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Posted at 11:07 AM on 11/25/2009
I agree with you. Unfortunately the greedy know that their "cash cow" is gone. They are using Michael, and his death to promote their own pockets.

I know this, as a fan, however I did not go to see This is It for that reason. I went because I didn't want the delayed 911 call, the paparazzi littered ambulance, or the tearful fans on TV to be my last memory of Michael. That is not who he was, and we all know it. In my heart, I believe that Michael would want us to remember him just as he was in the movie, doing what he enjoyed and what he did so exquisitely well.

When I watch the documentaries of his life story, I'm o.k. with everything, and I notice myself feeling happy to see him alive and well. Each time they get to the part that shows the front of the Forrest Lawn Cemetery I begin to cry. I can not find it in myself to even think of Michael as being gone. He had such a vibrancy about him. This is It allowed his fans to see what I always call his "sparkle" , his "magic" again. That is the Michael who is branded into my heart and soul, and that is the Michael I will always carry with me until I reach that concert in the sky!

Let Sony keep the money, I could care less about their greed. I saw the movie because in spirit, I held Michael's hand since the late 60's. I have walked through my entire life with him through the good, the fabulous, the wonderful, the bad, and the very ugly. As his song says, "Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand" I didn't. I will never let go of his hand, and I wasn't about to let go of his hand via the TV media blog. I have spent my life praying for this man, praying for his success, good health, safety, happiness, vindication, etc. I wasn't going to end my walk with him at Forrest Lawn.

Michael, I continue to walk with you, only now we travel on different paths. I will never let go of your hand, and as I continue to walk down my life path, whenever I feel the gentle breeze sweep by my hand, I will that "I am not alone, you are there with me!"
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