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What do you love most about Michael?:
I love his spirit and compassion to make the world a better place. While other singers sang songs about drugs and sex, Michael reached out and tried to help. He stood tall even when others tried to bring him down. He was unique and stood out, which made people take notice and try to make a change like he did. He healed the world.

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I'm 14 years old. :)
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I never thought age was really a restriction in loving someone as much as I love Michael. Because some haters might argue that since I didn't grow up with him, I don't understand him as well. But they can't be more wrong because I am.

I mean, I have to put up with a lot of mockery because of what I stand for. It's sad to see what the world has succumbed to; as teenagers. It's exactly what Michael said. This kind of behavior and hate (aided by the media) is what leads to kids bringing guns to school.

I think teenagers are extremely gullible. They believe what they read in the media. And since everyone thinks Michael Jackson is "weird" and a "pedophile", they choose to believe in the fit in, and to avoid standing out and being made fun of. Well, I'm taking a stand and I'm saying, "You know what? I don't want to believe something that's lies spewed by the media. I want to believe in someone pure of heart." And I choose to believe in Michael.

Nobody bothers to dig deeper and see what they might find. But when they do? It's totally worth it. I read up on an article depicting the legality of the child molestation charges. And if you read all the facts, it becomes clear that it was all a ruse for extortion.

I'm a writer, as well as a humanitarian and that's because Michael inspired me to become who I am today. He inspired me to change my attitude and the way I look at life. I know if someone tackles me down, I could just get back up and know my friends are always behind me. I began a charity in my local community in Michael's name, because I believe that one day, his vision might be fulfilled. And World Peace, however impossible that sounds, might be achieved.

About the rumours:
The general public view and ridicule of Michael Jackson is just sickening. I remember I used to watch Family Guy when there was nothing else on, but they were making fun of Michael Jackson and I felt like chucking the remote at the TV. It's disgusting.

Lots of people are saying "His kids aren't his biological children, they're too white." Keep in mind, peoples, that they are BI-RACIAL. Lots of bi-racial children are tan, if not completely white. Look at Quincy Jones's daughter. Or Eartha Kitt and her children. People just assume they are not Michael's biological children because Michael is an easy target. I don't see them making speculations about the other celebrities with bi-racial children.

Another is how people say Michael is "homosexual". As far as I'm concerned, Michael is a sex bomb. He's only ever shown interest towards women, and the reason why he isn't also delegating them is because he is a gentleman. Just because he doesn't go around with girls on his arms (even though he obviously has the ability to do so) doesn't mean he's gay.

And if he is? Does that lessen him in any way? It doesn't take away from his talent, his charm, his amazing personality and his dazzling smile. If this term, when applied, is frowned on or taken negatively, wouldn't that mean the accuser is homophobic? A person's personal choices are now almost all accepted by society. Wouldn't that make the accuser the "weird" one?

Don't even get me started on the plastic surgery nonsense. Great job for laughing at a guy for having a disease he can't control. You don't go up to a person with cancer and start laughing at their bald head or you don't go up to a war veteran and laugh at the fact that they had a limb amputated. It's just as cruel, yet it's sick how people don't realize it until it is compared to the above.

People don't realize that as you get old, your features CHANGE. Obviously, Michael wouldn't look 20 forever. Expecting him to is just plain ridiculous. I mean, look at your grandparents, or parents. And compare them to a picture of them thirty years ago. There'll be HUGE changes, to be sure. I can't even recognize my grandma in her wedding picture.

Changes in hair style alters how people look too. In the thriller era, Michael had curly, almost fro like hair. When he changed that, it also made it look like his facial features changed. I should know, because I got a new hair style just this year, and I look completely different.

If you imagine the Thriller or Bad era Michael with lighter skin, different hair style, and then add the basic shifting of aging, you'd more or less get the same Michael as we know today. Facial appearance is just like an optical illusion. If you view each feature separately, they're not all that different. And the cleft chin is genetic on Katherine's side of the family, if you ever notice the family photos.

Bottom line is, I believe in everything that Michael says. He admits he's got two operations on his nose. So I know that's true. And I still love him nonetheless. Who in the entertainment business, has not wanted to or have altered their appearance someway through plastic surgery? Never mind celebrities, average people are going into clinics every day. Why must we frown upon Michael, while we blatantly ignore the others?

The world is twisted and evil. Thank you, Michael, for giving us the vision of what is right and good.

My feeling about the press:
I can't stand going to a bookstore anymore because of all the tabloids on the shelf. Or even browsing the internet is painful. It's not only the press but the comments people leave on internet articles. It gets tiring debating with people who have no mind of their own and only bothers to believe what they read or see on tv.

Even after his death, I see millions of tabloids printing things like "His children aren't his" and "His children aren't legally his. Michael stole the children." That last one made me want to rip the stupid thing in half. SO WHAT? peoples! Seriously. I doubt that Michael would kidnap children illegally. And if he isn't related to the children biologically , so what, yet again! The children knew he was their father and they loved him. He was the only father that they knew.

Thousands of children grow up in foster homes or are adopted and they're happy and love their parents, even though they're not genetically linked. Thousands of children also turn to violence and hate their own parents even though they ARE genetically linked. Heck, one of my friends are adopted, and she loves her parents. It's the only life she'd ever known.

They should just take Michael's will seriously instead of feigning "What's best for the children?". If they really want to know, go ask Prince, Paris and Blanket. I'm sure they'd tell them off. I feel so sorry for them. The Jackson family is not letting them near any computers or tabloids because they don't want them to see all the bad stuff that people write about Michael.

And Bashir made me want to rip his head off in the documentary he made about Michael. I also saw the second unbiased part where they showed everything that happened that Bashir cut out. (Can't remember the name at the moment), but to Michael's face, Bashir said that the behavior he exhibited towards children was very gentle and loving and no abnormal in any way. But on his documentary, he said he found it "disturbing and sinister". That two faced backstabbing -. (Michael didn't like to swear, so I'm following his example.)

I have been reduced to watching W Network and Disney Channel and HGTV for the past few days. Those are the only channels that don't have commercials about other channels who feature Michael Jackson news or talk about it directly. One day, I will lead a campaign against tabloids. And like Michael said, we will take a whole pile of them and set it on fire. BURN THE TABLOIDS!