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Posted at 3:06 AM on 9/22/2009
This has come to my attention and it disgusts me deeply... but am I surprised? No, I'm not!

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Releasing Book On MJ

(21-09-09) A Note From MJFC: The following news item concerns a book being written by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. We felt it was neccessary to remind the fans just who Rabbi Boteach is before reporting on this story.

Unfortunately, during this very sad time when fans around the world are still grieving over our loss, there are those individuals out there who are trying to cash in on the name Michael Jackson. Sadly, some of those individuals are people who once called themselves Michael Jackson's friend. Rabbi Boteach is one of those people. The Rabbi befriended Jackson back in 1999 and the two spent a great deal of time working on various projects together. However, when Jackson was arrested in 2003 on charges of child molestation, his new friend the Rabbi was nowhere to be found.

Rabbi Boteach admits that he had planned to publish the book at Jackson's request but then shelved the idea after Jackson's arrest. It wasn't until after Jackson died in June, and the world began buying all things MJ, that the Rabbi decided to go ahead with the book and, no doubt, to try and cash in on "his friend," Michael Jackson. Our question is, why couldn't he have released this book back when "his friend" could have used the support? But we already know the answer don't's because back then, no one would touch anything Michael Jackson related. So there was no way that the Rabbi could line his pockets that way!

So, when this book is published and you are deciding whether or not to spend your hard-earned money on it, remember that it was written by someone who recently had this to say about "his friend" Michael Jackson:

He did good in his life, and he made people happy - and [for] some of whom he was very special - but he may indeed have been guilty of very serious crimes, which no one could excuse, and if he was guilty of those crimes, he deserves to be condemned."
This is not the quote of someone who believed that his "friend" was innocent. You can read this quote and more by clicking on the following links:

News Item:
U.S. TV show, NBC Dateline is planning a one-hour special this coming week on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s latest book, which is based on 30 hours of taped interviews he did with Michael Jackson more than eight years ago – interviews he describes as “raw, intimate, and revealing.”

The show will air on Friday night, Sept. 25, and the book, which is titled “Michael Jackson Tapes: A Tragic Icon Reveals His Soul in Intimate Conversation," will be published next week.

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Posted at 2:19 AM on 9/23/2009
I am angered and ...( a whole load of bad intentions are going thru my head right now!!!!) I think the jackson family should do something about this. Don't they have a right to stop such money-making "friends"!!!! This cannot be allowed..and I am sure its not going to be the first. I mean to sue later after the book is published is really too late....I do pray the Jacksons are able to stop such publications cos I just see the world being flooded with such books and similar antics by by Michael's so called "Friends". All I can say is "God is Watching YOU LIARS!!!!"

Thanks for sharing this Faith. Thanks for the warning.
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Posted at 3:48 PM on 9/24/2009
This book makes me really nervous, too. I don't want to watch Boteach being interviewed on 20/20 but I feel I should just to know what's being said. I sure do NOT want to read the book. Google Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and see what you think after you've read about him. He seems like one of those "trendy" religious "gurus".
Posted at 7:55 PM on 9/25/2009
Yes I saw this book at wal-mart today and I hide the book behind and turned it backwards I just had too.
Posted at 10:17 PM on 9/25/2009
Rabbi Shumley is another person on the bandwagon making money from Michael's death. I'ts sad a "rabbi" would "sell out" for 60 minutes of fame. I will not buy his book!
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Posted at 10:29 PM on 9/25/2009
I just watched the Dateline interview with Rabbi Shumley and I was deeply disappointed that a so called "friend" would sell him out like that. Segments of the tapes I'm sure were taken out of contex and manipulated to make MJ look bad. I just can't believe this person would hold onto these tapes for over 9 years just waiting for the right time to cash in on them. Michael still can't find peace. People are still writing garbage about him and others are fueling the fire to sell books, stories and air-time on networks. I'm disgusted and I hope this book tanks.
Posted at 10:34 PM on 9/25/2009
I hope no MJ fan buys this, unaware of what it really is. It sure looks to me like Shmuley is just another one cashing in on Michael while his death is fresh.
Posted at 10:36 PM on 9/25/2009
My letter that I emailed a few minutes ago to Meredith Vieira:

Dear Meredith,
I watched Dateline tonight, not because I have any interest in Rabbi Shmuley, and not because I might buy his book (because I certainly will not). I watched because I wanted to see Michael and I wanted to hear his voice, and I watched so that I would know to what extent he would be defamed by the media yet again.
I was surprised to see that you were the interviewer, and in a sense, relieved. You are a journalist I've always respected. You don't seem to sensationalize, you don't seem to go overboard, and in this evening's interview, you did better than most at keeping an even keel to the subject at hand.

