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Posted at 3:25 PM on 9/30/2009
this is not just any book... but THE BOOK! The book that could finally clear Mihael's name!

Why on earth haven't we seen this before? We should all buy it and spread the word.

Redemption ~ by Geraldine Hughes (Author)

The Truth Behind The Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations

Product Description

Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegation is the book that proves Michael Jackson was framed in 1993. The author, Geraldine Hughes, worked for the attorney of the father of the 13-year old accuser's father and witnessed an elaborate extortion scheme launched as child molestation when MJ did not pay the $20 million dollars. Redemption answers questions that never been answered before and explains why MJ settled the case in 1993. Once you read Redemption you will be knowledgeable of all the facts surrounding the 1993 case. In loving memory of Michael Jackson, his family, fans & children, Redemption will clear Michael Jackson's name. It is never too late to know the truth.

GOD BLESS YOU ~ Geraldine!
Posted at 1:09 AM on 10/2/2009
Thanks for this. We should send this to all those we know who believed the crap they wrote about Michael and the dumb charges!!.
Posted at 6:06 PM on 10/15/2009
Thank you Faith for posting this. I have seen the author talk of this book. It is on my list for sure. I have a video I bought about the trial behind the scenes. She was on it talking about this book. What people will do for money is discusting.. take care ... peace xo
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Posted at 5:29 PM on 10/16/2009
Thanks for posting. It is so pathetic to see what people will do for money! It is disgusting. "What goes around, comes around"!
Posted at 12:17 AM on 10/21/2009
Heck yes I am getting this book it has been on my wish list on Amazon forever!! When I saw the author talk about it she looked so passionate about getting the truth out there! I just to thank her! I just haven't got around to ordering it! I had to get my Moonwalk copy of course and I got Conspiracy and The Michael Jackson Tapes (which I have a love/hate relationship with)so that one is next :)
Posted at 11:22 AM on 11/25/2009
I will look for the book too, but friends when I heard all that was going on with MJ years ago, I asked myself one question as a mother, not as a fan. The question was: If the accusing boy was my son, and I really believed that a person was harming my child, would ANY amount of money satisfy me and make it all "go away"? My answer: NO! I would want to see that person in jail or dead. As a mother, I would NEVER put a price on my child's safety and well being. I believed it was extortion all along, and I am so sad that MJ had to suffer the injustice and the severe humiliation that he faced. I have so much compassion in my heart for Michael. He was abused as a child, and also as an adult. As professionally successful as he was, in his private life, he had so many strikes against him it wasn't even funny.

Still, through it all, he stayed remarkably humble, kind, and good natured. This is the reason why his fans are so loyal to him. We see through the smoke, and we see the truth. Thankfully, others who are in the position to publicly tell the truth are getting the truth out there too.
Posted at 12:35 PM on 7/16/2010
"The Real Michael Jackson: A General in the Army of Love"

I always saw Michael as a fighter. MJ told all haters to bug off. He always had to struggle as the Lord placed upon his shoulders a heavy cross that many are not able to bear. That's why I maintained an enduring love for him (outside of entertainment) even though I was not a quote-unquote fan.

Not only did Michael suffer physical and mental abuse as a young child, causing him to have self-esteem issues--leading to his over-concern with his physical appearance. But MJ also spent his entire childhood working full-time as an entertainer. He never got to play like his Inner Child desired. He never got to be a child. So along with all the other trials and tribulations, Michael suffered from extreme isolation. He could go nowhere from the age of 11 without being mobbed by fans and media.

And Joe worked the heck out of his boys. He saw their potential, exploited his children's talent fully, and got his large family out of the ghetto. I love Joe Jackson for his hard work in raising his group of talented boys regardless of his tactics. So I never hate on him. Without Joe, there'd've been no Michael. Dig it? Thank you both Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson for offering your son Michael Joe Jackson to us, the world.

Back to the point: Michael had the moxy to say--to the consternation of the haters--I'm Peter Pan. I missed my childhood. I worked hard all my life, fed the record industry with my life-blood, now I've earned the right to play. I earned it. Now I'm trying to relive it by giving joy and witnessing the joy of children in this wonderful Neverland I created for myself and the children. I can hear Michael believing this in his heart. He missed out on childhood having to work, day (practicing) and night (performing); As a young child, he worked his whole young lifetime to bring love, joy, and beauty to this turbulent world.

I grew up from age 3 with Michael. I always knew he was a big old kid trapped in a man's body. Anyone who truly loved Michael--beyond just being a fan--never believed any of the lies told about Michael's sexuality. I always thought he was asexual quite frankly as he aged pasted puberty. He was so shy and innocent and oh so sexy. Into Disneyland, cartoons, water balloon and super soaker fights, candy, pop, and carnival rides. And he loved children. They were his inspiration, his delight. In one interview, MJ said he wanted to adopt 2 children from each continent. That's 14 kids! You have to looove kids to want that many. But he never found a mate due to his stature really; a genius with eccentricities who thought women loved him for his power, not his force, his True Self.

