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Posted at 12:23 AM on 1/6/2011
We ALL need to get in touch with Entertainment Tonight. We helped stop the autopsy [for a while, we must keep sending our messages loud and clear] Read this and start writing, calling, etc. L.O.V.E. Lisa

FANS UNITE " to Remove Diane Dimond from all Entertainment Tonight Michaeal Jackson coverage.

18 months after Michael Jackson's death, millions of his fans are appalled that tabloid journalist, Diane Dimond, who along with the Santa Barbara's district attorney, lead the witch hunt against the beloved performer in 2005, is still riding on Jackson's name to earn a living.

We are saddened that Entertainment Tonight has given such a divisive , individual a platform to air her lies during the Michael Jackson's manslaughter trial.
Her bias and conflict of interests in any regard to Michael Jackson are apparent to everyone.

Diane Dimond has no business covering someone she worked all these years to destroy, going as far as fabricating evidence, using her press credentials to report lies for her friends in the Santa Barbara's DA's office.

In fact, Mr.Jackson sued Ms.Dimond when she was involved in a fabricated story involving him.
In 1995, when Dimond was working for "Hard Copy," she reported that Sneddon was searching for an explicit 27-minute videotape showing Jackson molesting a boy.
Sneddon soon concluded that no such video existed, but not before Dimond appeared on L.A.'s KABC radio and her Paramount-produced tabloid show to trumpet the imagined X-rated details.

In her quest for Michael Jackson's blood, she has become a journalistic caricature, without professional ethics .

We, Michael Jackson fans, are appalled that even after his death, he cannot escape his enemies.

We are now coming together to request that Entertainment Tonight remove Diane Dimond FROM ALL Michael Jackson related coverage, specifically the preliminary hearing and the upcoming manslaughter trial.

Her well documented bias against Jackson and your callous decision to hire her AFTER his death is a slap in the face of your viewers and an insult to the memory of the performer.

This campaign's objective is to convince ET to remove diane Dimond from all their MJ coverage IMMEDIATELY.

We will start by tweeting the producers and on-air personalities, and emailing them at, asking that Diane Dimond be removed from all MJ coverage duties.

At the same time, we will encourage fans to switch to Access Hollywood, ET's main competitor.
Fans may remember that Michael Jackson gave his last TV interview to Billy Bush of Access Hollywood from Ireland.

We are hoping ,we will get a immediate response and this will not have to escalate to contacting the advertisers of Entertainment Tonight.
Michael Jackson's millions of fans are steadfast and determined to protect and defend his legacy. As evident, in the fan's sucessful campaign to prevent the Discovery Channel special on Michael Jackson's autopsy.

Please continue to help us support Michael Jackson's legacy.

If the Fans do not unite to protect Michael's legacy - who will?

Diane Dimond's witch hunt against Michael Jackson:


Twitter contact: Main one: @ETonlineAlert

Mark Steines, ET Co-anchor

ET Executive Producer

ET Senior Producer

ET Senior Producer Email:
Posted at 3:27 AM on 2/1/2011
thanks for creating this awareness..we really should try to bring LOVE back to the world where money has become the root of all evils
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