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Posted at 7:07 PM on 9/10/2009
Let your voices and opinions be heard. Share what kind of justice are you hoping for Michael.

Posted at 1:44 AM on 9/11/2009
I think that how he died is not being told to us. There are too many things that don't make sense. Like why hire a cardiologist to do the job of an anesthesiologist? And why does the clinic in Las Vegas where Dr. Murray supposedly worked not have cardiology listed as one of its specialties? BTW, they are an outpatient surgery clinic, not a regular doctors' offices clinic. Why weren't the the tools available to Dr. Murray to keep Michael alive in case of a problem with the propofol (like an endotracheal tube)? If he was not a complete idiot, he would have worked to keep Michael alive. The stories keep changing.

The coroners report never seems to turn up. We've seen no toxicology report.

That's all I can think of right now. Before we skewer anybody, I think first we will need the truth of what happened, and what's going on.
Posted at 1:45 AM on 9/11/2009
I feel devasted about what they did to Michael. Someone killed Michael and I think that the doctor who gave him the propofol is only a whipping-boy, i think that in this story the essential person is his manager and I think that behind there is something which is bigger that how much we think. They killed him for the money of course but at the moment there are still many details which we don't know and maybe we'll never know but one thing it's sure THEY KILLED HIM !!!
Posted at 1:57 AM on 9/11/2009
All I want at the end of the day is for those who were negligent to be brought to justice. They cannot be buried together with Michael. Definitely some people made mistakes and as Michael's fans we all need to ensure that justice is served. He was taken away from us so suddenly, that it is all just plain wrong and those responsible must be brought to justice. From what I am hearing, Michael was not a patient to them, if not they would have treated him and not given in to him. I just want us to demand with one voice that Michael's fans want Justice.

Posted at 8:40 PM on 9/11/2009
I believe that the truth has been told... I believe that Dr. Murray accidentaly killed our beloved Michael, I think Murray AKA DR. DEATH is an unprofessional, money hungry, self centered bastard, that WILL get what he deserves, in time... I 100% agree in carma. Let the courts do what they will to Dr. Death, but carma will come back 10 fold on him. Do you know that he originally asked our loving, giving Michael, 5 million dollars to be his private doctor? What a jackass. The man was and still is in debt and all he cared about was a pay check, He didnt care about Michael, and poor Michael dealt with people like Murray his whole life, he just meet one too many. AND THE ONE THING I CANT STAND MORE THAN ANYTHING IS DOCTORS WHO CANT SAY NO! How do you think Michal found out about this damn drug, from Dr. Death of course. And Michaels stupid dermatologist and friend (yeah right friend) is only getting malpractice charges... and has the damn balls after Michael has gone to heaven to slander his name and say he's the father of Michaels kids!! GOD that guy is so fake, i can't stand him. They will all get what they deserve and it will hit them like a ton of bricks!!! thanks for letting me vent....whew.
Posted at 7:54 PM on 9/13/2009
You are so right Nicole. I totally agree with you and yes we all need to vent this frustration out especially when you come into contact with idiots who say things like "....well michael had it coming...he was an addict..." We all know michael is not and never was an "addict" within the meaning the news and the worls imply. For God's sake Michael could not sleep!!! It was never about wanting to get high!

I believe if all of us members will unite and say in one voice the truth about Michael, we can make an impact....we can make a change. We must see that justice is done and met regarding the way in which we lost our Michael. Its just too tragic and too wrong to not do anything. We all need to voice the injustice done to Michael. WE cannot stay silent.
Posted at 10:13 PM on 9/14/2009
It was a horrible thing that happened to Michael. He was unable to sleep, so he trusted some dr. to help him, but instead of helping him he killed him. Dr.s are supposted to help their pts. not kill them. that dr. knew he was doing something wrong, that is obvious. it is soo sad that you can buy people off like that, people that don't care or have morals. that dr. had not concern for Michael all he wanted was the money that is for sure. and the law has to punish him, maybe someday drs. will think twice before accepting $$$$ instead of have the oath they took to protect people. it makes me so angry but also soo sad.
Posted at 1:18 AM on 9/15/2009
Hi Oliviamo. I agree with you that doctors should put into practice the oath they took as doctors. If the "doctors" surrounding Michael had put into practice the oath they took, we would all be celebrating with Michael and "This Is It". The trailer is just so moved me tears that he did not live to see this dream become a reality!!
Posted at 9:28 PM on 9/15/2009
What I can think of is......greedy people just want to get $$$ from Michael without concerning about Michael's feeling, health and etc. They played cheat. They cheated Michael and now try to cheat and fool the public or Michael's FANS that.....
~Michael was addicted to drugs....
~the so called Dr was just to fulfilled what was instructed by was not his fault!!!! it was just an incident!!!
~As Michael's wish he got what he asked for and just too bad that he was over-dosed
All these really make me mad!!!!

Look at This Is It trailer, you will know that how energetic Michael was even though he looked slimmer than previous.

Edited by eriyen, 4 year(s) ago
Posted at 11:53 PM on 9/15/2009
Hi Eriyen......I don't agree that you should say " its just too bad Michael was over-dosed" Michael was "over-dosed by a Doctor, prescribing medication which should not have been prescribed in the first place. I don't think its right that you say its too bad! Maybe I can't really understand what you are trying to say.

Michael asked for it, yes, but he was asking a doctor!!! That makes a whole lot of difference. I am sorry either I misundertstood your comment or I think you should rephrase your comment. I don't want anything negative about Michael. Please. Not on this website!
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