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The way he dances, sings and his look.
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Michael Jackson was a really good person inside and outside. He didn't deserved those bad thing about him. Those stories were all fabricated. But i really like Michael. because of him i know what real music is and what real dancing is. Rest In Peace, The King Of Pop, you will live forever in my heart, Michael

That was a post I made roughly 3-4 years ago. Wow time flies...

Now that I'm older and a bit wiser I now understand what Michael had to go through. Just today I was wondering: What if Michael never were famous?
What if his family and himself were never inducted in the music industry? And what if his childhood was never taken from him?

Of course, the world then would be different. Imagine a world without Michael's music. Say what you wanna say about the man, but for an entertainer and musician, he achieved more than any politician does nowadays. He achieved those things through spreading love and piece. Of course, the media then wants to take down someone like him, since Michael's deeds were like bait for the dirty media.

Anyway, back to the main point of my story. If Michael had never gone through the suffering, the pain and the emotional/physical abuse at his childhood and a lot of other stuff (the controversy with sony who used him), then he might've lived a happy and peaceful life. I feel so bad for him thinking about him at the last stages of his life and even throughout the years...

Pardon my language, but this world got some cold blooded mother****ers on its surface. People do literally ANYTHING for money. I guess that's the reason why Michael wrote that song, ''Money'' where he says "they don't care, they use me for the money"...

Anyway, I don't wanna go through the entire story since I wrote too much already. But just to give you a push towards the right direction when thinking of today's society and the (social) media. Michael Jackson, that's a name that will live for hundreds of years, but the false allegations will also have a place in that memory. Too bad people are blind. Not just yesterday, also today and forever.