Just imagine the isolation, the longing for intimacy and true friendship Michael had to endure. But he perservered through it all like a Black Panther baby! Michael's ingenious execution of music, song, dance, short films, choreography, acting, and writing proved him indeed to be God's Glow. His magic-making performance art brought joy, love, and happiness to millions. Michael's Message captured the world. This he did while suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and autoimmune disorders affecting pigmentation, joints, and lung. And Michael never complained; keeping most of his medical history private. As well he should've.

MJ only mentioned the vitiligo as the vampire media spread the lie that Michael hated his African heritage, which is far from the truth. (Listen to his speech to the NAACP, for instance). MJ never complained publicly about the disfigurement suffered on a large portion of his scalp during the Pepsi fiasco (I can't watch that video to this day); which led to his use/abuse of pain medications; then anxiety and sleeping pills. And who the hell started Michael on the propofol in the first place? My intution tells me money-hungry plastic surgeons, who kept whacking at our Beloved's nose for profit, will ultimately be held accountable.

Then along came a greedy family playing on Michael's generosity and naivite in his love for children. The vampire media hated; US and British. Forwarding malicious lies as fact to a public to devoid of enough common sense to see the Truth. Then came money hungry family number two. More lies. I never listened to a word of it. Never read one article written about Michael while he was living. I never trusted the media for truth outside the weather and traffic. I knew they were lying on him instinctively.

But the vampire media kept lying on Michael. We should all know by now the subtefuge of so-called journalist Martin Bashir led to Michael's ultimate downfall. So much of the US public turned against their besmudged King of Pop. The media made him an icon and then turned against him; making MJ a martyr as the world embraced him regardless of hate propaganda proffered by the media. The world made a spiritual connection with Michael because he fought for their causes in his music and showed them humanitarianism.

Digression aside, Michael exemplified a fighting spirit. This can be seen in his performance regalia and personal dress. All the leg and arm armor, helmets, the bandelidiers of ammunition, the belts and buckles; all the militaria regalia, insignia, and formations; military tanks and armed soldiers. Michael's also showed his fight with aggressive songs and dance routines; especially in They Don't Care About Us (see all versions including the This Is It version starting at the Bad teaser). And in my favorite dance routine, outside of Smooth Criminal and Dangerous, Panther Dance, I find myself routing and yelling throughout the whole routine most times. Actually, Panther Dance is my favorite! The entertainment industry banned the video so that should tell you something about the political intensity of the dance. And let's not even talk about Bad, Beat It, and Smooth Criminal; Threatened, Is it Scary, and Scream.

By the Grace of God, the world community ignored the lies; allowing them to perceive the True Spirit of Michael as he took up national and worldwide social, economic, and political issues as his own, in song, dance, and humanitarianism. Out of the depth of compassion and love Michael had for llfe, children, humanity, and the Earth, makes him, in my eyes, not only a saint, but also our Love Commander in the MJ Army of Love. And in his martyrdom, a Love Movement is taking place around the world in his name, for the Glory of God's Kingdom.

Love is everything, MJ told us. It's all for love. LOVE. We need to love one another; bring more love into the world, he implored. This is the Mission of Love that is growing in Michael's name around the globe. Upon finding so much love and camaraderie in the MJTP Family, I ran with the idea of the MJ Army of Love. I immediately became a Love Soldier engaged in the battle to clear Michael's Legacy of all defamation. As a writer, my Spirit also moves me to write the Truth about the real Michael Jackson.

We have a long fight ahead of us though in the realm of FULL legal justice for Michael's murder. But mark my words, Y'all all goin down suckas! AEG, Murray, and the rest of y'all murdering drug-pushers are going down!

(Copyright, 2010. All Rights Reserved by Author)

Posted at 9:32 PM on 7/21/2010
Thank you MotownMJDevotee for your inspirational thoughts and opinions....I am with you all the way.....ALL THE WAY!!!!!

Posted at 8:47 AM on 7/22/2010
Thanks for your support merlefernandez. I'm with you all the way also. Anything I can ever do to help support your Love Actions, please let me know. My strength obviously is writing so I write for my MJ. He's my heart and soul. I love him more and more. I continue to grow in the Model of Love Michael left us with. I continue to grow in my love of my Self and others. I love you.

I AM...An MJ Soldier of Love committed to forwarding MJ's Message in this Army of Love using the pen as my sword,

Posted at 4:21 AM on 8/17/2010
Thanks for telling about this book. Its sad to know that when God was distributing brains some people were stealing money and now they've sold their souls to the devil and can do anything for money, even accuse the innocent.
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