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His amazing talent, his genuine smile and the tremendous good he did (and is still doing) around the world. I love that he lived to his greatest potential and shared his extraordinary gifts with so many.
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Dear Dot Members,

I am so affected by what I am experiencing every day with this wonderful Tribute. I am moved by what I am reading from all of you on this website. I was inspired by the possibility of creating a one of a kind work of art honoring Michael and made from the active participation of his millions of fans around the globe, but I didn't realize, when David and I started, that this would turn into a real-life opportunity for individuals everywhere to form meaningful and potentially lifelong relationships. I want this community to grow and thrive forever long after Michael's portrait has been completed. I hope you want the same. The spirit of Michael lives here in every profile and message I see from all of you.

My focus every day now is to find ways to spread the word and invite more and more fans here to get their dot, attach a message to their dot, watch the exciting progress of the portrait as it evolves, and "connect their dots" to other dot members to form great friendships. My goal is for every Michael Jackson fan on the planet to know about their invitation to be part of his portrait. I don't want one single fan to hear about this after it's too late to get their dot. With YOUR HELP, we will reach everyone. Remember, the majority of Michael's fans are ordinary people of all ages, from all walks of life, from every country on Earth -- and millions of them are not members of any fan club. They just love Michael, but haven't "signed up" anywhere. We have to find ways to reach these individuals outside of the Internet, in the real world. Please help spread the word in any way you can.

Thank you for your continuing participation, good wishes and support. It means everything! David and I need your ongoing support to keep this Tribute alive and this incredible community thriving.


* * *
Jerry Biederman
Organizer / Executive Producer
The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait