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Posted at 9:44 PM on 3/13/2010
OMG, now i dnt wana say murray did it purposly, but it kinda seems that way but its rlly rare like wen i heard the news guy say mj died i wuz like WHAT naaa thats not possible , rlly MJ like MJ MJ, THEEE MJ or a dif but it made me sad nd murry kinda made the hole thing suspicious like y would u do cpr on a guy ON THE BED cmon i kno u hav todo that on the floor cuz the'yll bounce bak up nd y would u bring his son in there to see his dead dady. geee some doc u r [ APOLOGIZE 4 THE HORRIBLE SPELLIN,TRY UR BEST]
Posted at 4:41 PM on 4/18/2010
Did you watch ABC "Today" Investigates - Mystery man behind Michael Jackson". It's about his financial advisor Dr. Tohme-Tohme who is a wealthy mobb and fraud man.
It's not enough information in a media about it. Everybody afraid to touch it.
Yes, false allegations started the fire, the media was selling 'bad' news, etc. It did start self distraction of such sensitive human being as Michael Jackson...but what happened later?..who did supply the numerous drugs, completely controlled his finances, even stopped access of his family and friends to's easier to control and manipulate somebody under the influence of drugs.
Michael said himself that he was afraid of Tohme-Tohme that took over his finances. In May 2009 MJ signed a letter to release his financial advisor form his duties but he ignored it.
Michael even did not realize that he signed for 50 concerts "This Is It", he thought it's just 10. He was manipulated for the purpose to make more money and was like a 'goose with golden eggs'.
This was a murder - complex combination of facts starting with false allegations, media lies, dangerous people around him, supply of drugs in order to manipulate and keep MJ and his finances under control, greed of doctors, etc. and I think that Dr. Murray is guilty for a greed, incompetence and second degree murder but he is an 'scapegoat' as a last chain in Michael's tragedy.
It's important to raise the Awareness between people who loves MJ and who still 'in a darkness of ignorance'.
Posted at 2:29 PM on 4/19/2010
it not riet the doc sued go to jail for lifeXO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted at 1:41 AM on 5/25/2010
Let me tell you how I see things. It said that when someone is going too soon means he finish his stuff here on earth and God need him in Heaven. Michael did more then his best on this planet and it was about time to just go near the Father. Finnally his happy and noone can harm him anylonger. Im happy knowing that all of us one day will sit next to him and we will know him closely. Im not sad, because finnally nobody can touch him no more. And he can send us all his llove from the sky and we can feel it. Can you feel it? Michael said
He showed us how we can be better for 45 years, dont you think is enough? Dont you think he had enough sadness and worries for all of us? I guess is timefor him to rest and enjoy finnally the true life, the eternal one.
Posted at 4:38 AM on 8/17/2010
I feel very sad and angry, i might as well barbecue the greedy person who killed him. Conrad Murray is a crazy oaf and he should be hanged till death or even worse. It makes me cry to know that someone as good, kind, loving, caring, giving,..... as MJ died of an overdose, was killed heartlessly by a sly man ( we all know who).
Posted at 12:43 AM on 11/26/2010
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