Conrad Murray Trial: Dr. Paul White Cross-Examination Discussed by Christi Paul and Matt Semino (11
Conrad Murray Trial: HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell Interviews Attorney Matt Semino (10-19-11)
Conrad Murray Trial: Jane Velez-Mitchell, Matt Semino, Marcia Clark Talk Closing Arguments (11-3-11)
Conrad Murray Verdict: IN SESSION's Christ Paul and Matt Semino Discuss (11/8/11)
Cris Judd
Choreographer /ActorClick here to watch a video of Cris Judd receiving his dot.   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Cyberbullying: The Who'z BAD?! Files
Love Through A Child's Heart Files*Source: The Bully Have you ever seen someone in a chat room get called a name, gossiped about or even tormented because they seemed a little different or weird? Did you want to stand up for them but kept silent in fear someone might tease or outcast you? What if you were the victim? How would you feel? What if you are the bully? Did you ever take a moment to think that the words you write or say could hurt someone else? What makes the Internet so fascinating and exciting that you want to be apart of it?In this vast world of technology we live in today, teens have instant access to many outlets, we only dreamt of back in the 80s and 90s. The Internet has paved the way for text messages, IMs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. These are just a few of the ways teens can stay connected to each other. Teachers are now using Smart Boards and virtual classrooms to teach their students. Most...
Dancing the Dream
 Consciousness expresses itself through creationThis world we live in is the dance of the CreatorDancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives onOn many an occasion when I'm dancing, I've felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I've felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. I become the stars and the moon I become the lover and the belovedI become the victor and the vanquishedI become the master and the slaveI become the singer and the songI become the knower and the knownI keep on dancing and then it is the eternal dance of creationThe Creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joyI keep on dancing and dancing.....and dancing, until there is only.....the dance..... - Michael Jackson
David Michael Frank
Composer (Collaborated with Michael Jackson)   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Deborah Dannelly
Michael Jackson Fan Club President and Friend    “This tribute is a way for fans to feel like they’re part of something that’s going to be timeless. The portrait will be around forever, and they can always be a part of that. Each fan is one dot for eternity. The one thing that Michael loved more than anything else besides his children was his fans, and he was always very, very appreciative of his fans. For there to be a portrait that’s going to be done with each dot representing a fan, oh he would love it! He would absolutely just be over the top with that.”  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Defending the Victim in the Conrad Murray Trial
Should Michael Jackson be blamed for his own death?  Jury selection is underway and opening statements are set to commence in the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial.  International headlines are shouting, “Michael Jackson drank propofol moments before he died!” These questionable pronouncements allude to the defense theory that Murray’s legal team is expected to soon present in a Los Angeles courtroom.  Symptoms of a “blame the victim” syndrome are already showing.  While sensational, it should be of no surprise that Murray’s lawyers may argue that Michael Jackson took his own life by either injecting himself with propofol or ingesting it.  Story-making is surely nothing new when it comes to the King of Pop.  Turning the tables on the voiceless is also now in vogue with high-profile criminal defendants.  It worked for Casey Anthony, why shouldn’t it also work for Conrad Murray?  While “blaming the victim” may be...
Diana Ross
Singer, Record Producer, Actress    "I Love You."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Dionne Warwick
Singer/ActressClick here to watch Dionne Warwick get her dot.  Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Don Wilson
Producer/Director of "Man In The Mirror" Video    “This tribute and the actual portrait are a unique, touching and ever-lasting way for those who knew, worked with and loved Michael Jackson to have a timeless connection to him and his spirit.”   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.
Donate to Win an Autographed 'BAD' Poster!
August 2, 2011 [Updated September 1, 2011]UPDATED SEPTEMBER 1, 2011: WINNER ANNOUNCED! Congratulations to joanna829, Dot # 14,816 of Florida, USA! Joann Darnell's name was drawn to win the below autographed poster and certificate of authenticity. Thank you to Joann and all Dot members who donated to win!Would you like to win a BAD poster, signed by Michael Jackson, complete with a certificate of authenticity?! All you have to do is make a donation of $10 USD or more to the MJTP between now and August 20, 2011. Your name and dot number will automatically be entered upon completion of your order. Special thanks to MJTP dot members Joy (Dot Number 259850), Jane (Dot Number 268196) and Brenda (Dot Number 261252) who donated this authentic autographed poster to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait!
Dorian Holley
Vocal Director/Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Coach    "Michael Jackson was as polite as he was sweet, as sweet as he was talented, as talented as he was fearless, as fearless as he was genius. He will never be forgotten."   Find us on      Please note: You must be logged in to comment.

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