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The Michael Jackson Fan Club, a worldwide service for Michael Jackson fans.
The Michael Jackson Fan Club - USA:
MJFC - Michael Jackson Fan Club Italy Il sito del fan club ufficiale italiano.
Michael Jackson Fan Club - Italy:
The Magical Child
MJFC Belgium - The Magical Child :
Michael Jackson Fan Club - JAM
MJFC Jam - Germany:
Michael Jackson World Network (MJWN) - Fan Club, UK
Michael Jackson World Network (MJWN):
The Michael Jackson Empire
The Michael Jackson Empire:
MJSUNIFC (Michael Jackson's United Nation International Fan Club), based in Las Vegas, NV
Michael Jackson's United Nation International Fan Club: Austrian Michael Jackson Fan Club
MJ-FANS - First Austrian Michael Jackson Fan Club:
MJJCN - The Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Club
MJJCN - The Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Club:
MJ Fan Club Nepal
MJ Fan Club Nepal:

MJ Fan Club Belgium:
Fanship Turns To Friendship - We Care For Michael Jackson
Fanship Turns To Friendship:
MJ Italian Foundation
MJ Italian Foundation:
Legendary Michael Jackson Fan Association - Honoring the legacy of the King Of Pop since 1992
Legendary Michael Jackson:
I AM A DOT - Supporting the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait
I AM A DOT - Supporting the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait in Japanese: - All about remixes and Michael Jackson.
 MJJ Club - China
MJJ Club - China:
Michael Jackson Chit Chat
Michael Jackson Chit Chat:
Fans-for-Fans TRIBUTE (German)
Fans-for-Fans TRIBUTE:
Come Together - a website to celebrate the incredible life of Michael Jackson The King Of Pop!
Come Together 4 MJ:
Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital
Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital:
MJ Fans for Charity
MJ Fans for Charity:
MJWorldCry - A yearly worldwide simultaneous event to remember Michael Jackson, his life, and his visions of a better tomorrow.
MJ World Cry:
A Million Trees for Michael
A Million Trees for Michael:
The Way He Makes Them Feel - A feature film documentary chronicling the lives of Michael Jackson fans, and how one man impacted the world in so many unexpected ways.
"The Way He Makes Them Feel" A feature film documentary:
Believe Foundation - LASAE
Believe Foundation:
Los Angeles School of Arts & Entertainment (LASAE):
Click to read MJTP's intro to Believe Foundation & LASAE
Elizabeth Barry & Assoc.
Elizabeth Barry & Associates:
Rosee Entertainment -Maxso the Artist
Maxso the Artist:
Copy Paste Productions, a multimedia company offering services in HD Video and Audio Production.
Copy Paste Productions:


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