I do have some questions and comments. Please read them with the respectful tone in which they are intended; they are not meant in any other way. The questions are simply questions.

Why is it that you, and others, don't seem to understand that a person can have mixed feelings about themselves? Why do you call it contradictory that Michael didn't like the way he looked, yet believed (I would say knew) himself to be capable of reaching people, and of healing children? Are there not things you might dislike about yourself, and other things you know you are talented at? Does that make you "conflicted"? Why, when you called Michael "conflicted," did it seem that you thought him pathetic? How do you know his love was not healing to the children? Isn't it a common thought these days that love does heal? Isn't it possible that he really can do as he says? Why, if he has this gift of love for children, does that mean he has a "messiah complex"?

It did seem like overall, someone in the Dateline interview wanted us to think Michael was mentally ill. Shmuley says Michael 'believed' that Joseph had beaten him. Well, if Joseph denies it, then we have to make Michael sound flawed, don't we? Shmuley says he doesn't believe Michael was a monster, but he may have done some unforgivable things. It seems that almost no one in the media wants to admit to the possibility that Michael was the victim of an unconscionable crime himself, a crime committed by a few people whose ambition was to destroy him. The jury acquitted him, and I believe for good reason. I'd sure like to see someone in the media talking about that for a change.

As to his feelings about his looks, Shmuley records Michael saying he looks like a lizard. Well, if he looked in the mirror when his lupus was flaring up, and/or when his skin was all in patches of color, he might well have seen that. How about talking about how completely rational that feeling would be given his autoimmune disorders?

I hope that you will at some point talk about Michael's specialness. Interview some of his fans, those who truly love him, Michael the human, the humanitarian, the one who taught them that love conquers all. Talk about his immense charity, his kindness, his gentleness. Listen to his music, listen to the words, as so many of us are doing.

Talk about the profound effect his death has had on so many people, and not just his biggest fans. Did you know that many, many people have had trouble functioning in day-to-day life since he died, that many, many people are still crying their eyes out over his passing, that many, many people have bought all the disks and videos they can, are spending hour upon hour at youtube watching him, learning about him, discovering his innocence (of which I have no doubt whatsoever after watching Larry Nimmer's work)? Did you know that these same people are talking about how they want to heal the world and many of us are taking palpable action to do that? We are filling ourselves with his songs of love and change and giving, and we want to pass on his message and live his legacy. That's a lot of people, Meredith. Do you know that there's a Michael Jackson tribute website where already 20,000 people are getting to know each other, supporting each other, discussing anything and everything about Michael and what he meant to us? People from all over the world, all languages, sexes, races, ages, all sharing, without the aforementioned artificial barriers. As I said, these are not just die-hard fans. Some of us have never paid much attention to him at all, but now that's all we do. It's as if something shifted when he passed, something in the universe changed. A person whose death moves mountains is one to be paid attention to. I do hope that you will do a show about all of this.

I am moved profoundly by his death. I still can't accept it, and I don't know why. I've always been able to accept the death before of anybody, but now, this Michael Jackson, I can't. I simply can't accept it. And I'm one of thousands feeling the same way. There's something to that. Do you see what I'm saying? I'm also moved that his fans are not just sex-crazed teens blinded by a hot body and a passionate performer, but they truly, genuinely love him for the person he is. It seems to me much more than one would normally think of anyone's fans. There's something more to this man's passing than just, simply, death. There's something much more.

Posted at 10:43 PM on 9/25/2009
Thank you for expressing just how I felt as I was watching that. Hearing Michael's voice was the only reason that made me watch it. I also feel that there's much more to Michael saying he looks like a "lizard", things said beforre and after that need to be considered. Personally I think it's wrong of Rabbi Schmuley to release these tapes because as far as I know Rabbi's are supposed to keep that sense of trust with those they deal with and I feel he broke that by releasing the tapes.
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Posted at 10:50 PM on 9/25/2009
APK -- All I can say is extremely well-written, and thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth. Hopefully she will read it and fully comprehend the meaning behind your words. It's probably a long shot but we can dream that she comes across the "Behind The Trial" footage about how screwed up the family was behind his most recent allegations... it's everything that nobody speaks of, yet somehow the most important information. This world needs a change... open their eyes. We can help do this.
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