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There isn't anything I love most. He is perfect in every way; his voice, his moves, his music, his love. Everything about him contributes to how much I love him not just as an artist of incredible talent but as a human being. He is truly the most beautiful person in the whole world and I feel that from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe that he was like an angel in disguise and people treated him so badly down here for reasons that they will never be able to justify. Michael will live on forever through his music, his magic and his love. His innocent child-like spirit will never die and our love for him will last forever and ever. Michael was the brightest star, an amazing person who much of the world saw the wrong way. As Tito Jackson said: "If you look with your eyes and not with your heart then you miss out on a lot of amazing people."
People couldn't see the beauty on the surface and failing that they could never hope to see the beauty within and Michael's innocence and magic was hidden behind awful lies built to turn the world against him and in his time of need he asked us, "Will You Be There?" a question to which each and every single one of us replied with "Where there is love, I'll Be There".

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