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You are invited to join David Ilan's two other projects where 1 Dot = 1 Person.


David's projects are always free and always created to make the world a better place.


Please note:
If you join one or both of the other projects, please stay on topic.
The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is a wonderful place for all of us to show our love for Michael and each other.
The other projects have different topics.


Special Olympics Southern California
Everyone around the world is invited to get a dot in the official 40th Anniversary portrait for
Special Olympics Southern California. After you get your dot you can leave a note for the athletes.
Click here:

Points With Purpose
Started two years ago, this project is for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.
PWP is a safe place for survivors and their supporters. Get your dot and become part of the community.
Completely confidential. If you are a survivor of rape or sexual abuse or want to show your support, please join this project.
Click here: