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Personal Information
Birthday: (56 years old)
My Connection to Michael
What do you love most about Michael?:
His gentle and caring personality. His genius!
Michael has taught me how to view the world differently, and shown me that it is okay to believe in love.
Michael truly did love his fans and I believe that he is still showing it in subtle ways.
He saved my life and I will love him forever.
Did you ever see Michael in person?:
Favorite Michael Jackson Song:
My Thoughts About Anything:
When I think of Michael, a sense of calmness and warmth overtakes me. I know that this is somehow his way of telling me that he is near. I will always regret that I did not "wake up" sooner than I did to how wonderful Michael was/is. I would give anything to have been in his presence and to feel his power. To have had the opportunity to look into his eyes to tell him how much I love him. I will always carry him in my heart, and try to make him proud of the person that he has helped me to become.

"If I had my life to live over again,
I would have found you sooner
so I could have loved you longer"